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Renato Chacin chapter 105 . 17h
Waiting chapter 106 chapter 98 . 9/20
I hope you consider it. chapter 98 . 9/20
What about the other Sith and Jedi planet like Exegol and Ahch-To home to Prime Jedi if you had plans for those planets? I think Exegol planet a perfect place for newborn Sith.
ExcaliberShooter chapter 105 . 9/18
Sounds like a Warhammer 40k style of grimdarkness there. And Darth Nihilus making his return because Wounds in the Force are being created? Sounds loke a scary concept. Almost as scary as the True Sith Lords in the Kotor 3 scripted narrative were going to be.

If Ultron wanted he could set himself up with a Ai like Shodan or Mendicant Bias once he is at it.

At least Shaak Ti didn't die. That is a good thing. Hopefully other EU characters will be preserved.

I expect the Yuuzhan Vong and Thanos will be making their move soon enough after a while longer.

I don't like the Ahsoka show so I will be ignoring it. I hold no love for it and I do not like the things it insinuates and perpetuates. I will holdfast to the old EU works and not the works of Filoni.
Ryan Chessman aka Crys chapter 105 . 9/18
. . . yes. Yes, you are sick and depraved fucks. But it's believable and justified, which makes you good authors.

Considering the rampant death throughout this chapter, we only had one named character death? Though all the fights aren't complete. War Machine is still fighting that unkillable mercenary, right?

Whatever Anakin tried to do will be important later. Chekov's Gun.

Helluva story.
Tony Branco chapter 105 . 9/17
Nihilus is coming back, holy shit. You really need to bring back Darth Vitiate as well. Palpatine is going to have to reveal himself and team up with the Jedi in order to maybe win. I can't wait for more chapters!
Guest chapter 105 . 9/17
Update please.
Jeremiah Skywalker chapter 105 . 9/14
Avengers: Infinite Wars Chapter 105 Review
Alright, Ultron’s attack on Kamino…
So… guessing this is before the battle obviously.
In this universe Omega is connected with the Bad Batch already, no Order 66 or Empire required. That’s nice to know, even the good old Wrecker and Omega moment.
Maris Brood, Shaak Ti’s Padawan and (in the canon universe) fallen to the dark side and Bail Organa’s captor on Felucia.
Hope her fate is more favorable.
Parts of the city of Kamino can detach from themselves?! Cool! That would handle evacuation procedures.

So that’s how Ultron attacked Kamino; he used the other attacks as a diversion while he covertly went in and attacked Kamino city by city.
You know it’s bad if a Jedi Master says “Karabast.”
Bad Batch discussing their situation; major Deja Vu back to the show. You’ve NAILED IT.
This is like the Borg with Nanotechnology. This is terrifying, no- HORRIFYING.
The Avengers handled the change of the situation swiftly, with handling Ultron on the other planets and on Kamino.
Portal-ing over to Kamino is very reminiscent of Endgame’s Portal scene, at I right?
And the Battle for Kamino is underway!
Going pretty much as usual as it is in this universe, but Ultron is planning something with this battle…
What is Anakin feeling? What do you mean by Connected?
When you have the clone troopers of the 501st fight alongside their general here… IS THIS BASED OFF OF THAT STAR WARS BATTELFRONT II ABILITY?

Trench is here, and Ultron makes his entrance, and with a new look. I presume he looks like the Ultron from Deviant Art, and no more Age of Ultron face, just one similar to the comics.
I do hope you won’t completely disregard the expressional face design.
Ultron Vs. Vision. Round 2 Baby let’s go!
Woah. Ultron’s got some wicked powers here-

The roles swapped from last time? Ultron shut Vision out from the web?
Okay, when Ultron said “My turn.” We all know what scene he basically is doing here.
Ultron vs the Avengers. Not looking good for our heroes, even with the Pietro v Ultron moment and the She-Hulk moment.
Now the Jedi have arrived, but Anakin is sensing something-
What the- Anakin grabbed Ultron’s spirit in the Force or something? How is that even possible?
Will Anakin get some sort of suit like Vader’s cause of that chest burn?
Oh, nvm Obi-Wan just Bacta-webbed him.

They’re abandoning Kamino.
I thought the bombing of Kamino in The Bad Batch was bad but this is worse.
Ultron got Kamino AND Cato Neimoidia?
Didn’t he cause explosions there while he bombed Geonosis?
But more importantly, Ultron just took 2 planets at the same time. HOLY KRIFF.
This truly is worse than the Bad Batch episode.
Does Ultron have his hands on Jango Fett’s DNA? He has access to cloning technology now; what’s he going to do with that?
This was worse than Jabiim. FAR WORSE.
No no no.
99! NOOOO!

