Reviews for Master Potter of Kamar-Taj
jon12231223 chapter 21 . 3h
I didn't know that I needed this in my life please give me more
Lovelesslife chapter 21 . 5h
What happens when an unstoppable force meets an imovable object? The unstoppable force changes direction.
Fenozzel12 chapter 21 . 11h
Ok I might have an answer to your riddle. Might not be what you were expecting though. It can't happen. Both can not exist at the same time. One of the two forces will have to give at some point. Either the "unstoppable" force will stop or the "immovable" force will move. Its a paradox. There is no possible way they could co-exist. Its not even possible to imagine them together, either the immoveable object is moving to allow the unstoppable object to continue being unstoppable or vice-versa.
Hope I have the best answer and get ahh... screamed about in the next chapter. XD
Darth Annihilator chapter 21 . 10/14
"These Sling Rings sure are handy"
Was that a HISHE reference, because it sounded like a HISHE reference to me P

And in answer to your riddle: The force will just go around/through the object. As the object is immovable not invincible and the force is unstoppable, therefore it stands to reason that what it cannot move, it goes around or through.
BubbleAnn chapter 9 . 10/14
great chapter
BubbleAnn chapter 8 . 10/14
I just don't think you should spend so many chapters (10 to 15) on a school year. it doesn't seem like the most important thing, but that's just my opinion
BubbleAnn chapter 7 . 10/14
I already liked how they invited Hermione to play with them.
BubbleAnn chapter 5 . 10/14
I've been thinking. will Strange be able to get to Hogwarts?
BubbleAnn chapter 4 . 10/14
is it a goblin made sword? I wonder
BubbleAnn chapter 3 . 10/14
I wonder if Stephen will ever become Harry's father figure
BubbleAnn chapter 2 . 10/14
yep, definitely gonna like it. the plot is awesome so far.
BubbleAnn chapter 1 . 10/14
this right here is a crossover I never knew I needed. this can be so great, I'm excited.
Nataly SkyPot chapter 21 . 10/14
Muy bueno.
The Nine Tailed Uzumaki chapter 21 . 10/14
When an unstoppable force meets a immovable object, life is created. This is a metaphor from a hammer and anvil, only on a cosmic scale, and all materials supplied by a creator.
he-who-is-overly-hyphenated chapter 21 . 10/13
The unstoppable force would do a flip over the immovable object then faceplant onto the floor behind it, then, as it is an unstoppable force it would go straight through the earth. That is just my slightly too destructive opinion.
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