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Whisper chapter 4 . 11/5/2009
Love it, update?
Justajester chapter 4 . 2/20/2006

SLASHY GOODNESS IS FUN! XD moremoremorewewantmore! -grindammit-
Melissa Sailer chapter 4 . 1/9/2006
Not bad. Although I struggle to beleive that Erik would be a gay man, (hah your right Raoul is a flamer!) the story is belivable. Granted it moved fast, and some vocab was unrealistic, historically many men were gay or bisexual. Some were just completly fascinatd with boys younger than them. I think back then it was a lot easier for a man to find perfection in another due to the total lak of respect women received. Anyways, although i dont agree, i like your writing. By the way, it was VERY couragous to write an ER fanfic when every woman wants Erik for herself! Me being on of them! So, i'll be nice. Because i can only imagine some of the reveiws you have received!
Myli chapter 4 . 12/22/2005
The first E/R I'v liked in a long time of the creepy ones that I came on. M
deleteaccountyoufuckingsite chapter 4 . 12/5/2005
Wow, writing an ErikRaoul story that is not completely OOC is a tough job, but you are succeeding at it. There are some things I think are not quite in character, but on the whole it is very enjoyable and it feels real. I never realized before that Raoul actually seems as if he could be gay ... in the Leroux book, and everything. So, yeah, it works!

There are some typoes but I am sure that you know that already. I disagree about it moving too fast. It makes sense for Raoul to have a powerful reaction very quickly, because he is young, and Erik is older and will probably have a fair amount of conflict before he can accept a relationship with Raoul, which he does.

I liked the detail about his having homosexual experiences with a gypsy boy, long ago. It's interesting and also makes the entire thing more plausible.

Looking forward to the revised version!
Serena McKeenzo chapter 4 . 8/7/2005
I really liked this story! Yes, it was a bit fast, but I read worse. An I liked the words "sleepyhead", and "creepy". It gave a lighter side to the phic. My fav is how you describe Philippe's and Raoul's realtionship, and Erik's and the Persian's. I also like how you write the characters' personalities. It MAY be a bit OOC, but I like it nonetheless. Good luck on rewriting it!
sbkar chapter 4 . 4/3/2005
Well, will you ever finish this fic? Please?
xyphyst chapter 4 . 4/2/2005
I heard this story from a good friend of mine. And well, I was surprised that someone of such a sick mind would make R/E fanfic. o\ I never thought someone actually could. O_O

Well, I look forward to more chapters. _
The Kira chapter 4 . 3/29/2005
Woah, great story. There isn't enough Erik/Raoul on here anyway. Please update soon.

Your obeidiant fan

The Kira
EverspringNative chapter 4 . 3/27/2005
You've got some issues with capitalizing letters at the start of sentences that I noticed, particulary in chapter 2, I believe.

Interesting that you did keep Philippe in the story since a lot of people, including myself, don't.

Other than the tech stuff, it's ironic that Erik has a cat, isn't it?

This isn't meant as a flame to your story. This story was actually on someone's fav list so I thought I would look at some other POTO takes. I admire you for presenting work that you knew would get mixed reactions. I don't have a problem with Erik and Raoul in a homoerotic moment since the Phantom at times is a very homoerotic character-which I find I'm totally atracted to. Hope that your rewrite works out for you!
Acharnae chapter 1 . 3/22/2005
Yay! The potential! So, I shall now show my admiration for the story by nitpicking away at little details.

(story on hold... gah... why does this always happen to the better stories on ffn.)

That first dialogue between Raoul and his brother! I think when my friend comes home this evening I might greet him with "Hello XY, it's nice to see you. As you know, I am your girl-friend and live here with you since x years." If he answers with "Yes. Please remember that you like my sister, but not my father, and that you study history", I'll owe you an apology.

Apart from that, I like your Philippe. Especially the bantering about how Roaoul would like to be buried.

(Raoul helping Philippe into that shawl - usually there should be a valet for that. But it fits in with the fact that Raoul is trying to hurry his brother along. If you're rewriting anyway, maybe stress that?)

The relationship between Raoul and Christine is a bit different here than I'd imagine it from Leroux's / Webber's / Kay's version: there Raoul seemed to see Christine very much as the young innocense and would have jumped at his brother for calling her "his lover". And certainly not stayed that calm at the thought of her taking a "lover on the side", not that I think he'd have even voiced such a crude thought. Not that I'd mind one bit if your Raoul is a bit less whiny. It's just that so far I'm not sure about what kind of relationship Raoul and Christine have. (I sound as if I was Crhistine's mother. Sorry.)

Excellent work on the 'Raoul listens at the door' scene - you managed to repeat pretty much the situation from the AWL musical, but without repeating the dialogue verbatim. Thank you! Dialogue quotes are annoying, but this was really interesting to read.

I love the dialogue between Raoul and Philippe - it sounds natural, and very much like they are really close to each other.

And the inner dialogue of Raoul is brilliant, especially the way he turns and then re-turns. (There are people who actually _think_ "Hmph" ? Okay. You writer, me humble reviewer. If you say Raoul thinks "hmph", then so he does.)

I love the situation between Raoul and the Phantom, I love the way you really make me believe that Raoul would be scurrying out of box five. I even love that the phrase "that voice/his voice" turns up all of seven times, plus 8 adjectives to describe the voice. (Yes, I know what counting that says about me.) The line "The top half of the man's face was covered with a white mask and a sword was dangerously close to his neck, a firm foot planted atop his chest" instantaneously turned me into a E/R shipper. With a side order of sub/Dom maybe. Nothing can stop me from loving this part, not even the fact that the phrase "lost in the yellow orbs" makes me wonder whether the Phantom has yellow glass eyes, kind of like the baddy in Last Action Hero. (Why the yellow eyes? Liver disease?)

Love Erik's dialogue, love the control in it, love the way Raoul doesn't seem to have one clear thought after leaving box five - that's precisely the effect I'd expect Erik's voice to have.

Added to fav list.
me-ladie chapter 4 . 3/8/2005
This is excelent! Woah... Update soon... Loving it!
Cyprith chapter 4 . 3/6/2005
I just found this fic while searching on the internet. I must say, it has wonderful potential. I like it. There are some parts that need work, bits of dialogue that doesnt fit and some OOC-ness but generally this is a good. fic.

But I noticed its been two years since you updated. You said you were fixing it up. Do you need help? I would be more than happy to beta or fix it for you. This fandom doesnt have enough slash to let this fic rot here. .

I know you have no idea who I am but I would really love to help.
Larail chapter 4 . 1/13/2005
Love it keep going.
Amaranthe chapter 4 . 12/27/2004
REALLY happy to see an Erik/Raoul slash! I'll try to wait patiently while you rework... :)
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