Reviews for A Nobody
NaruCrazy chapter 24 . 7/5
Lastly, if Naruto doesnt want to do the deed himself, he can ask Kurama to get rid of Joker as he still has couple of favors left. But again, Naruto shouldn't be squeamish about killing as much as Batman is.
NaruCrazy chapter 23 . 7/5
Well even you have now used a plothole for dramas sake.
1. Naruto is a ninja and his objective was to rescue Harl, not get rid of Joker and his lackeys. So when he entered the warehouse, he could have made a clone rescue Harl while he distracted and took care of the extras. But you wanted to use this to change Harley into her canon like behaviour.
2. Naruto is a ninja (again) and has killed in the past. The first that comes to mind is Doto Kazehana and there are others through the filler arcs of Naruto. Him letting Joker live after what he did on 1st of april and now torturing Harley is a plothole. I am not saying being okay with him dying but actively trying to get rid of him cuz you have shown multiple times where he got out of Arkham which proves that Arkham in incapable of containing him. Not to mention his now obvious interest in Harley. So yeah, he gotta go. Again, Naruto can do it in a covert way afterall he is alot more mature than canon.
NaruCrazy chapter 21 . 7/5
That memory manipulation looks asshole-y. I doubt either of them would be forgiving of such kf it ever comes to light cuz thats what you do to people you say you love, specially in a complicated situation such as a harem
NaruCrazy chapter 16 . 7/4
Naruto that you portrayed in your fic is more a hero of circumstance i.e. if he finds someone in need of help, he will BUT would he leave Salina behind to solve a case? No. So the decision to leave Salina and Feck behind at the Wayne manor knowing an attack might be imminent to figure out who is behind the said attack and also knowing Batman might be doing the same is not what should have happened.
NaruCrazy chapter 15 . 7/4
Will the entire fic revolve around Gotham only or will the story progress towards justice league too?
NaruCrazy chapter 6 . 7/3
Well Naruto and Isley know that that the couple was targeted cuz of their research which Pam now has. Why dint either of them think that those guyz would follow her back to gotham?
Highcat chapter 5 . 6/10
The story is good but you need a beta...
MattBlack chapter 4 . 6/2
Being angry over xmas trees is pretty naive, they're planted with the intention of harvesting... She's not going ballistic over fields growing wheat, corn or rice for example...
motilz chapter 64 . 5/11
damn, Clio died
motilz chapter 64 . 5/11
how does batgirl know he has a dumb look on his face when he is wearing a helmet
motilz chapter 58 . 5/9
ministrations not menstrations
motilz chapter 58 . 5/8
I still feel adding mah mah and Mou to Harley's vocabulary is weird
motilz chapter 54 . 5/8
please don't let Donna be like how she was in the comics
motilz chapter 54 . 5/8
Selina can be very unreasonable
motilz chapter 52 . 5/8
maybe he should also get Mera she's a red head
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