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Evowizard25 chapter 21 . 4h
You know, I think Sora and Kimihito would be on the same page on this issue that Roxas has which this chapter again did highlight. How he would have attacked Mero. It shows that again Roxas doesn't seem to have a good grasp on his hatred. How he just lets that control him, which makes sense since emotions are foreign to him but there in lies the problem.

If he doesn't control it, when is he going to hurt or possibly kill someone? He almost killed Rachnera and threatened Mero while even thinking of attacking her. He could have very well used other means when fighting Rachnera as again with the other fighters, but he chose not to. Instead using a more aggressive manner then was necessary.

As well, Kimihito and Sora would see the other flaws in it aside from this. How his anger makes him just rush into the problem alone. Someone does need to slap that into him and honestly I hope it is Axel. I don't begrudge Axel at all for killing because he knows the consequences for his actions. He can control himself when it comes to conflict and he went into this not alone or overextending himself. Roxas is just really lucky there were no liminals that could fight him, no sharpshooters who can aim, or even other magic users on board or they could have taken him out for his foolishness.

I just think Roxas needs to see his faults and I think you are setting it up for him to grow out of them and become a better person.

I also liked how this chapter showed that the big family (Yes, I view them all as a big family) are setting up to heal the issue. THat's what a family is. No matter what happens, you forgive each other and work it out. Hopefully they can hug it out soon. (Partially because Kimihito is one of my favorite harem protagonists with how level headed and kind he is.)

Mero feeling regret was a nice touch. I hope you don't have her immediately realize what is wrong because she was basically coerced by her culture throughout her life to think like this. It would take her a bit to understand why it is wrong, hopefully with some help from other people. I still love Mero despite this quirk and I hope she gets more time to shine. In all honesty, I think that's one of the few complaints I have with the story. Mero didn't really show up at all so I didn't really buy that she and Roxas were that close as to be friends and well, since she barely came into the story until a tragedy happened... I sort of groaned knowing what was about to happen. Just a minor thing that I found but given the skill of your writing, I know you can work with it still.

I really love the more laid back nature of this chapter. I really miss the rom com aspect of this story and I'm glad to see it return to its roots.

Lastly, I don't know why so many people are attacking Axel. He killed people but... they were liminal smugglers... I don't see why that would be a contention unless these people are in such a case of denial they are almost cult like.

Good chapter overall. Keep it up.
NeoNazo356 chapter 21 . 6h
Sora getting "Bleeding Effect" visions from Roxas is an interesting dynamic between them, and I have to wonder how they'll talk at-length. Will they simply leave a message for each other and talk on a day-to-day basis?
As for Axel sending so many people to the ER, you'd think they'd learn by then "don't play with fire". I'm curious how many people he completely immolated and just how long he'll HAVE to do that until the laws change and grieving families/associates lose their ground to stand on.
As for Roxas going to other worlds and getting photographs of sunsets, that was a nice idea, very in-character for him, and I LOVE how-happy Suu was the entire time; hit me in all the feels.
The school festival was well-written too, and I'm wondering how the NEXT day will go. Hopefully things don't get too... antagonistic between Humans and Liminals, especially with how rough things have been.
The bit at the end about "Roxas' book" was a nice way of capping things off. Normally in crossovers it's Naruto making Icha Icha and making money off of that, so seeing someone ELSE make a book that makes money is a breath of fresh air.
Looking forward to more!
KH fan chapter 21 . 19h
Well i hope that you don't abandon readers like yours fics and want to know what will happen i hope that you continue and i hope you do the heart in the void and unbound i want to know what will happen simce kingdom hearts 3 will soon be release.
mad thought chapter 21 . 7/17
Glad to see things start to stabilize and more character progression. Though I do have to wonder if heartless will be showing up. Hope there'll be more embarrassing moments for Roxas and co., I'm thinking a beach day chapter. Update when you can.
duskrider chapter 21 . 7/16
Rather interesting seems like the confrontation between Sora and Roxas will come soon. I wonder if Sora will end up taking a trip to the world Roxas lives at now.
scl04 chapter 21 . 7/16
It's such a joy to see a chapter of yours being updated, you just have no idea how much :D, I really like how the series is returning to his slice of life part for now.

I wasn't expecting at all to see Sora in this chapter but it was a really pleasent surprise, it seems that he has been dreaming about Roxas's "adventures" and he's curious (though I don't know if it's more traumaticing to have the dream of the situation that Roxas experienced or to have to watch your world being destroyed).

Then the part were Axel talked with M.O.N. was awesome (good for them to not talk about Kimihito's death threat with Roxas by the way), I was always curious to know how they were doing after the meeting and it didn't disapoint at all. It seems that Zombina is pretty cool with him now, I wonder what happened and it's just me or Smith and Axel are really good ship?, anyway it's certainly showing that Axel is feeling again and I wonder what will happen now.

Roxas chose to photography differents sunsets for the festival (great idea by the way) and he goes to differents worlds with Suu for that, if that wasn't surprising enough they actually go to Destiny Islands and meet Xion... and freacking Kairi, this chapter really surprised me in a lot of ways wich is great (it was cute to see those three taking a picture, Roxas and Xion have really improved too and I'm really glad for them).

It's awesome to know that you plan on involving more the main cast of Monmusu, I think that I said it before but I always wanted to see more of the girls's interactions with Roxas since they always thought of him as a little brother so I'm glad that Miia had a blast of a day with his lil bro, the add of "the Bike cop" and his houseguests was really nice as well.

