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Guest chapter 26 . 6/26
Definitely reading this in summe time and wishing it were Christmas time so I could fully appreciate the coziness of that last scene. Loved this fic, which was surprising because I’m not really a fan of Harry/ Pansy but your versions of them are great. I hope you keep writing and sharing! This reader really appreciates it.
Guest chapter 12 . 6/26
Lol: “No happy endings, Harry! I’m your healer”
Guest chapter 6 . 6/26
Calm before the storm indeed
Siy Simon chapter 26 . 6/18
Where are the epilogue?! I just loved your fic. Thanks.
GuLaLi561 chapter 26 . 4/20
You know, you forgot to make an epilogue.
When I stumbled to this story, I’ve just realized that there’s no sign of complete story, I usually hate reading unfinished story and usually put into reminder until the are complete but at that time I was too captivated with the plot.
Pansy and Harry probably not my fave ship at fanfics but usually ppl who manage to write it had a really interesting plot.
I really enjoy reading this story, I always love reading about the Golden Trio post war and especially if they ended with Slytherin.
The way you’re writing it’s a bit like my favorite fanfic author “Colubrina” . She always manage to make her reader falling in love with whoever ship she wrote.
I probably not into Harry and Pansy but this is too brilliant and beautifully written :)
Eatgreenapples chapter 26 . 3/9
Lovely story. Thanks for sharing!
Eatgreenapples chapter 22 . 3/9
I love the friendship between Pansy and Hermione.
Eatgreenapples chapter 13 . 3/8
What a nice chapter. Thanks for sharing your writing
slytherinxbadxgirl chapter 26 . 3/8
this was fantastic and I loved it. great job!
Eatgreenapples chapter 3 . 3/8
This is a good story. I am intrigued how it will play out. Thanks for sharing your writing.
ThunderSphinx chapter 24 . 1/23
LMFAO. Goyle named his Saint Bernard "Bastard," hahaha xD! And she's a female lol OMG. I laughed so hard xD! Well, at least the name is fitting, I guess HEHE.

And wow, who knew Gregory Goyle could be so gentle and intelligent? I love the fact that he loves animals so much. It makes him really seem so kind and down to Earth. I wonder if he took Hagrid's N.E.W.T. classes as a 6th and 7th Year. I'm glad that Greg has a good life now. Malfoy always took advantage of him and the deceased Crabbe back in school.

I feel sorry for Ron, Oliver, and Zabini being outed so rudely and so harshly by the national newspaper. But what dumbasses, having sex in so many public places. I wonder what Molly "Howler" Weasley will think and do lol. No doubt she'll run her mouth. OMG poor Ron. Molly is so traditional, she definitely will not be pleased. No no doubt that Percy will let Ron hear it for embarrassing the Weasleys name and potentially harming Percy's promotion chances? And he'll, Ginny might Bat-Bogey him for favoring the sucky Chudley Cannons so blatantly whilst she plays for the Holyhead Harpies? Well, at least Ron is getting plenty of Wood xD.

But LMAO, Ron is so FUCKING stupid, trading sexual favors for Quidditch favors. Lol, well, I guess she should have learned our lesson after the Ludovic Bagman scandal: never trust the Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports xD.

But seriously Ron!? You get so uptight and bent out of shape over Harry and Hermione being with former Slytherins, and yet you are shagging one out in public? ROFL. xDD

Oh and BTW. How did Hermione and, especially, Ron get 100,000 Galleons to pay Pansy? 100,000 Galleons is the equivalent of 400,000 British Pounds. Ron is poor and, whilst Hermione's dentist parents probably made good money, I highly doubt they had enough money to give Hermione half a million Pounds lolz. Am I correct in assuming that Theo Nott put up most of the money?
ThunderSphinx chapter 2 . 1/22
Lol I love Harry and Pansy's snarkiness.

But why is Harry living at Grimmauld Place and not at a Potter home?
Shardaen chapter 26 . 11/15/2017
This was absolutely adorable!
I love how their relationship progressed and the care you took in actually addressing his issues.
JohninNH chapter 26 . 10/22/2017
Very nice story.
A.Lovely.Villain chapter 1 . 7/5/2017
LOVE this Hansy, beautifully written! Brava!
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