Reviews for Harry Potter and the Lightning Lord
Yog-sothsoth chapter 1 . 5/2
Oh yes. Realism. I can feel it in the air. Well, I could. For, like, 10 seconds
Darknessdawns chapter 51 . 4/24
This was a fascinating story and I greatly enjoyed it. I really liked how it started with Harry being rescued from certain death at the tender age of seven. Him growing up surrounded by the knowledge of the Potter's really took things in a different direction. I also quite liked that he was a Ravenclaw and rather Slytherin on top of that. Yes, Harry was definitely super powered but it was fun to see. I'm also sad that part 2 ended up scrapped. I can understand why, but I still would have enjoyed seeing him straighten out the Magical World and finish school. The politics and world building would have been worth it even with Harry being god like. At any rate it was a wonderful story and look forward to reading the other one you decided to go with instead of the sequel. Thank you for taking the time to write and share this. It's been a wonderful journey. By the way, excellent job with the Triwizard Tournament. I always enjoy seeing it done differently ways.
Fellbane chapter 38 . 4/15
While I do enjoy Harry’s ‘put you in your place’ rants, he can be a bit of a drama Queen.
csheila chapter 49 . 4/12
Fascinating sets of details.

Amazing to watch Dumbles be so reckless
csheila chapter 47 . 4/12
Bloodthirsty but believable

He better make sure he puts Dumbledore down hard
csheila chapter 46 . 4/12
csheila chapter 45 . 4/12
Great battle scenes throughout the story
csheila chapter 44 . 4/12
Two things.

What did the horse and snake do to deserve Umbridge?

Don’t adopt Rawlings’ bad habits around rape or women. Yes, Hermione did the same thing in canon but it’s no excuse. Right now the Russians are employing the same tactics. So give trigger warnings.
csheila chapter 38 . 4/11
I hear your argument but Book 7 explodes them. They created concentration camps for muggle horns.

Science also argues theory because inbreeding has weakened the pure bloods. Too much sharing of genes and defects

Nor is there any class introducing muggleborne to magic. It’s like the idiot who argue against bilingual education. Learn on your own, sink or swim doesn’t apply most places. Prexisting resources, connected contacts, and familial wealth perpetuate the system. When someone fails to enter, they claim the person lacked “merit”
csheila chapter 35 . 4/11
Thanks for knocking them off early.

Harry needs exposure to more happy things. Those will counter what is about to happen.

It’s too bad he doesn’t recognize Luna as a seer. He’s missing a valuable tool
csheila chapter 34 . 4/11
Ignore trolls.

But yes it’s hard
csheila chapter 31 . 4/11
Just take care of Luna

Excellent chapter. Real leaders naturally establish themselves
csheila chapter 29 . 4/11
Nice plotting

I love he bit about the patroni.

Did you kill Vernon? That shit needs to end soon. It’s too risky to keep them alive
csheila chapter 26 . 4/10
Nicely done.

But he needs medical treatment.

He also shouldn’t live alone. He’s too damaged and depressed.
csheila chapter 23 . 4/10
Good job.
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