I'm happy to see that Kimihito realized that Roxas wants to "heal" his relationship with the people in the house, I hope that they can finally leave it behind. Speaking of wich, it seems that Mero is finally seeing that there is a limit in her fetish for tragedy and I'm really glad for that, I hope that she'll tone down even if it's just a little or at least not reaching the point where she went that time.

Finally it seems that Roxas received Sora's message, they'll probablt talk about the dream and why Roxas did that (and why they can see each other's in dreams as well XD) but once Sora knows about the situation I don't think that he will mind although he probably will advice Roxas to cool off a little, I mean while Sora is good he still goes for the kill when is required so at least that's what I think.

So yeah, this was a great chapter as always, like I said before it really makes my day to see some of your stories get updated so I hope you continue in the future, I wish you luck with your novel as well.

I'll be waiting for the next chapter, good job!. Bye!.
Guest chapter 21 . 7/16
I have reading this fan fiction for a long time and please don’t stop making them! Love You
Exiled Soul Nomad chapter 21 . 7/16
This was an amazing chapter. You answered a question I have been thinking of. 'Does Sora see memories from Roxas?' Had been a thought in my mind a while back but I always forget to mention it.
warrior of six blades chapter 21 . 7/16
Oh dear, Sora was able to see when Roxas went on a killing rampage to save Yukiko and given Sora's more... innocent view on fighting. He's still not use to the idea of killing or in such gory manner, I feel they definitely need to talk so Sora can understand why Roxas had done what he did.

Sora won't like it, I can easily guess, but I'm sure to some degree he'll understand Roxas's desperation to save his friend and eliminate the threats to her. It was great seeing Roxas take Suu to other worlds as he took photographs of each sunset on those worlds.

Plus it was cute seeing Xion hug Roxas close as Suu took their picture~ They're so awkward and adorable~

Kimihito was obviously glad to see that Roxas is trying to repair their relationship by helping clean and Mero, seems to finally be understanding why tragedy isn't a good thing, especially when it happens to you.

Roxas inviting Miia and the Bike cop over to the festival was nice to see as well. Miia had a great time that day, Suu made a good impression on the principle, and the Bike Cop's liminals had some time to enjoy the festival, though some enjoyed it more than others. Yukiko was thrilled to see Piper and Mako again, so that was cute~
EmperorSnorlax chapter 21 . 7/16
Finally back to the happy days T-T
but Sora and roxas talk? damn i'm swimming in anticipation mate. Good job man thnx for the chapter
Greyjedi449t chapter 21 . 7/15
Love the chapter.

Looking forward to the next one.
The4thHorseman chapter 21 . 7/15
Good chapter, looks like Roxas & Kimihito might be able to patch things up with each other. They might be able to talk it out since the event is dying down little by little since Axel is still dealing with court order bullshit & random people attacking him. You know, the heartless might appear in the Monster Musume World since those liminal traffickers were working with shady organizations that profit from the trafficking obviously have people with hearts full of darkness. Mero is feeling guilt even if she doesn't seem to realize it, it's one thing to like tragedy romance & it's another thing with liking it to the point of wanting it to happen in real life. Those mermaids aren't right in the head are they? They really should realize not everybody likes Tragedy it since some people want happy endings to happen instead of tragic endings. Suu has now known what it's like to travel to other worlds, lets hope she knows to keep it a secret otherwise Roxas is gonna have to answer some quite difficult questions especially if they're from Pyra or Yukiko. I really wonder how long until Lala comes along for the ride, it would be interesting to see how she interacts with Roxas since as a herald of death she might know if someone has killed so they might have some interesting conversations. Roxas sure knows how to make a kitchen spotless since he has seen Kimihito do it a bunch of times & he's quite quick about it as well so that might earn some brownie points back. Nice to know we got to see the bicycle cop's harem even if we couldn't see Guu, a meeting between her & Suu might be interesting. One one hand you have a regular slime girl that's mostly harmless & docile unless she's thirsty or is in the mood to cause mischief & on the other hand, a black slime girl that is a living biohazard of all things who is very aggressive & won't hesitate to kill someone unless she has all that black sludge purged from her body. Looks like the connection between Sora & Roxas is a two way trip instead of a one way, wonder how they're going to communicate with each other with this way. I wonder if Namine & Kairi have this type of connection as well or something similar. It's quite nice that Roxas & Mia behaved like siblings since Mia does behave like a caring older sister who often asks their introverted younger brother how their day is going.
Lordsunshine64 chapter 21 . 7/15
Awesome chapter! You're right, it's back to being a rom-com, and you know what? That's awesome! it was very enjoyable to see everyone off having fun on their little adventures. and wow, the Character advancement is this chapter was done MAGNIFICENTLY. Roxas, Sora, darling, suu, bike guy, mero, Miia... everyone grew visibly, positively, and enjoyably. I'm sorry that writing has gotten difficult for you, but I want you to know that it has made a lot of people's days much brighter! Thank you so much!
Lord Vortrex chapter 21 . 7/15
I've enjoyed just about everything thing that you've written and I'm always glad to see a new chapter.
Keep up the great work, I'm sure you could write a novel now if you set your mind to it. (But don't forget about us, I love your Roxas stories far too much)
masters123lfm chapter 21 . 7/15
Nice really nice finally some peaceful day for our heroes. Anyway how about Roxas Xion hang out and interact more with the girls and MON it could be way more fun and awesome ( well that’s some suggestions ) anyway wish you luck my friend had lots of fun since day 1 ( first time I read this fic 2 years ago)
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