Reviews for Rock Hard
Ken chapter 1 . 6/21
Okay I just started reading and I think that aizawa wouldn't care about being embarrassed it seems out of character for him.
ROCuevas chapter 54 . 5/13
Quite good.
Shade11224 chapter 7 . 5/1
His quirk sucks dick
ROCuevas chapter 53 . 4/30
Quite fun.
PervyPanda chapter 10 . 4/30
I like how casual the girls are, people are generally too serious for their own good.
Overtale chapter 53 . 4/25
That maid compliment is freaking invalid even if he wasn't blind before because Tooru's freaking invisible.
bestpony666 chapter 52 . 4/7
I'd like to see Doryu meet Eri
BladeMTD chapter 2 . 4/3
I love the fic, I’ve read it a few times but I just noticed a mistake, when the main character gets called out of the classroom to talk with his uncle, i seems his uncle switches gender, sorry if I’m rude but it was just weird to notice
ROCuevas chapter 52 . 3/25
Quite good work.
ROCuevas chapter 51 . 3/15
Quite good work.
ROCuevas chapter 50 . 3/13
Quite good work this was.
zakaria1938 chapter 50 . 3/13
i liked the chapter but i have to say, If you keep adding girls and keep each chapter around the same amount of words you will cause them all to have little screen time but if you focus on certain characters each chapter you risk the trouble of having like 8 chapters go by before one of the girls return/become a focus again. I am not telling you how to write this and it is clear you like adding characters but wont the quility decrease per girl because you dont have enough time to go in depth about them or have them not be seen for multiple chapters. Btw with the ending you could maybe make a poll and have the readers decide the top 3 girls (and you could add your own for girls you really want to write about) and make multiple endings like have 1 or 2 chapter about each of the top 3 girls ending.
but you have to take my opinion with a grain of salt because i started reading this because i wanted more mina ashido (my favrout girl). And i kinda felt sad when she was losing screentime, i am still reading the chapters but i have to say that i mostly look forward to mina.
ROCuevas chapter 49 . 3/12
NIcely done.
ROCuevas chapter 48 . 3/12
Quite good work
zakaria1938 chapter 49 . 3/12
make chapter 50 like some sort of special, like a ova. Something you can consider non-canon. just to focus on the romantic and goofy relationship part again without having the worrie about the storyline or canon. idk like a beach episode, Halloween, valentine day, Christmas, a model competition. idk about the rest but chapters like that are always the most fun in my opinion. maybe there is some sort of competition or school has some sort of big game with games in which doryu and the girls can team up. hell you could make it non canon or let it take place before doryu injuries. I have a feeling most of us who read this prefer a good/fun chapter over continutie.
just saying some ideas but to be honest i am also buyest because i liked the goofy lighthearted chapters a lot more then the action ones
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