Reviews for The Other Woman
Guest chapter 28 . 2h
I'm gonna be honest. I've always enjoyed this story, but since Bella isn't the other the woman anymore and that just felt like a filler chapter of nothing big happening, what's supposed to be next? I know there is still the problem of Riley, but I'm curious and how many more chapters you had planned? The moment he first told Tanya the truth I expected an epilogue around the corner.
Pattsy1994 chapter 28 . 10h
Lovely, lovely chapter. Carlisle cracked me up. What can l say about dear Alice, she was on form and knows how to handle her brother. I hope Demetri is up to the job because something bad is bound to happen in Forks. Thanks for the update.
Rebadams7 chapter 28 . 12h
THEy are cute But something a girl to a wedding alone puts you in a bad light. Neglectful, imaginary - If she doesn’t have a really good excuse like oh on duty halfway around the world for the military it’s not going to end well
cbmorefie chapter 28 . 12h
shaz308 chapter 28 . 12h
Thanks for the update. Looking forward to reading more soon.
Kasey Jones chapter 28 . 16h
The parts without Alice were great, most of the time I just skip over parts with her in them. Why does no one physically pick Alice up and throw her ass out? Most of the time she is portrayed as hyper and annoying and everybody kisses her ass.
EdwardBellaRenesmeCullen chapter 27 . 18h
I can’t stand alice. So annoy author in this site always make Alice get her ways and Bella have to do whatever Alice said.
Guest chapter 28 . 19h
OMG...can Alice BE any more of a caricature than you have portrayed her?

And was Bella knocked out on drugs? Everyone is YELLING and she's sleeping so peacefully. I mean, I get she was exhausted, but all that "conversation" (at shouting level) and she doesn't budge.

And why even put Jake into this story? He doesn't matter. At all. Until he shows up, out of the blue, to create "drama" for the story, I'm sure.

I'm also sure you'll be happy to hear this, but this story is getting SO unbearable, that I think I have to bail. The storyline is trudging along. All this seems to be is poor, "plain," little Bella having sex with a rich, handsome man who gives her everything she "deserves."
lilmstran chapter 28 . 19h
Loved it
frostedglaze chapter 28 . 21h
This was such a drama free chapter and that has me worried. Is Riley going to pop up in Forks? Will Tanya? Seriously she almost kills Bella and gets off scot free?! Tanya needs to be killed.
frostedglaze chapter 27 . 21h
Please tell me that this finally gets Tanya thrown in jail! I want to slap Edward for always letting Tanya get away with everything! This time it almost cost Bella her life! Maybe they should try moving to some other house that Tanya hasn’t tainted with her presence.

And will Bella always be so weepy? It is beyond annoying.
mysticfighter111 chapter 28 . 22h
I'm not sure Demitri alone will be able to keep Bella safe with Riley and Tanya still/again out there. The Porsche is fast and better looking, but the Maybach is a tank.
Cullen Cousin chapter 28 . 23h
Good chapter!
sholtsclaw698 chapter 28 . 10/17
awesome chapter, loved it
AnakinSmom chapter 28 . 10/17
She turned down the Maybach for a Porsche. I'll take one of the leftovers please.
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