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Crazy PurpleSage chapter 51 . 16h
Just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed this story. Well written and with very cool Andy unexpected plot twists and surprises. I also loved your Harry and Daphne. Read The Aftermath brought me to your page to find more. I hope you finish more stories in the future and I look forward to reading the Saviour of Magic next. Thanks for sharing!
LtsHrIt4ThBoyz chapter 9 . 10/15
Hi! I agree with much of your A/N and have the rants and diatribes, regarding the idiocy of canon-left all over the HP fandom-ever since I began reading HPff about 5 years ago, to prove it! XD
Albus MOB Dimbulbdork-One of the most evil characters I believe I have ever read, in all of my 50 plus years of being a biblioholic reader of Fantasy and Science Fiction! For Rowling to end her series by nearly canonizing him as a "Martyred 'Hero'" not only disgusts me; it terrifies me! Her attempting to use 'Orwellian' tactics to influence young, impressionable minds and turn this Darkest of characters into a 'saintly', grandfather figure makes her either the stupidest writer, I've ever read or the most cunning manipulator!
HP/DG-Well, you've got me there: HP/HG are my OTP, but I'll accept HP/DG, in a pinch. ;D
Severus Snape-I'm of the opinion that he was done wrong, by one and all. His 'over-the-top', 2 dimensional, 'cartoon character' villainy was over done and, from a Psychology standpoint, does not bear out with the backstory she gives him in DH: You can't have it both ways! I always 'lean' towards the backstory and love HPff stories where authors have chosen to 'shift' his character's portrayal that way. He was used and discarded by 2 masters and deserves rehabilitation in ff: He's rough with hard edges, but does not come near Dimpledork's level of slimy evilness.
Canon HP-I despised the books; simple as that. I could not believe, that these books found a publisher who was willing to overthrow every safeguard and shred of decency, ever formulated for the protection of and fulfillment of duty towards CHILDREN, in the field of 'Children's Literature'!
There have been mistreated, abandoned, abused, and bullied children and other characters, for as long as there's been 'Children's Fiction', but never to this extent! Never has a character's, especially a CHILD's, suffering, pain, and degradation, been this protracted; and especially without someone in authority stepping-in to give aid and succor! Rowling's 'Potterverse' is one of the most dysfunctional and dystopian, I've ever read!
Anywho, enough for right now. ;D I finished "Savior of Magic" and figured I'd check out its 'origins'. Terrific story, thus far; though I can see the seeds for "Savior...", this is still 'stand alone' enough to have merit!
Thanks for sharing!
MelJ :D
Ambaire chapter 9 . 10/11
Psyche696 chapter 51 . 10/10
this is the second time i have ever given a review, which shows how much i enjoyed and loved reading your book and without a doubt i will look forward to more books from you. Good luck and never stop writing.
torchbearer chapter 38 . 10/1
To begin, i like to say i'm a Hermione fan, heck she's one of the girls i would of love to see Harry wind up with-this includes Daphne, Susan, Fleur and Tonks well just saying- but she doesn't understand that elves need to be bonded to a witch and wizard,i think she jumps to conclusions and this has been proven a few times. And the Weasel is still an idiot in any story, well until the next review.
torchbearer chapter 31 . 10/1
In my honest point of view Divination is just a bunch of useless poppycock as Moody would call it, and Luna? She's one of the best charcter's in the series. So what if hse's odd, but she is an insightful person which has been proven in other stories, and i really hate bullies, their just a bunch of cowards who don't like anything that's unusual-sorry bout the rant-and i do hope whatever you got plan for Luna's tormentors? I can't wait to see until the next review.
torchbearer chapter 25 . 10/1
Well, Harry outsmarts the old fool, and the sword does belong to him, i always wondered how come in the books it never says anything about the Potter family heritage? It's just an honest question, at least in your stories it talks about the heritage of Harry's family great chapter until the next review.
MSU19 chapter 1 . 9/24
Nope, can't do it. I had hope when i read your author note that this story would be as close to realistic as possible. I read your other story and liked it. You seem to be a good writer, but as soon as i see anything with Hadrian, Harrison, or something similar i cringe. I would like to say the minus the name thing you are a good writer and wish you the best of luck on future projects.
FlowerChild23 chapter 51 . 9/23
This was amazing
benrobbins77 chapter 4 . 9/20
I cannot continue. You overpowered Harry, which you claim you wouldn't do. Giving him an eidetic memory, instead of merely making him intelligent, hard-working in school, and mentally focused. Rich beyond the dreams of avarice in the non-canon Potter Manor. Making him "Lord Potter." The whole healing with the elves thing, which was patently ridiculous. Somehow he still needs an owl and names it exactly the same as canon. There is just no story or suspense to be had with this level of wankitude.
KuroneShiro chapter 51 . 9/18
i know that's been a long time since you finished it but please ! can you juste right a ├ępilogue please ? even if it's just 300 or 400 words but just To know what happen (did they have a son ? did hadrian rule the world...)
i really love your story and i will begin "saviour".
signedA french fan.
Robby the Cyber Warrior chapter 35 . 9/17
My money is on the DoM using an open ward that detects and records prophecies, similar in concept to the one that records the birth of magical children and takes down their names in Hogwarts. I can't think of another way for them to manage it, and I highly doubt Dumbledore would go out of his way to volunteer his memory of the prophecy to the Ministry.
torchbearer chapter 9 . 9/16
First i'd like to say i will never judge you about your stories, never gonna happen. Now with Sirius, finally free and the rat traitor getting what he finally deserves well whatever you got plan for the Dursley's i am sure it's going to be interesting until the next review.
torchbearer chapter 6 . 9/16
Well, an interesting chapter, at least Harry isn't a clone of his dad, and the first meeting between Harry and Daphne was priceless, i like how Dumbledore's plans just fell apart and RavenClaw? Great choice for Harry,i noticed that you put a lot of time and effort into this story and the Savior of Magic, and i do mean that, well until the next review.
torchbearer chapter 50 . 9/15
Well, Dumbledore finally gets the punishment he deserves-long over due but worth the wait,- i enjoyed the story and hope that you do continue writing, well until then.
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