Reviews for Back to the Future Doc Brown and Clara's Story
SortingHat chapter 1 . 3/9
Unlike what junk media teaches the reason it's "improper" to be alone is quite obvious for those who are aware of the dangers of sin. All sorts of bad things can happen as it's VERY tempting even if your "pure" of heart to be lead astray by loose women.

In the old days before Christ died the law of Moses stated if you committed sins an animal sacrifice had to be made depending on the size of the sin.
If it's a stupid thing like kissing and giggling when you shouldn't then just a simple bird will do and those are everywhere but a big sin like murder and cheating a wife would be a big deal and you would have to sacrifice a big animal like a cow. Cleanse it through at the outer holy house before taken it into the holy of holy's where only one priest is allowed in whom has a rope to pull him out if he dies.

This would send a message to other people not to do it and generally people did not because of the risk of being found out and being forced to do those things they don't want to do.

Muslims mean while had some of the laws but twisted things and made it where it's okay to declare a holy war on tribes that they don't get along with and kidnap each other's as long as it was in the name of Allah. Mohammad had like 30 wives and did all sorts of things to whomever he pleased whenever he pleased.

All sorts of nasty stuff not said in their bible.
Trishadee chapter 45 . 11/7/2017
That does it, Ms. Cousineau! I wish there was somewhere on this site to UNFOLLOW you and your stories from movies and TV shows that I'm NOT a fan of! Until you write new stories of my faves, I WILL NOT READ THIS OR ANY STORY FROM YOU!
MMM73181 chapter 1 . 4/12/2017
um cant kave 2 of the same car in 1 spot or maybe if they took the gas it woulda been a problem somehow when the car was dug out in1955?
clanderson3675 chapter 5 . 3/11/2017
Sorry I don't mean to discredit your story or anything, but this is the type of future further from God the father's plan, yes, it is, because if you don't have religion in your life, I would rather be dead during my teen years than during those future years you so kindly predicted and all. And I have a feeling that the future might turn out like that and I hope to die before that junk does happen, because if there is no religion what do people have to live for?

Religion gives people purpose, gives people live, gives people rules, that you are SUPPOSED TO FOLLOW, no matter how much you may disagree with the "Chrisitianity religion" Christianity religion is the correct religion and well. Something tells me to post my life story on here or the very least on fictionpress and all.

Religion is not supposed to be extinguished it is supposed to be revitalized, not extinguished. And Apparently according to this story it is 15 yrs from being extinguished and all. And No I've only read 5 chapters and That's all i need to read to make a review on this entire story and if a story turns out to be against my religion then I'll stop reading it and all even though it is a fanfiction of one of my favorite trilogy movies, though this is something that might stop me from helping the people of the earth to live longer. and Yes, I'm an inventor and I've figured out things to invent and figured out to make people near immortals(well, not totally, but close) but if there is no religion, I'm guessing I'll be taking that secret to my , I'm an inventor, but an ameateur one, but the only reason my inventions don't exist is because, of the "finances" and that is the only thing and no, I don't create blueprints at all. So I keep the blueprints inside my brain rather than on paper, alright.

However, once you read my autobiography, when I or if I ever get the finances to get it published you'd understand where I'm coming from an all, but I don't think I can explain anything else, except that I know time travel can be done (forwards and backwards). That'll give you something to think about.
danmac1 chapter 29 . 3/3/2017
Is'nt This A Repeat Of Chapter 12?
danmac1 chapter 23 . 2/18/2017
It could Be Jennifer's second pregnancy But First Child Daughter Marlene As Marty JR Won't Be Born Untill 1998, The First Pregnancy Could Have Been A Miscarriage.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/26/2017
Per your comment in the summary, the DeLorean in storage in the silver mine did not have any gas. Bob Gale explained in an interview that any responsible car owner would drain the fluids from their vehicle if they're going to be storing it for a considerable amount of time. Also, in 1955 when Marty is preparing to jump back to 1885, 1955 Doc says he put gas in the tank, implying that it was empty before that.
backee chapter 2 . 12/7/2016
I love your story its very concievable that Marty and Jennifer would want to repair the time machine. I just want to politely point out for consistency that Marty and Jennifer cant get the Delorean from the boot hill cemetery in 1985 because that same Delorean ( The one wrecked on the train tracks at the end of bttf 3) was the one that Marty and Doc retrieved from the cemetery in 1955 so it would not be there in 1985 any more. You might want to watch back to the future 3 again . Seriously not trying to be picky but i wanted to give you a kind review