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Dreams of Starlight chapter 14 . 1h
So well written and not what i was expecting at all! Kudos to you!
nymphaeleas chapter 14 . 9/3
I don't know how I haven't come accross this story until now ... but I read the 14 chapters in one go and I am hooked! The idea that Tom has lived consciously inside Harry and has all his memories, is simply amazing & how you conducted this story deserves an award. I have so many questions and am so eager to read the next chapter.
amr56 chapter 14 . 8/23
Hello! I think about this story pretty often, so I decided to reread it. Then! I realized that there was a chapter that I don't think I ever read. I actually cannot believe it so I'm having trouble accepting it. There was a period of almost three months where a new chapter for this story was up and I didn't know? That can't be right.

This story is brilliant and haunting and bits of it echo in my mind. I actually had a layover in Iceland a couple weeks ago and even though I was only outside for a total of about 5 minutes, something in the air made me believe in magic. This could be because I was coming off a longish overnight flight, but it's probably because of magic. It made me think about your stories, and how they make me think of ancient and wild magic that can't really be harnessed with standardized spells. [Which reminds me - what happened to How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ginevra?] My point is that if there's a Well of Souls anywhere, it's probably in Iceland.

Anyway, reading the story again was interesting because I feel like I could pick up on other things I hadn't noticed before. Like Ron's skepticism about bringing Harry back - from the first it seems like he thinks it's not going to work, and I never get the impression that he changes his mind. It also struck me again how much Hermione's dreams affected her during waking hours, and that she seemed so alone when she wasn't caught up in her dreams.

Tom is so interesting and I still love that the best part of him contained the desire to make puns. I also really understood that the Voldemort they're fighting against lost the best part of himself when he tried to kill Harry. So he's done things that Tom can't believe, like destroy Hogwarts. You can sort of see a reflection of Harry in Tom, and that must have been miraculous but also devastating to Hermione. But Tom is showing more of himself now, and in some moments the picture of him focuses into someone very different from Harry. Then it blurs and the reflection is there again. The "you're the only one who never looked away" line was so powerful. It's all very complicated and intense and I want to see what happens next.

Percy is really interesting too. The shift in tone when you're writing from his perspective is really interesting. There is no gloss or fuzz, no echoes of dreams, just a harsh view of the world under Voldemort. I like how strong he is, and how much he was willing to sacrifice. I liked his interactions with Theo and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with Pansy.

I hope you're doing well and that you've been having a good summer! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story.
CountessCzan chapter 14 . 8/13
SPOILERS (for new readers).

I went into this thinking it was gonna be Tomione (as your summary suggests) but as I read through the first chapters, I looked up and saw - hang on, no romance? Hermione, Harry, & Tom as characters? I thought I was mistaken (about Tomione - it’s rather late and I chalked it up to imagination) and so I went, oh, okay, let’s have a dark-ish, gritty Harmony then. It was very chilling, especially the scenes where we discover the Bible phrases (forever creepy, Bible phrases used in not-so-religious ways) and the Tarot reading. Death, death, and death. And then the three cards. My heart was aching when it showed the Lovers, because of the little snippets of HARRY.

And then Tom Riddle comes out, whole (six-sevenths, lmao) and apparently absolutely in love with Hermione. The way you plotted it is truly freaking ingenious - the piece of Voldemort’s soul learning remorse through HJP (seriously it’s such a brilliant concept, one that I’ve never encountered before), how the prophecy now suits Tom (always love some new reinterpretation of prophecies), the possible traitor scenario (is there someone, really?), Tom being a person, so wholly himself and yet so much of an echo of Harry (the small details hurt), Hermione - and the others - literally never stopping. Just. As I was reading this, I thought to myself I most likely wouldn’t last as long as they did. As long as they do. The way you wrote their resilience is so fcking visceral that I’m completely breathless.

And you know what else? Your Tom Riddle shatters me. Your Hermione Granger makes me cry (inside, don’t worry) but the way you weave them together, both helpless and powerful and just the perfect people to topple an empire? It undoes me.

Thank you so, so much for writing this. I look forward to reading more.
aquillamythos chapter 7 . 8/7
Oh my god this is magic
AconitumLuparia chapter 14 . 7/30
Just take my heart will you? I’m terribly sorry I just managed to read this. It was wonderful. I was kinda annoyed that people kept interrupting them lol but they made up for it I’m the end. And it was lovely. I can’t help but feel that the traitor is Anthony. Idk why, it doesn’t really make sense in my own head but’s there.. I guess we’ll see in the future if I’m right or not! Quite looking forward to when they reach the others...I’m sure it’ll be...entertaining lololol that said, at least now we know he has Hermione on his side. Unless she regrets it.. but I cant really see it happening. Anyway, thank you for this beautiful chapter, see you next time xx
lexia the beautiful wolf chapter 1 . 6/25
amazing work please continue this fanfiction its fantastic, cannot wait to see the next chapter
Blue Summer Field chapter 14 . 6/14
I love it! Kudos for the great work you are doing with the story.
Kissel137 chapter 14 . 6/5
Wonderful! So much detail, cannot wait to see way happens next!
Guest chapter 14 . 6/5
KrafTycoon chapter 14 . 6/5
Wow I love it!
Aria chapter 10 . 6/3
He also quotes Neruda, “If You Forget Me”.
Guest chapter 13 . 6/2
woww your so talented
Guest chapter 14 . 6/2
i just read this all in one sitting and it blew my mind. amazing. thank you for sharing. it's so original and your tom is swoon-worthy
LC003 chapter 14 . 6/2
I Just Love this Story. But now what I need to know is what’s the deal with Andromeda, there must be a really good explanation!
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