Reviews for Harry Steel Through Time part one: 1885-1890
Bronze chapter 11 . 6/18
As I said in one of the earlier chapters I've read this before and thoroughly enjoyed it. Though for some reason I though it unfinished. I know I was hoping you'd get to the next in the series as well as doing more of the Investigator Steel story. The other Steel story I've also enjoyed. I've been eagerly awaiting more of that one as well. I've read these type of stories called Gun and Car porn but disregard that as those who can't write it insult it. For crying out loud! Harry Potter was born in 1980 not 1235 BC! He knows about guns and cars even if the ancient fossils like Good Ole Fumblemort want to drag the magical world even further back in time! The magical world JKR created for her books turns 99% of the Muggleborns into brain dead buffoons by the end of their seventh year. They've spent so much time learning how not to see how far behind the muggle world the magical world that when they've finished the so called magical education they're too dumb to live anywhere else. During those same seven years they've been repeatedly told by their so called "Betters " that they're lower then whale shit on the bottom of the ocean. Unfortunately, they don't stop and think about just what that's gonna mean for their future in the magical world. Your Harry Steel actually took a look at that when he got a Black Letter and realized something HAD to change! And worked to do just that. But just imagine the chaos it would cause in the magical world of Briton if every Muggleborn and Halfblood looked at what Hogwash taught and didn't teach and decided to continue their muggle education? That would then give them an option that the Purebloods didn't have nor even think about. Though, in the long run it really doesn't matter as that magical world is doomed. The so called Purebloods will soon breed themselves out of existence. They are working on it very hard after all. It won't be long before they wake up to find their son or daughter has no one to marry other then a first cousin or brother or sister. Will they then open their eyes and realize they need the Muggleborn and Halfbloods they drove off? I would hope so but I seriously doubt they'd be that doubt they'd swallow their pride and admit it even if only to their immediate family. But in this story Harry, Hermione, Neville and Abby got all those " REJECTS " and formed several businesses that not only helped them but changed their lives forever! As well as changing the magical world.
Bronze chapter 5 . 6/16
You just had to use that joke from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory didn't you? That was a great movie. Gene Wilder was great in that.
Bronze chapter 1 . 6/15
I've read this and the Harry Steel story and enjoyed them. I do totally agree with Harry's idea to kill Fumblemort, Grindelwald and Riddle. With those three gone along with people like Malfoy Sr. maybe the magical world in Briton would be a much better place.
old-crow chapter 12 . 10/11/2020

First, thank you for writing a fun tail to read and for sharing it with us. I've enjoyed your Abby character in both this and your old west story. This one had a bit more background information than the other.

I think at one time or another, everyone has figured out how to play their favorite RPG game, starting their character out with a bunch of gear, skills and money. I used to do that with the Darklands game until I came to realize that it was the beginning of the game that presented the real challenge.

That said, there is a part of me that wishes that your group had started out with one cracked wand between them, no money, two of them wounded and one broken model 17 with three bullets.

I started reading this, or in the case of the old west one, thinking about how the stories could end, In both cases, unless you were seriously planning on writing a sequel, it would have been fun to have carried or jumped the tales to September of 1991.

Alternatively, you could have had a six page scene with the four of them having dinner, discussing their plans for the next fifty years at a high level. Your way was fine, if somewhat abrupt.

Thank you for sharing your story.

