Reviews for Falling
Anna chapter 6 . 5/26/2017
Love it :)
WarriorQueen124 chapter 6 . 5/18/2017
This is beautiful, exactly how the revival should have played out! I enjoyed it very much!
Great job and keep writing! :)
mac-reye chapter 6 . 1/8/2017
I love every minute of this!
Harry and George chapter 6 . 12/30/2016
Love it - I just read this in one sitting as I was so hooked. Thank you for writing such an amazing piece. I do truly wish that ASP was on the same wave length as some of these amazing fan fiction stories which I am now taking as my own canon after being so disappointed after watching the actual show. I always thought the book writing/editing (and the fact that they were now kind of related) was somehow going to bring them back together. And who could say no to those biceps! Thank you!
Droolia chapter 4 . 12/26/2016
Good for him for admitting his history with Liz. I thought she was out of line in a previous chapter for commenting on their relationship indirectly by saying that Loz wasn't so bad. She had no idea and should have trusted him.
jordana60 chapter 6 . 12/19/2016
It's unfathomable to me that there are people out there who are not Lit fans! Your Rory and Jess are so playful together and such a perfect fit. This had me smiling from beginning to end!
Don Draper's Bitch chapter 6 . 12/17/2016
You are brilliant. I loved the Oliver Twist throw back. I was a grinning fool throughout the whole story. It was just too sweet but not too sweet and Jess the way he interjected the confession of her being his first love. We need a sequel. I must see how these two date long distance, and then hopefully not long distance. Omo I need to see Rory meeting his friends in Philadelphia, and his some of hers. How will Luke or Lorelei react the town. Omo we need to see Rory getting her life together, will she stay in the hallow (I hope not) will her book take off if not or maybe she finally gets that big writing or editing break that lands her in NYC or DC or some city millenals gravitate towards.

I love this. I love them. I hope you never stop writing lit fic. Sequel, sequel, sequel pls :D
Don Draper's Bitch chapter 5 . 12/17/2016
I'm grinning like a fool. Finally and it was Rory making the moves, him telling her to lead and do what would make her happy. I loved that you spent chapters establishing them as friends (talking, laughing, arguing, being honest, getting to know one another again) so this doesn't feel rushed or out if left field. It feels like a natural they been headed here all along. Love it. I'm sooo glad she broke up with Paul and Jess knows just about everything (Logan London side piecing). Please please please let the fact that we saw her taking birth control means a different 4 words. Please!
Don Draper's Bitch chapter 4 . 12/17/2016
Welll damn. I do love everything said about Rory and her life because it was soooo on point down to Zooey playing them both. What a perfect read *applauds* I like the history you gave Jess with Liz because I always felt it was this dark or even darker (hence he calling her Liz and never mom) and that by the time she rolled into the Jollow she had gotten just better than her dark dark worst. But honestly being floozy, forgetful mom who basically thinks of her kid as an after after thought was still pretty dark and bad imho. Great writing. I'm living reading your post revival lit fics (we need more of those). I read them on here and at ao3 too.
Don Draper's Bitch chapter 3 . 12/17/2016
I loved the moments of seriousness speckled through out this chapter. From asking about what will make her happy to talks of moms, LOVE IT! I cracked up when Rory mentioned watching the bull fight and died when Jess gave the smirk about the book. Rory is soooo Jess' first love which is why he's not saying anything. I really enjoy the wit and banter in this fic.
Don Draper's Bitch chapter 2 . 12/17/2016
I love this friendship they've built :D
Don Draper's Bitch chapter 1 . 12/17/2016
I love it. I love it. I love it. I do t get some of the references but it sounds do them and the show..LOVE IT!
iluvtodance chapter 6 . 12/11/2016
I absolutely loved this! Wish it would've happened in the revival. It is also written extremely well and in character. Nice work! :D
lucel18 chapter 6 . 12/10/2016
AWWWWWWWW, these two lovebirds...I love all of the fluff and the likelihood you laid out in the end for them to get back together. In the previous chapters, I really like how you mentioned or implied that even though a decade has passed , they still knew each other so well, intellectually, eemotionally, and physically...Thank you!
lucel18 chapter 5 . 12/10/2016
You write their chemistry so well.. it was explosive. Is it me or is it hot in here? Lol. Great job!
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