99 meets Ultron. Face to face.
Ultron is planning to make a clone Ultron army? GOOD GOD.
Woah. 99 saw something with Ultron that no one else did. He is alone and doesn’t want to be alone. Just like when he was with Wanda and Pietro in the movie.
I’ve watched hundreds of movies and shows.
It’s never EVER a good move to join the bad guys.
Oh god.

Ultron made 99 into a new being for his services.
AND that whole process was being live streamed to the entire Galaxy.
This truly was the Avengers greatest failure right here, and I am not ready for the aftermath.
What’s Ultron’s next step?

Oh. THESE GUYS. The Sinister Sith.
So Ultron’s attack helped them start to resurrect Darth Nihilus. GREAT.
To quote Palpatine from Robot Chicken,
“Hey, Wanna see me tempt fate? COULD THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE?! I did it ironically so I think I'm safe.”
Not sure if I’m ready for the next chapter.
Don’t have a good day; have a GREAT day!
May The Force Be With You! & Stay Connected!
Dragon Rider 66 chapter 105 . 9/12
Geez. I finally manage to catch up with this story and it had it had to be the chapter with one of the darker endings...

How I very much question how everyone will try and improve themselves to stop Ultron, let alone their other problems. At the least, I see Anakin pushing himself to further improve his powers and connection with the Force along with Ahsoka along with Tony and the others working on vast improvements on everyone's gear, most likely with Tony working on creating the Iron Spider suit, what would eventually become the Mark L (hopefully further improved if he gets his hands on a Kyber Crystal, especially one that Ultron's worked on and purified with help from Skywalker), and the War Machine Mk. IV. And that's just to name a few since there's also Echo learning Sorcery.

Geez. I can only imagine what's going to happen next with this aftermath...

And meanwhile, my continued wonders on if Tony will be able to create a Lightsaber or two for himself, same with Strange and some of the other Avengers.
RichardK0 chapter 99 . 9/11
MARR! MARR! Marr for the win!

So glad I finally finished this, and man was it worth it.
Boshwa chapter 105 . 9/9
I feel like this story has reached a point where the stakes are... too high now? If that makes any sense. I remember watching a video talking about this kind of thing. We got Palapatine scheming, we got some Sith Acolyte scheming with the Son, the Multiverse was (and probably still is) in danger of collapsing, Thanos's presence and inevitable snap is looming over, and of course Ultron continuously growing in power. I don't know how else to describe this, it's like someone threatening you with the most over the top detailed description that goes on for so long that you realize that no, he's not going to do ALL of that
ULTRA ARCADER chapter 105 . 9/7
Just when I thought the Jabiim and the Citadel arcs were dark enough, this chapter happens.

You guys are seriously twisted for this. But given what’s going on, and how it will lead to Ultron being taken down, you had to be.

And the sad part is that I think we all knew 99 was going to buy it in some way-hence the scenes these last few chapters had-but at the same token I had hoped he might make it. Sadly that wasn’t the case.

But before that happened he showed he was more than just a defective clone. He was a good man. One who lived up to what Steve told him back in chapter 63:

“You’re gonna keep getting chances to prove you’re more than what you are.”

And throughout the chapter 99 showed just that. Even managing to get Omega and Shaak Ti to safety and making the sacrifice-play despite everyone’s protests.

Not only that but 99 was able to figure out why Ultron was assimilating certain people: loneliness. But even then, he still chose to stay true to who he was.

99’s loss is one that hits more close to home because not only did we the audience get a chance to have more time with him, but that small interaction 99 had with Steve was something special.

Some of the Clone’s reaction was expected, like Wrecker’s outburst and Omega’s grief. But Crosshair was a shock. For him to smash his rifle shows that 99’s loss affected him to a degree beyond what he could handle. Even Jedi like Shaak Ti and of course the Avengers like Steve.

I hope the Jedi don’t tell the GAR to calm down, because they are not going to until Ultron is scrapped and deleted off the face of the galaxy.

99 will be avenged. One way or another.

Hope the Avengers and their allies can get started on that computer virus, and pronto.

Very dark chapter you guys. Here’s hoping things start looking up for our heroes, because they could use a miracle right about now.