kelwin chapter 1 . 5/27/2020
please come back to writing even if it is not often
Smokeing chapter 11 . 5/18/2020
Very good chapter I enjoy your stories about Harry Steele I think there is a very good fanfiction hope you write boy thank you
Bronze chapter 12 . 4/26/2020
Oh ya! There's a whole lot of crap on the horizon! In a few years, there'll be the Great San Fran Earthquake followed a few years later by WWI. And after that comes the Spanish Flue Pandemic followed by the Roaring Twenties and The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Of course, the Dust Bowl could be cut short by magic but would they? Having those huge farms protected from the weather would it really matter to B&S? Anywho, I'd really like it if you'd come back to your stories. I truly enjoy reading them. You're a good story teller.
erik chapter 12 . 1/17/2020
Still an engrossing read.
Bronze chapter 12 . 11/10/2019
I don't see Tommy taking the elixir for a few years yet. I think he'll marry Penny and have a few kids first. Besides, he's only fifteen at this point. But he'll eventually run more of the company or expand the meat division to keep up with demand. If his parents and uncle and aunt weren't damn near immortal I think he'd be running the entire B&S company after they retired. Though he'd have to find someone like his father and uncle to train new agents. But that might be rather easy come to think of it. Have one of the Black Level agents take over. Now the Lovegood Seer was a complete surprise to me. But if her family being part of the company keep Luna safe and she has friends before attending Hogwarts, that's a major plus for her. I'm hoping Harry can keep Lyra alive beyond 1939. I don't think the Steels nor the Blackwells can stop WWI but I think they can shorten WWII. Maybe even prevent the Holocaust.
Bronze chapter 11 . 11/10/2019
Hmmm, you do realize that Harry's twins are bastards, don't you? They were born out of wedlock after all. Not that it'll matter to the family. But anyways, I don't remember the name of the gun but I saw it on youtube and it looks almost like the four-barreled rifle in this chapter. The thing was a monster and the gun had a tendency to crack after being fired. It was very old and there were only a very few ever made. The thing only had two barrels but the smoke after firing was like a car doing a burn-out! The report was so loud it caused a tent wall next to it to have waves in it. The guy shooting it had to take a short break between firing each barrel. I think he said it was a shorter version of an Elephant Gun. I think it was made for an Indian Prince somewhere around the late 1800s. I think he said because the barrels were shorter it was quicker to bring on target. It was either earlier this year or last year that I saw it so I really don't remember it that well. But it sounds similar to the one in this story.
Bronze chapter 10 . 11/9/2019
Seems like Sam likes women. That wouldn't go over too well in that time period. Women were for baby-making then taking care of them and taking care of their man and his house. Not enjoying other women's company. And no way in hell doing this kind of job! I wonder if Abby could help Sam with her small gun shooting? As in give her some pointers to do better. Though being the go-to sniper for the company isn't a bad job either. I do wonder how Susan Bones died. Was it Fumblemort's stupidity or because she was Harry's lover at the time? I can see it being either way. There are way too many Dark Wizards rising up in Briton historically speaking. Hermione has a very good point. Kill off a lot of the Dark Families and you'll cut down on the number of Dark Lords and Ladies that rise in Briton. Pulling the Dumbledore family out of England before Albus is born will have to affect the timeline drastically. And as she said, they can always arrange an accident for him if he turns dark and manipulative like in their original timeline. BTW, have you read Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem? In that, Fumblemort killed the Grindlewald parents before raping their daughter and forcing her to become a whore. Later he makes her a Madam in one of the many brothels he owns. That shows that he is totally evil and deserves to die. In this, he's almost as bad. But he stills needs to be stopped before he gets too far in his plans for the Greater Good.
Bronze chapter 9 . 11/9/2019
I expected you to at least say that Harry married Abby in an earlier chapter not when the girls gave birth! Here I was thinking they hadn't married yet! Man, I pity the fool who goes after those kids! If Harry or Neville don't get them then Tommy will! And he has a nice little puppy to help too! I do like how Tommy's so calm while Harry and Neville are such nervous wrecks. I'm hoping that Harry's twins take after Abby and Hermione a bit more than Harry or Neville. I don't care if all four are into guns the way their fathers are but with the intelligence of their mothers, those kids are gonna be extremely scary!
Bronze chapter 8 . 11/9/2019
Good GOD! This sounds like Sirius! But in Harry, it just works. Ya know, the Investigator Steel story's described as Gun and Car porn. Well, this has the guns but the cars are kind of on the missing side.;) Though it does have a lot more planes in it to make up for the cars. :) The only question is, when are Harry and Abby gonna get married?
Bronze chapter 7 . 11/9/2019
Oh ya! Harry's gonna have a couple of little Steels crawling around shortly. Whether or not he and Abby are married by then is anyone's guess! It really wouldn't surprise me if Tommy decided to stick around just so Harry and Abby could spend some time together and see if they really do get along as well as they seem to. The kid's a lot smarter than people would expect.
Bronze chapter 6 . 11/9/2019
Ya know, it just hit me that because Fumblemort was taking the same elixir as the Flamels and according to Olivander the Flamels aren't sane. So by that, it follows that Fumblemort must've been insane by the time of his death. Seeing as this group isn't all that old they could hold of on the elixir for a few more years to have more kids before starting. That would ensure that the Steel line would and could grow. So too could and would the Blackwell line. Now seeing as everything so far is matching up with the history as they know it they'll need to kill both Grindlewald and Dumbledore fairly soon. Riddle, if rescued early could easily turn out differently. It's not like Fumblemort did anything good for him at anytime after receiving his letter. So maybe if he were adopted very young and given a loving home he might not become Lord Voldemort in the future. Then again, he might be predisposed to being evil. But if it stops him doing that it removes all the deaths in the first war with him and also stops the Potters deaths, as well as Harry, going to live with those wastes of oxygen the Dursleys'.
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