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The BionicFrog chapter 48 . 10/2
This was really cool, getting to see more of all the other characters, especially their backstories and stuff. Everyone's is sad. xD

I'm glad to know that she actually did have an effect on the bullies, yay Auren and Tyren being less sad. For a moment, anyway, maybe not much longer with that ending line.

Also I feel bad for Strider in particular. I mean everyone's had it pretty dang bad but ouch. She needs a loving home where people don't all die gosh dang it. Which also makes me more upset about that ending line. xD

Can I just like hug everyone?
The BionicFrog chapter 47 . 6/20
Wow, that didn't go where I was expecting it to. I... kinda almost like Tarrok in this chapter how have you done this. xD

This chapter was really good. It might partially just be me focusing better today, but I felt really tuned-in to what everyone was feeling and the situations and everything.

There's that threat gone, for real this time, but I can't help but feel like this is building towards something. I mean, we are getting towards the end. I can't place exactly how, but this chapter is starting to give off those feelings. I liked it a lot~

The BionicFrog chapter 46 . 5/7
Something very much tells me she should be... I'm having the same feelings, I want to be happy about this but I just can't, this isn't going to be good. I mean your ominous foreshadowing at the beginning isn't helping. xD
The BionicFrog chapter 45 . 10/22/2018

I'm glad things aren't awful and terrible for a extended period of time. Yet, anyway. xD Its cool seeing more of their family and house and everything. Although their mom... ouch. I'm sad. xD

Also wow Tyren is like a genius. That's cool. xD And yay peaceful negotiation hopefully that will work. Between the Guardians and Addison she's definitely picking up some wisdom it seems. xD

I dunno what else to say, the chapter was good and stuff. The emotions and like reasoning of all the characters is really well-portrayed, I can always understand where characters are coming from and their behaviors make sense and stuff I've noticed. So... yay. xD
The BionicFrog chapter 44 . 9/17/2018
Well... that escalated more than I expected. I feel like there's something going on with Auren we're not getting yet. I mean, I can see how something like that would be exciting, but the second plan is going a bit far there. Mostly with him being mean to Fighter though, something's up.

Anyway, this chapter was... dramatic. It definitely pulled me in towards the second half in particular. Good thing Addison was there, although I feel like she's rather extremely not out of this yet. Hopefully things get better though and the Guardians won't be too mad. Although even if they forgive her easily enough things probably won't be very good for very long. This story is scaring me xD

Also I think that's the first time we see what actually happened to her. Maybe she really did die... ouch. And her dad runs away with her in the car, after being the one that got them there. I mean I knew he was terrible, but WOW.

(also ship but it feels harder to say in this one because Auren, be nice :c)
The BionicFrog chapter 43 . 8/28/2018
Okay everything else can wait- what is that ominous last line, you're scaring me. You can't just do that. xD

Seriously though what is up with Tarrok. He seriously does seem to be turning into a crazy stalker person. Oddly fixated at the very least. I'm guessing at least some amount of reasoning will be revealed later for why the heck but eesh. xD

Her defense of the group was touching. And the description of everything and everything is good. Also poor Auren... She hasn't been through quite that exactly but I'm sure they can both relate to some degree. ₍ₛₕᵢₚ₎ I wish I could give all of them a hug. xD

Seriously though that last line how could you
Riverstyxx chapter 60 . 6/29/2018
*steeples fingers*
Well, that was fun. I'm not sure what to say. xD I enjoyed this enough to read it in a single day, and it was certainly a compelling, albeit tragic, story. I'm sad to see it end, but mostly I think because there's so much about the world and characters in this version of TLoS that never really got closure. I'd welcome that sequel/spinoff if you ever did write it. :P

I'm not one for humans in the dragon realms, let's be honest. The only one I ever really liked was a KH crossover,'s KH. It has an excuse. xD But the way you handled this, wherein the human just felt like an eyepiece to showcase the unseen stories of characters that could have existed in the Dragon Realms, was welcome. Maybe that wasn't what you intended, but that's how it felt to me. I definitely found myself more interested in the world and side-characters than I did in the human. But maybe that's just because of where my own interests lie. xD

Like your Sonic fic, what really stole the show here (at least for me) was how you portrayed the brutality, cruelty and harsh reality of war. I don't think I've come across another fic in this archive that manages to broach the subject so effectively, but without delving into senseless carnage. Hats off to you for that. It's even given me some ideas. xD
But on that same note, I felt there was an oddity in this story, where for every scene that was harsh, raw and real, there was another that was almost too idealistic and came close to breaking the suspension of disbelief. The ones that come to mind... Ever confronting the bullies and them somehow listening to her, and everything magically getting better for Auren and Tyren immediately afterwards; Tarrok just letting Ever go after she gave him a few pretty words; Ever fighting through a fatal wound to kill all those apes (heck, even the idea of a person being able to refuse to die). I can't say there's anything wrong with these sorts of idealistic scenes, but they made for an unusual contrast alongside the more brutal, realistic themes you dealt with so eloquently.

There were also a number of questions that were never answered that just left me unsatisfied, that I kinda hope would be answered if you were to write that sequel. Mostly revolving around the pasts of the misfit kids. I wasn't sure I understood Cedric's story at all, and Strider's left a gigantic WHY? that was never answered. And also the weird random dragon that Serena encountered after running from the orphanage. What was that? xD The creepy cave left some questions too, but they feel like the 'forever unsolved mystery' sort of questions that don't necessarily need an answer. Though I did expect the black hatchling that led Ever out to be explained (a memory of young Strider, perhaps?). Idk, stuff to think about if you do want to write another.