P.S. What exactly makes the Sinister Sith think Ultron won’t come after them? Do they even know who and what they’re dealing with?
Jeremiah Skywalker chapter 104 . 9/6
Avengers: Infinite Wars Chapter 104 Review
Welcome Back, Free Man and I’m back as well! (from this moment on, pretend this was uploaded around August 8th)
Okay, we’re starting with clones talking about what went down on Coruscant during Spider-Verse.
Never thought we would see Cody start to break his composure. It’s unlike him.
Domino Squad with MYSTIC ARTS? That would be WIZARD! (Heh. Double meaning)
And the Avengers are breaking down with Peter, finding out what happened over there on Earth-1610.
Man these situations of Jedi finding out about the crazy stuff not of the Galaxy is overwhelming at this point, like them learning yet more about relationships.
Did Anakin figure out Ashoka’s relationship with Peter and Barris?
Are you hinting at Luminara X Rhodes?
THAT’S RIGHT! The Netflix Daredevil series is canon! Must have been a shock to know there’s another Kingpin.
So when you say particle accelerator, I know you mean the Collider from Spider-Verse, but I keep thinking of S.T.A.R. Labs’ Particle Accelerator from CW’s The Flash.
So Darth Vader could have been from the Star Wars canon universe and The Son pulled him from there? That might explain things a bit.
Tony Stark looking over an army of Clone Troopers.
That has never been typed or said until just now.
More discussion of the chip in the clones’ heads (with the suggestions of Doctor Strange off screen) and how to take down Ultron’s Matrix.

Now we’ve got Jane Foster, Darcey Lewis, and Erik Selvig on Coruscant. This is a crazy experience for them-
And don’t forget you have Luthen Rael so imagine him meeting Erik!
Oh PLEASE have their conversation as an Omake! (but not like a cringy Omake like the Grievous Ant-Man one, but a legitimate conversation)
Does the Helicarrier still operate back on Earth, cause the MCU hasn’t made clear what happened to it.
Oh boy, I fear what’s gonna happen with Ahsoka, Peter, and Barris. One of them is gonna bite the dust, aren’t they?


ECHO GOT THE MYSTIC ARTS TOUCH? That’s WAY BETTER than a Batcher! He gets to keep all of his body luckily.
What Armor is Echo going to get? Will it be reminiscent of the Mystic Order on Earth? Same colors?
In fact, when can clones get the same tech and armor as the Avengers?
THRAWN has entered the scene!
Anytime he talks here I can imagine Lars Mikkelsen talking here.
Thrawn doesn’t want promotions? I REALLY want to hear the “Grand Admiral” in this story before his official name. PLEASE!
Even though the Empire probably won’t exist here, I hope Palleon is taken by Ultron. Imperial Trash.
The Glitch Anomaly. We had “The Blip”, now we have an actual name to describe what happened with Spider-Verse.

Ultron is about to make his next move, and he’s planning something big. Something to end the war, but with who? The Clone Wars, or his own war?
Here we go.
And the Guardians have arrived on Coruscant for the next Peace Meeting between the Republic and the Separatists.
OMG I LOVED this bit of Star Lord meeting Captain America for the first time! Guess his teacher owes him a grade change.
Collectible cards. Oh man I felt that one, along with the Original Avengers.
WOAH! I like that detail you created there! Peter Quill’s grandfather having served with the Howling Commandos and Captain America back in WWII; LOVE IT!

ANNNDDD here we go again. Ultron attack everyone, but mainly Naboo, Mandalore, and Raxus Secundus.
So, the problem I have is when you just say “Star Destroyers”, I picture the Imperial Starfleet, not Jedi Cruisers.
“At the last second, Peter, Pietro and Steve caught sight of their lovers for a brief moment before they all charged in.”
I’m not liking how you phrased that. Who’s going to die?
Sergeant Grit and Buck on Naboo reunion with Captain Rogers! That brings me back to chapter 2 & 3.
What She-Hulk did there with Mordo is reminding me of that one move from X-Men: Days of Future Past.
Typical Battle Description here, not going to go into detail there.
Also yet again, Star Wars people are shocked at the literal GOD OF THUNDER.
All Star Wars planets are smaller than Earth, right? That way it’s somewhat easier to protect the planet and for one climate to take place over the entire planet.

Okay, I’m loving everyone getting a chance to use Cap’s shield here. From Steve to Clint to T’Challa to Shuri to Wong to Bucky to Celeste Morne (where she does the same thing that Strange Supreme did to Captain Carter’s shield in What If…?) to Scott and Hope to Natasha back to Steve!
Katy’s arc as an Avenger is Awesome! The MCU hasn’t done this yet and I am loving it! It’s not Kate Bishop but it’s better!
Basilisk War Droids! Oh I remember that arc! This is about to get crazy!
DURGE IS WORKING FOR ULTRON? YIKES! Rhodey vs Durge yet again! Final round or Round (insert current number)?
Dooku and Mace Windu fighting alongside each other on Raxus.
Awkward. (And you know how I’m saying that word (gosh dang it that we can’t convey tones here))

Yeah, now that you mention it, this feels a bit like Deja Vu. We’ve been though this before…what’s Ultron planning?

Ultron is attacking Kamino.
That’s not good.
WAIT- if Ultron gets access to the Clone chip data on Kamino, he could hack into the system, activate some Galaxy wide brainwave borging plan and all Clones with the chips would become Ultron Drones.

