Reviews for Falling
lucel18 chapter 4 . 12/10/2016
Jess really is a true friend to Rory, the only one to snap her out of it
lucel18 chapter 2 . 12/10/2016
Lol...r they drunk?
lucel18 chapter 1 . 12/10/2016
Dang! You got their chemistry right. Thank you!
Mnbowlin chapter 6 . 12/9/2016
This was brilliantly written, even if just fluff. Your writing really captures the same witty, pop culture laced dialogue and scene development as ASP. Thank you. I really needed a well written literati ending after AYITL.
sonotalady chapter 6 . 12/9/2016
I adore this! It's wonderful and I love it!
sonckad chapter 6 . 12/9/2016
What a cute ending :)
oldmoviewatcher chapter 6 . 12/9/2016
All the fluff! Thanks for the chapter.
Keiko Noriko chapter 5 . 12/8/2016
That was hot! And sweet! I didn't even know this could be possible but now I can't get enough of it!
oldmoviewatcher chapter 5 . 12/8/2016
Thanks for the update!
sonckad chapter 5 . 12/8/2016
This was cute and hot at the same time.
Keiko Noriko chapter 4 . 12/7/2016
Oh wow, that was so intense...I really like it. I've always got a feeling we met the "better" version of Liz. And from what Luke always said about her, I doubt she was just a ditzy hippie her whole life, I think she's done some pretty irresponsible things, and I liked that you think that, too. I want to read more, and soon please :)
oldmoviewatcher chapter 4 . 12/7/2016
Thanks for finally calling Rory out on her attitude. Poor Jess though.
chelsbaby chapter 4 . 12/7/2016
Oh sheesh. But totally necessary.
Guest chapter 2 . 12/4/2016
Great dialogue again!
Guest chapter 1 . 12/4/2016
Fabulous dialogue - ZINGY. Loving it!
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