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tajuchi chapter 69 . 9/27
story in fanfiction
truly after all these years reading this is the best I have ever seen, u got a patron or something? and when do u think we could get some more of this?
ChaosOmega98 chapter 69 . 9/16
I hope you come back to this soon
SixStringBass chapter 41 . 9/10
I understand the ramifications of someone getting too used to his own abilities, but Naruto here seems to forget his phasing ALL. THE. TIME. There are so many instances where if he just phased through something or an enemy and surprise bop them until SOMEONE finally counters his ability. I feel like all of this wouldn't be that difficult.
18Andrew chapter 69 . 9/6
When will this be updated?
crea9587 chapter 69 . 8/14
Nice story. It is very entertaining.

Nicely written and formatted too.

Easy to read.

I like. Keep it up.

Thanks and have a nice day :)
NaruCrazy chapter 69 . 7/14
You used 'on' wrongly so much that it had become quite irritating to read as there were at least dozen instances of such per chapter. It improved chapter 52 onwards, dunno if you got a new beta or something else.

I dunno how much is original and how much is taken from canon as I dont follow Batman series cuz of 'let the criminals live else Batman would be irrelevant' trope. It grates on my nerves. Ok Batman doesn't kill. But why does the justice system of the world/city not hang them? So many lives would be saved if people like Joker, scarecrow, Killer Croc, etc were put six feet under. There is no reforming them afterall. Seems more like there is no justice system at all. Just plot armor or lazy writing.

I still disagree with the Vertigo arc and think that it can be improved upon.

Anyway, I enjoyed the fic, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to read more than a million words afterall. I enjoyed how you went into character development of not only Naruto but each and every character relevant to the fic, even some villains who are close to them. Unfortunately I am not familiar with Kingdom Hearts, so parts of it went over my head even though it was described nicely but I was unwilling to spend much time considering how big the fic is.

I do wonder how you were planning on introducing Talia back into the fold given how much trust has been lost between the two parties due to her actions. Barbara is pretty much settled. So we have 5 out of the 7 you said would be paired with Naruto, not counting Cat.

Will Kurama be used in the fic more than as a side character?

Now that Naruto us involved in more than planet Earth's issues is the formation of Justice League gonna happen or will the fic still be limited to Gotham?

Looking forward to future update, if you get around to them.
NaruCrazy chapter 54 . 7/10
I think this chapter has been your best work.
NaruCrazy chapter 48 . 7/8
Again, with it being shown that Naruto is OK with killing and monkey's and minato's blatant targetting of himself and his family, why doesn't Naruto end them? Its not like it would take more than a minute to end both of them. Moreover when he knows that GCPD wont be able to capture/contain them. Isn't this just letting villains live for the sake of future arcs? He could have just asked Pam to have her plants eat them, no traces too, that way.

Omake was nice.
NaruCrazy chapter 39 . 7/6
Heros have to have enough cunning to avoid the same attack if used against them again and again. So what is this with Naruto and the group simply running towards Vertigo yelling "we will stop you" like a couple of preteen hero wannabes and getting disabled by the same attack for the 2nd and 3rd time like idiots? Again, making them dumb as bricks for the plot.

Vertigo's aim was to extract the machine via helicopter right? Naruto and Batman have long range attacks, so why not disable the helicopter and then fight from outside the range of the device cuz they know about that from their confrontation at the railway station. Naruto afterall has his crossbow, daggers, rope, etc and Batman has his batarangs.

Obvious plot armours like these make the fic uninteresting cuz we know they are gonna screw up during the plot like idiots and when it is time for the end, things will work out. Where is the suspense?
NaruCrazy chapter 31 . 7/5
Naruto had to suspect that the count was responsible for the assassination attempts in the airport and confirmed when he talked to Perdita at the hospital.
Why do you make Naruto dumb as a brick during the plot and cunning towards the end? This detracts from the quality of the fic if the things are all over the place. He could have just asked the officer to keep track of count when he left Perdita earlier.
Even with Perdita's life on the line Naruto is still trying to keep monkey alive during the confrontation instead of going for the kill. Looks like Minato is Naruto's Sasuke in this fic.
NaruCrazy chapter 30 . 7/5
The attack happened in the airport... There is already shit ton of military personnel posted there. Why dint they ever show up during the thugs attack?
NaruCrazy chapter 24 . 7/5
Lastly, if Naruto doesnt want to do the deed himself, he can ask Kurama to get rid of Joker as he still has couple of favors left. But again, Naruto shouldn't be squeamish about killing as much as Batman is.
NaruCrazy chapter 23 . 7/5
Well even you have now used a plothole for dramas sake.
1. Naruto is a ninja and his objective was to rescue Harl, not get rid of Joker and his lackeys. So when he entered the warehouse, he could have made a clone rescue Harl while he distracted and took care of the extras. But you wanted to use this to change Harley into her canon like behaviour.
2. Naruto is a ninja (again) and has killed in the past. The first that comes to mind is Doto Kazehana and there are others through the filler arcs of Naruto. Him letting Joker live after what he did on 1st of april and now torturing Harley is a plothole. I am not saying being okay with him dying but actively trying to get rid of him cuz you have shown multiple times where he got out of Arkham which proves that Arkham in incapable of containing him. Not to mention his now obvious interest in Harley. So yeah, he gotta go. Again, Naruto can do it in a covert way afterall he is alot more mature than canon.
NaruCrazy chapter 21 . 7/5
That memory manipulation looks asshole-y. I doubt either of them would be forgiving of such kf it ever comes to light cuz thats what you do to people you say you love, specially in a complicated situation such as a harem
NaruCrazy chapter 16 . 7/4
Naruto that you portrayed in your fic is more a hero of circumstance i.e. if he finds someone in need of help, he will BUT would he leave Salina behind to solve a case? No. So the decision to leave Salina and Feck behind at the Wayne manor knowing an attack might be imminent to figure out who is behind the said attack and also knowing Batman might be doing the same is not what should have happened.
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