Reviews for The Other Woman
GorGirl chapter 39 . 6/13
Oh no! Riley!
dazzleglo chapter 39 . 6/12
Omg she’s gone.
William Francies Reisen-Newman chapter 39 . 6/11
nice updates
Guest chapter 39 . 6/10
Great chapter please update soon
QWhidbee10 chapter 39 . 6/10
Your killing me smalls! Clif hanger?! L please up date soon. Will somebody shoot Reilly please? And what's the deal with Charlie? Why come around now? Poor Bella.
Thanks for the update
jansails chapter 39 . 6/9
After so much good in their lives happening, starting for ExB...
Oh crap!
pillow 12 chapter 39 . 6/8
I read the reviews and my first thought was that she overheard Edward and was hurt by being brushed off again by work which Edward always deems more important. You hear it her reactions that it hurts and disappoints her when it happens. But it would make sense her being taken. Or maybe both happened. Enjoy your story.
lilmstran chapter 39 . 6/8
loved it
Cullen Cousin chapter 39 . 6/8
Excellent chapter!
mysticfighter111 chapter 39 . 6/8
Nice Rosalie makes me uneasy. Is she somehow involved with orchestrating the break-in? Isn't Bella afraid of Riley? So reckless to refuse a female bodyguard. Who helped him this time? Makes Charlie seem like the smallest problem. I huess he is after Edward's money.
Guest chapter 38 . 6/8
Chris De Burgh sings Lady in Red. If you want an Eric Clapton song, maybe you're thinking of "Wonderful Tonight."
meeknee chapter 39 . 6/8
Good, I am glad Bella is gone! She stupidly , yet again refused a bodyguard! It's like she wants to be kidnapped! I don't feel sorry for her and her stupidity and she deserves whatever happens to her.
asam75 chapter 39 . 6/8
What is the point of security and surveillance if you don't listen? Letting work and papers, and your girl going alone to the bathroom get ahead of personal protection.
Fortheloveoftwilight chapter 39 . 6/8
Well finally she gets what she deserves. Maybe now if she gets hurt enough she'll learn. I have no sympathy for her. She wants to whine about everything so finally she got something real to whine about like idiot child she is.
Guest chapter 39 . 6/8
Thana you thank you thank you
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