Reviews for A Bunny CAN Go Savage
cyntiabliss06 chapter 46 . 11/9
I've been slow reading this for so long that seeing it end does suck. To be honest not watching the little ones grow up does cheapen the ending just a bit. But it was most enjoyable. I'm way behind in a lot of other stories. I hope I'm able to come back some time soon and see what else is cooking.
Guest chapter 46 . 11/3
This... this was so worth staying up reading for weeks to finish
The epilogue has me in tears but it was beautiful
You did an amazing job!
Peter Harvey chapter 46 . 11/1
Best Disney movie ever made, I'm 61 and have seen them all . It might seem a bit weird but I've fallen in LOVE with Judy & Nick and it's fantastic that you and all your mates have kept the story going.I'm into Sword & Sandals SIFI & Horror but this is my first love story. Crap * I was in tears at the completed / Sweet Treatment / Loved the end . Just want to thank you again ,keep up the good work. Love from Downunder.
Guest chapter 46 . 10/26
Nathaniel19851911 chapter 12 . 10/21
course donald's tough! he's had to live off of wooden bread and slave away in a bullect factory!
Dalsethel chapter 46 . 10/19
You hear that? That's my heart shattering into thousands of pieces. I hope I'll be able to pull something like this off one day. For now... fare thee well.
Goodbye TT . TT chapter 46 . 10/15
You did a wonderful job.

And I'm bawling because of this. It has been a while since a written work made me cleanse my eyes.

Thank you. Thank you for sharing your work.
I'll keep an eye on your works.
Anderson chapter 46 . 10/5
I loved the story I followed it from the beginning they were ups and downs and it never cease to surprise me that in and of itself was a miracle as I've been reading since I was in kindergarten and can often predict where authors are going after the first couple of chapters you kept me guessing and in the end you were the only author and a long time that was able to make me cry over the loss of my favorite characters thank you for writing and please keep up the good work I look forward to reading more you are truly an amazing author and I pray that you keep writing as long as you can you have a gift to touch people's hearts and that's a gift you should never waste once again thank you. I hope you don't mind that I will be following your other stories you don't need to respond to this but if you choose to I will see it in your reviews when you respond to them
Zero chapter 46 . 10/3
Happy yet sad. A blessing and a curse. The bond lead Judy to her soulmate but as a trade off her life became as long as Nick’s. This was a great story and I hope you keep going.
Fanreader26 chapter 46 . 9/29
this got me tearing up, the epilogue is touching, amazing story, built up the need they had for each other emotionally and to say goodbye to all their friends like that.
Amazing job, thank you for writing this
Guest chapter 46 . 9/28
I know it's been awhile since this story has concluded but I feel that i should give this story a proper farewell.
Reading should be able to give you something. Whether it be information, or maybe even just plain entertainment and satisfaction. This story here gives me many things, including messing with my emotions and making me laugh. What i'm trying to say is thst you did good writing this story. Last chapter especially. The last chapter made me realize that being alive is short and fast going. I realized that I need to enjoy the happy things in life. Yes, that was very corny. But its the best way to express my emotion to this piece of writing. Good job. Good job indeed. And thank you.
thereaper290 chapter 46 . 9/24
What a bittersweet ending.
Frostsilverhand chapter 46 . 9/16
It was an amazing journey and the ending made me cry at work serves me right for slacking off to read i suppose. Thank you for taking us through this rollercoaster of a story. :)
Earth'sChild93 chapter 46 . 9/9
Wow. You wrote such a great fanfic! Like, I could not keep my eyes off of my phone it's that good! Gah I cried during the epilogue It was so sad but sweet! Keep up the great work!
Sypher597 chapter 46 . 9/8
Your story has been an amazing journey over the course of this past year (it was only a year? No fricken way). It had many twists and turns, and plenty of ups and downs. You are a fantastic writer and truly magnificent narrator. As I lay in my bed, reading this final chapter, I was simply enraptured by the moment. The emotional support running through it as the last words were had, honestly had me begging for the last line to both never come and not be what I feared it might. But as the page ended and I wiped my eyes clear, only one of those were true, but it didn't help stop the moment. I thank you for the joy and sorrow that you have brought into this world.
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