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Yavanna80 chapter 56 . 9/13
Aaah Jacob. Thank you you for writing him as the good marines he's always been and not the "go to the vents" Jacob. They wrote him poorly. Let's hope SV does him more justice :)

If I despised and hated Taylor Sr, I loathe him now!

Oh oh, I never paid much attention to the League of One, only grabbing the medallions. But this species is quite intriguing. BTW, the go game and the Secret club reminds me so much of Iroh and the White Lotus club it made me smile :D
Yavanna80 chapter 55 . 9/11
Argh, Saren, why Harper? He better do something and send it to Desolas so they can think of something.

I missed Phantom Squad and poor Haugen, hope he can get out of there. I've tried being Renegade but I'm so bad at being bad... Only occasional renegade interrupts in 2-3 because Shep is a bit jaded after being resurrected.

I LOVE WREX. He's wiser than people thinks and his story is so fleshed out it makes sense at all. Kaidan as the confidant is another great touch
Yavanna80 chapter 54 . 9/11
Wow! That was quite a chapter.
I understand Desolas pulling rank here and I feel bad about Shep for this but well, I'm sure she'll lead the rest.
Garrus nad Wrex already the còmic duo is golden! And I love how you decided to forego the squad limitation an go with everyone as I always found this off-putting. This makes it all the more amazing.

Liara, off to horny scientist jail Hahahahaha

And, just sublime, how Saren twmporarily broke free and was able to send a message. My heart broke imagining his face and how seeing his brother switched off tje whispers. I just hope it was to Desolas. Poor guy is already suffering enough but the cold and detachment is necessary in order to perform at his peak.
Yavanna80 chapter 53 . 9/5
Dear Kaidan, stop suspecting Garrus is with Saren, you biotic... You're handsome but Garrus is loyal to a T!

Poor Desolas. He really needs a hug. He's the big brother of all the crew and I hope he remains liked that.
Please, please, let Morneau remain humans even though he's the renegade one. I'm carving for him already (
Yavanna80 chapter 52 . 9/4
Yeeey Wrex and Garrus is another cop duo that need their own cop show as well! I love them! Hope Tali can join later on when they come back to them citadel. She's amazing. Please, add her when possible!

Ooooo AVATAR! "Tales of Bang Sin Se" was a fresh breathe of air and loved how Zuko and Iroh evolved. Such a proud mama moment with that fiery guy XD.
Yavanna80 chapter 51 . 9/2
And another great background chapters. Loved how you gave Wrex and Garrus a more personal/ethical reason to join Shep. My heart tore when I read the question he threw at Fist and how the specialist (I still have issues mixing the specialists and I think this one's the paragade? Can't remember remember his name) worked with them but, oh boy I would've slapped him for leaving Tali to her fate.
Yavanna80 chapter 50 . 9/2
Heh, Wrex, I love you. Loved how you added Bailey - only knew him in ME3 but adding him here makes absolute sense due to the joint Human Turian brotherhood and all. Loved it.

Regarding Tali, I partly agree with you. It's true that Tali is barely an adult and that awkward quarian. Most of the time, my headcannon was that, in the initial sequence, Tali was "faking it til making it" so writing her a little more vulnerable makes a bit more sense. Let's hipecor she can also join Shep.

Can't wait for Garrus recruitment *fan woman intensifies"
Yavanna80 chapter 49 . 8/31
GARRUUUUUUUUS! OK, I'm a goner for the Turian and read the Dialogues in all the voices
Also, I'm a Shakarian through and through but whatever you write, I'm sure it'll keep the ME spirit.

Saren's internal battle was sublime and I really appreciate how you fleshed Udina as a person. I despise that turn coater but looks like he did the right thing stopping Anderson. I get David's POV. Saren is or was his comrade and brother but haste and hotheadedness is noted cool. I hope he becomes the Admiral he is in ME3. So proud of him.

And we'll, thank you for writing Valern so great. He became a fast favourite! Sparatus and him dynamics are amazing and this asari Councilor is a pansy. Well...

Let's go save Tali and recruit Garrus
AyeJimmy123 chapter 127 . 8/31
Yavanna80 chapter 47 . 8/29
Okay, I admit I thought you'd kill Anderson and I was on edge only to get sad for the Blackwatch comrades to fall at Saren's hands. The struggle inside Saren especially when he tries to scream at them to stop him, struck my heartstrings.
The tidbit about surreptitiously leaving a holodisk intact is just perfectly because it's Saren's fighting with all his might.

Ah, let's see how this goes if Shep becomes Normandy captain. I wouldn't change that as it's a milestone for her.
dragonrider101 chapter 127 . 8/24
8 chapters to catch up on usually doesn't take me two weeks, but there's a lot of stuff stuffed in here.

Good job and looking forwards to the next chapter.
Chronus1326 chapter 127 . 8/9
Great chapter, thank you. I fell behind, but now have a few chapters to catch up on. Thanks again!
Yavanna80 chapter 45 . 7/23
NOOOO WHY? Saren! I loved this version of Saren, just like you said in the author's notes :'(
Wish Anderson could help Saren break the indoctrination :(
Or, at least, save Saren even though I know this won't happen.
I'm saddened but oh, crap, this was good!
The Binary Helix stocks bit made my alarms ring and I think a part of e didn't want to acknowledge that Saren would fall victim for the indoctrination. That, somewhat, he'd avoid such fate because this Saren is amazing.
Let's see how this goes.
Yavanna80 chapter 44 . 7/21
UUUUGH I LOVE Saren's arc. I despised him as villain because he didn't know he was being indoctrinated at first then BAM. But I love this Saren that had Anderson as his confidant, who trusts his colleagues and has this support. I also love Lethal Weapon combo and I'd read their shenanigans for sure.

Regarding the translation, my first thought was the translator microbes of Farscape, a terrific scifi show.
Yavanna80 chapter 43 . 7/18
Never change Saren and Anderson "Lethal weapon" dynamics. It's the highlight of the series and I love it
Especially the fact that he doesn't hide the Shadow Broker contact from Anderson and here I am hoping this won't make him fall into the Reapers clutches.

Another thing I appreciate is grittier quarians. Reegar is one of my favourites and Xen well, Claudia Black voices her so I love hearing her. The bit of them using old and abandoned facilities is a good fact and something that can be explored further.

Don't know anything about Nazaria do I'm in for a surprise.
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