Reviews for Avengers: Infinite Wars
Colossal the Omega chapter 48 . 53m
This is extremely good story you have going. It would be like if the Prequels of Star Wars cartoon show The Clone Wars had some crossover with MCU Movies.

Since you guys are changing the story now that Ultron has appear one question in mind is would the clone wars extend longer like 5-6 years instead of the 3-4 years we know in movies and shows. Cause with Ultron and others villains entering the galaxy along with the heroes, the idea of extend clone wars is appealing.
Guest chapter 48 . 2h
Is there goi g to be lemons in this story? Just curious.
ZZboy chapter 48 . 1/19
Hey FMW and Jeb really big fan of your work and this is my first commenting on anyone story so I hope I don’t sound too bad but your story kind of remind me of secret wars the first one And since you’re using both stories from the Canon and legend for Star Wars and you did say that you’re only using the Marvel cinematic universe continuity it does make me wonder if we may see venom in the story it be cool to see how the others Characters would react to that and how you would do it if you Do.
Jac414 chapter 26 . 1/19
What will happen now that Ultron has declared war on the Hutts, Republic, Separatists, Jedi, Sith, and Avengers all at once?would Sidious’s Plan fall apart, or would Ultron go as far as to reveal his identity to the galaxy? Will the separatist and republic stop fighting to face Ultron? How long do you think it would take for The Avengers to Find a way home. I think the Guardians have already opened the way from the Star Wars galaxy, to the rest of the marvel Universe.

guest chapter 26 . 1/19
Will you do Peter/Ahsoka or Peter/Barriss, or is it Ahsoka/Peter/Barriss harem?
Guest chapter 48 . 1/18
Season 7 star wars
ravenking64 chapter 48 . 1/16
Not gonna lie, the marvel heroes and villains are starting to feel a bit op.
guest chapter 48 . 1/16
when will you get back to your other stories?
Actionmoviefan chapter 48 . 1/14
Is Nebula coming to the galaxy and joining up with her sister and the rest of the guardians soon
Actionmoviefan chapter 48 . 1/12
Are Sugi and Embo going to join the Guardians
RyuuKage5400 chapter 43 . 1/12
So Cut pulled off an Aemon Targaryen there? I must admit that the last two chapters are also done for me so with that in respect - did Ultron get access to trailer of the SWTOR games? That sure was fun! Keep going with your excellent work there mate!
Greer123 chapter 48 . 1/11
It seems like Ultron is going to be throwing his own hat into the ring that was the cluster fuck known as the battle of Jabiim. I hope that Steve will be able to help Anakin through the hard choices and traumatic events he went though in Star Wars Legends. Thank you for the new chapter of this story and I wish you a happy New Year.
RyuuKage5400 chapter 42 . 1/11
Um... good chapter and all and only a few more to end it I guess...

Just thought to point out that the Jedi aren't buried as a funeral rite but cremated instead to return to the Force - or something of that sort. Maybe I am wrong but thought to let you know if it was a oversight.

Keep up the good work - I had thought the Avengers would have come in contact with the Guardians by now but I guess the plot has not been published yet. Waiting very eagerly on that front - both the Avengers' reaction to Peter Quill being originally from Terra and Jedi's reaction to them being an actually isolated galaxy. I mean with the shite going out there the happenings of the galaxy far, far away is pretty tame. Seriously the Kree and Skrulls have been duking it out over a war raging for a million years whereas the longest this galaxy faced a conflict was for the thousand years of the Republican Dark Ages.

Also eagerly waiting for the appearance of the real heavyweight Avengers - Thor and Hulk. Please don't kill 'the Jedi Killer' Durge until he faces Hulk at least once. Also waiting for the appearance of any sorceres from Earth (preferably the Ancient One) after she has passed on her mantle to Strange. Seeing the Jedi react to actual magic and sorcery will be a real treat!

Keep up the good work please and all the wishes of a happy and productive New Year!
SlumberingVoid chapter 48 . 1/11
Jabiim. Not Jabiim. So many Jedi were murdered there, senselessly. That rain-lashed, mud-soaked hellhole. The Western Front of Star Wars.
Actionmoviefan chapter 13 . 1/11
Will Barriss stay good like in Legends or be turn to the dark side like the show
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