Reviews for A Fishcake Guardian
HyperA2019 chapter 15 . 11/26/2023
Looking forward to Chapter 16.
Luciendar chapter 15 . 11/21/2023
The original thing Yunalesca destroyed was just Sin's armor. The same armor it creates every time. If the final Aeon was destroyed then any future Sin should be far weaker. Otherwise you're invalidating the need for a Guardian to sacrifice themselves.

I feel like you've written yourself into a corner. Unless perhaps Seymour gets involved. I'm still not happy Naruto just seemingly forgot to deal with him. Not cool bro.

Lastly, the lack of solid romance kills me. I want to see genuine progress with Lulu. Honestly, with what you've written, Naruto's relationship with Yuna feels more like a sibling bond.
Luciendar chapter 5 . 11/20/2023
Hmmm. As much as I loved this story, in reflection, that fight could've gone a bit better. No one explained anything to Naruto. They understand how foreign he is, and the way you describe what he felt from Kihmari's attack... I don't know. Just feels like they owe Naruto an apology, not the other way around.
WarzPark chapter 14 . 8/26/2023
yagami keep your promise update this story already instead of son of war or fairy tail watch pirate sentai or soundless knight
SHADOWNINJAMASTER chapter 15 . 7/25/2023
Awesome chapter keep it up
WarzPark chapter 15 . 6/15/2023
is this story ever gonna get an update
reaperofsanity chapter 15 . 6/15/2023
I can't wait to you update the story
Blackholelord chapter 15 . 2/28/2023
It's a shame that it was never completed, and to tell the truth. This crossover is the most simple to write, when it comes to FFX, it has the most straightforward story plot. It was a great story, while it lasted and do really hope that one day that you will finish it. Hell, if possible I would love to see how you would do your own version of FFX-2.
The Lord of Fereldon chapter 15 . 11/7/2022
U need to update this so good
elkenn chapter 15 . 10/25/2022
Hope this gets updated soon!
Thanks for the work author!
kazutoxx123 chapter 15 . 10/15/2022
more please.
JManM chapter 8 . 10/11/2022
Prolly should just have Naruto smash everything and play it for laughs.
vjnbkmlf chapter 1 . 9/27/2022
I guess it's half a decade late to the party, but x-2 is a fever dream. Not to mention the absolute disaster of a book they call 10-3...

But I should say that 10-2 is a pretty good game from a gameplay perspective tho. Just be advised, if you go in expecting anything from it storywise.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/24/2022
Continue they history please
Takamura Rules chapter 3 . 7/21/2022
I should let you know, Naruto is actually 17. The day he starts his final battle with Sasuke, is his birthday. Minato has a whole happy birthday spheal before he disappeared with the rest Kagoshima when they summoned him back
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