On that note, I did want to mention some things about your writing style that bugged me just a weeee bit. I felt like there were too many descriptive monikers (the girl, the boy, etc). Sure, for Ever it was unavoidable and obviously necessary, and it even functioned as a feature of the plot and themes of this story. But for everyone else... Once we knew their names, it just seemed unnecessary and excessive. And it even got confusing at times, when you started referring to other characters (like Serena and Strider) as 'the girl', because it felt like that was a moniker that should have been unique to the human. Not to mention, using 'boy' and 'girl' for creatures that were not human felt strange to me, because the words automatically make you think of humans.
Actually, in that same vein, there were some oddities in how human you made the dragons seem, not just in their oddly humanoid homes but in the gestures they would do (like Auren taking Ever's hand; what limb did he use for that? It would be awfully awkward for a four-legged creature to hold 'hands' with anyone, let alone someone bipedal.)
Lastly, there were times when it felt like there was a bit too much head-hopping and it got confusing to figure out whose perspective we were in. Combine this with descriptive monikers, which are extra weird when describing the viewpoint character (unless you're writing an out-of-body experience...), and it sometimes got a bit awkward and lost some of its effectiveness.

BUT ALL THOSE THINGS ASIDE, this was a really nice read. It started off all pleasant and almost dreamlike with the snippets, and then as we got to Warfang and chapters became longer, it felt like it became more real. I thought it was a cool effect, even if it wasn't your intention. :P
Whatever the case, thanks for a really nice read and a thoughtful look into the war-torn world of this particular version of the Dragon Realms. Your characters were a pleasure to know, and I wouldn't say no to reading more of them.

Good stuff, Toods. You do a good write.
The BionicFrog chapter 42 . 6/16/2018
⁽ᵐᵒʳᵉ ˢʰᶦᵖ⁾

What do you know, it did lead out. Not as easily as they'd hoped though. xD I liked the chapter. Everything in the cave was cool, and I'm curious who the dragon down there is.

I really like the extra detail about the Guardians and the other kids. It seems fitting and explains part of what they seem to feel guilty about. And why they were torn on whether or not to even try to help her.

Also is this the first time you've switched point of view? It definitely hasn't happened often but I can't remember for sure if it's happened before at all or not. Either way, it worked well here. xD

And as always good description and emotion and stuffs. Especially emotions and stuff in this one. Yay~
The BionicFrog chapter 41 . 6/15/2018

...That's... pretty much it that's what I have to say. All the ship.

Besides that, oh no tension and things. I can see why the guardians would want to like gather them all up to keep them safe, but yeah that didn't really turn out too well... And hopefully the guardians won't be too mad at her. And... I doubt that cave leads to the surface. Things in stories are never that easy. xD

Uhh... Yep. Good chapter. I liked it.

The BionicFrog chapter 40 . 4/9/2018
Okay, I'm starting to get behind the ship a bit. They're cute. XD

And oh my gosh, human. I wouldn't haven't really expected him to think much of it honestly. xD But uh, yeah... sorry for tiny review. I dunno what else to say. I liked it. I want more scenes with those two. xD
The BionicFrog chapter 39 . 3/20/2018
The name of this chapter concerns me a good bit... xD

But I liked it. The memory at the beginning is interesting... I seem to remember something about the dude earlier in the story, but I feel like pieces are coming together a bit.

Also I like the the small little differences, like them waiting to eat and stuff. And their occasional cluelessness, like having spaghetti for breakfast. xD

Also. Yes. Take that Tarrok. He's a good and well written character for his role and all that but I do not like him. xD
The BionicFrog chapter 38 . 3/20/2018
Awwww, this chapter made me happy. Also its official, I love these guys. xD

But seriously, the end of this chapter was so sweet. And I definitely agree with the general sentiment of it. Its good to see E-, er, Fighter Girl gaining some self-acceptance. xD

Also. Cyril. Because whaaaaaaaat. xD
Blazingfury05 chapter 1 . 3/1/2018
Thanks for telling demi to read my fanfic he says it's masterfully bad so I wish I could show him the original version well I commented here about this so when I finish this I can put actual you know review XD
The BionicFrog chapter 37 . 2/14/2018
Figured that was what she'd spend it on. xD And now she's going to be the thief, hmm. This one seemed a bit shorter but it was still really good. I like all the little things that are different, like the haggling, and lack of spaghetti. I call worldbuilding my thing but I don't really put enough thought into the tiny details. xD

I think my favorite thing about this story so far though and in this chapter is just the little character interactions. They all play off each other well and I really like how you do that. xD

P.S. Happy Birthday 3
The BionicFrog chapter 36 . 1/10/2018
I can see why you wanted me to get to this chapter, these guys are cool. It'll take me a bit to really keep track of who's who, but that isn't an issue at all with your writing, I just have that problem in every story when a lot of characters are introduced close together. Can't think of a single one where I haven't. xD But they all seem really cool. And they're unique enough from each other that I don't think it'll take me long to get. xD

And yaaaaaaaaay friends. Friends are nice. Backstories aren't for any of them, but at least they have friends. And... I dunno what else to say. I've always imagined old, big cities like that to be pretty at night too.

Good chapter~
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