Reviews for Harry Potter and the Lightning Lord
Harmione286 chapter 34 . 5/23
How are you an “amateur writer”? I started writing nearly two years ago, and my stories aren’t anywhere near this level! This is one of my favourite story, I’m reading it for the fifth time or so.
blue flash of the mist chapter 50 . 5/23
Im not one for comments but this is one of the best story’s I’ve read on here good job
Armiture chapter 44 . 5/16
I feel that Umbitch got off too easy, kidding, her punishment from Harry was dramatic irony at its best.
Armiture chapter 43 . 5/16
Kudos for being the writer of the first fanfic to have Dumbles ask permission for the hostages ahead of time. However, I did notice that he threw the TWT commission under the bus by saying taking hostages was their idea and requirement.
Armiture chapter 42 . 5/16
I've rather liked seeing Fleur paired up with Cedric, the few times it's happened in fanfics but so far, she's gotten together with Bill after the TWT. Hopefully Bill will still get married in book 6, I assume he works at Harry's dragon reserve.
Armiture chapter 33 . 5/15
I was going to suggest a harpy but I think she'll be a tiger or other big cat.
Armiture chapter 32 . 5/15
We know they've worked together in the background, Harry and the Weasley twins, to prank the staff.
Armiture chapter 28 . 5/15
I liked the mirror ideas and I hope Mrs. Miller does quite well with her inventions.
Armiture chapter 26 . 5/15
Hmm, so muggles have panty raids while magicals have bra raids, good to know!
Armiture chapter 21 . 5/15
There are probably ways to detect the aftereffects of the Imperious curse but likely not for legilimency "suggestions" and taking over the Daily Prophet is always a good tactic to silence the Ministry Propaganda Machine.
Armiture chapter 20 . 5/15
In light of Lily's skill at charms and intelligence, I had always suspected that it wasn't "a mother's love" that saved Harry but either a protection or trap she set up using runes, blood magic, and charms. Your idea is similar and a good excuse for Harry to retain his parsel abilities after the removal of the soul fragment.
Armiture chapter 19 . 5/15
Before JKR decided to backtrack on it, wizards and witches lived significantly longer than those without magic talents. The longer people live, the more conservative they tend to be, on average. This creates more resistance to change in the magical world than in the mundane world and once they found an acceptable level of comfort/standard of living, resisted the "incremental improvements" that are so commonplace in the mundane world. Isolating themselves from the mundanes didn't help either.
Armiture chapter 17 . 5/15
I think only Naruto was treated worse by his village than Harry by the Hogwarts staff and students.
Armiture chapter 13 . 5/15
I'm sure it helped, house cup-wise, that Snape was no longer around to take points for breathing or for answering questions correctly. Horace was much more fair than Snape ever was.
Armiture chapter 12 . 5/15
Your analysis of Lupin is spot on and it irks me that I didn't realize he was as bad a friend to Harry as Ron the faithless fool.
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