Reviews for The boggart
MelodyDaughterOfHecate chapter 41 . 14h
thank you for the update :)
intentional love chapter 41 . 16h
I want to curl up and just snuggle but at the same time I wanna jump my partner. Excellently written :)
Lugia'sChallenger13 chapter 41 . 18h
Can't wait for the next chapter!
pierrej92 chapter 41 . 18h
I'm so glad you showed Hermione having a freak out. I loved their make up too :)
jordan.craig.948 chapter 40 . 1/20
Violent Hermione is fun. A true gryff-erin rigtous anger and at all costs manuvering. This was violent in just the right ways.
Cecily Mitchell chapter 40 . 1/19
That...that was beautiful. No means no. Always.
MelodyDaughterOfHecate chapter 40 . 1/19
Thx for the chapter! I want to find out just how kinky everyone is ;)
I feel like Draco already kinda knows or has an idea of what Adrian did to Blaise and let Hermione handle it because he knows he wouldn't be able to stop if he started any revenge plot against Adrian,
anyway, great chapter can't wait for next update.
Scaleybark chapter 40 . 1/19
I absolutely love it when dark Hermione comes out to play!
Chester99 chapter 40 . 1/19
Adrian should consider himself lucky. He could have been thrown into Azkaban for life with what he's done.
Lugia'sChallenger13 chapter 40 . 1/19
Can't wait for the next chapter! Love the revenge.
pierrej92 chapter 40 . 1/19
Blew. Me. Away!
That revenge was even better than I concocted myself!
I love that blaise got to break his heart! He chuffing deserved it!
Yes to Hermione, woop woop!
Guest chapter 1 . 1/17
I swear people blow this Ron abandoning thing way out of proportion. You do realize that in a situation like the one they were in 9 out of 10 people would have done what he did? It's a good thing Hermione is not as shallow as most people seem as they just won't let Ron live it down. He came back. Period. He did not have to. He was not a coward. He fought hard.

It seems that Draco being the coward he was is completely okay, where as Ron has a moment of weakness spurred by a dark force and you all can't let him live? Goodness. A million good moments and a miniscule bad one and all of a sudden he is terrible and the opposite can be said for Malfoy. Hypocrites.
Lugia'sChallenger13 chapter 39 . 1/18
Can't wait for the next chapter! Love the revenge plan.
jordan.craig.948 chapter 39 . 1/18
That last snippet makes me feel foreshadowing for an orgie or threesome, but I know that was probably character development. Hermione is down right scary.
Cecily Mitchell chapter 39 . 1/18
Good, Puget has it coming
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