Secret Wars was good, just improve the intro sequence and a better finale. Could have had more episodes.
Oh so that Steve and Peter interaction was OFF OF A YOUTUBER? SICK!
Can’t wait to read the next chapter and find out what happens on Kamino!
Don’t have a good day; have a GREAT day!
May The Force Be With You! & Stay Connected!
Mushroom Kingdom Warrior chapter 105 . 9/6
Time for another review! For my thoughts on Ahsoka… I’d say I’m overall mixed. There’s a lot of stuff I like such as the lightsaber fights, the new villains, and the concept of reaching another galaxy; and a lot of stuff I’m not so hot with like the flat acting and direction, some hokey moments like yet ANOTHER character surviving a lightsaber stab to the gut, and even just the concept of Sabine becoming a Jedi seeing as nothing from Rebels really supports that; but in the end, the show currently ranks somewhere in the middle of the live-action Star Wars shows for me. That’s subject to change, of course, but I can more confidently make that claim now that we’re halfway through the series. Great cliffhangers on episode 4, though.

Now, on to the chapter itself. After a checkup on the daily routine of our old pal 99 and friends on Kamino – including an appearance by Shaak Ti’s new Padawan, Maris Brood, who I should have seen coming but completely forgot about – we get to Ultron’s attack. And as is typical with battles with him in this story, it’s pretty horrific as he “Borgs” more soldiers. (Also, I’m confused: were Echo and the other clones being tested for sorcery on some other planet besides Kamino? I thought the previous chapter said they were here.) Otherwise, not much more to say about the battle until the reinforcements from the other skirmishes arrive. But once they do…

First, hallelujah! The Padawan trio actually sat a chapter out! Glad to see other heroes getting the spotlight.

Second, Thor literally being in his element on Kamino and showing off probably the grandest displays of his power yet was absolutely perfect.

Third, Anakin takes a step forward on his path to balance by deciding to use Vader’s saber for the first time. It seems he and his troops got a boost from something – maybe the completed form of the Power Cosmic?

Finally, I don’t know if I mentioned this on the artwork of Ultron’s final form, but I love the design of it, especially with the signature open grin, the robotic Doc Ock-esque tentacles, and the reveal here of the six Khyber crystals in his chest and the eight lightsabers installed in his six arms. Pays tribute to his canon variants by evoking both his comic book self and Infinity Ultron from What If while still being unique and… crossover-y. Still, his misuse of the crystals and his continued mangling of life apparently is opening a wound in the Force. More on that later…

But before that, we finally get some of the confrontations we were all waiting for, as Ultron faces Vision again and in a role reversal of Sokovia manages to shut him out and knock him out. That’s not good. I’m a little disappointed he didn’t get a reunion with Wanda – plus, I feel she’s gotten very little to do since she reunited with the team – but he then gets to confront some more familiar faces, most notably Marvel’s Big Three and Pietro, though he of course remains undeterred in his mission and more powerful than ever. His trading barbs with Obi-Wan was great, as were his confrontations with She-Hulk, who fills in her cousin’s spot while having a good reason for hating Ultron herself, and especially Anakin – don’t think I didn’t catch the irony in Anakin quoting Obi-Wan while Ultron quoted Vader from their canon duels.

Speaking of which, a lot of the quotes and dialogue during the battle were great, especially from Ultron. Besides the aforementioned role reversals with Vision and Anakin, I also loved his speech about how he is the “modern-day Prometheus” and essentially gives his own version of the Jedi or Sith code. (Forgive me if that’s a quote of something else and I don’t know what.)

Alas, the heroes find themselves outmatched and overwhelmed, so they once again have to retreat. But this is the biggest blow yet, since Kamino has now fallen – and apparently, so has Cato Neimoidia. Shaak Ti prepares to make a final stand as our heroes fall back – another reference to 2D Clone Wars, perhaps? – until 99 knocks her out and stays in her place. Meh, she probably would have been fine if he let her do her thing. I mean, how many times has she died if we count both canons? XD

This leads to the moment I feared since last chapter dropped: 99 being killed and converted by Ultron. Definitely awful to read, but also so good in a storytelling sense. First, I’m so glad we FINALLY got a death for another character that wasn’t just an underdeveloped one-off. 99 may not have appeared a ton in the story, but he got enough scenes to make it clear just how much the heroes, particularly the other clones, loved and respected him and he them in return. Second, he not only defies Ultron to the last by refusing to willingly join him despite his deformities, but manages to point out the AI’s fatal flaw besides his arrogance: his loneliness. How ironically human of a robot… A.I… thing.

And with that, the heroes have now reached their darkest hour so far. Kamino has fallen, and with it the means of making new clones; the Separatists have also lost a major world in Cato Neimoidia; and unbeknownst to them all, the True Sith notice the wound in the Force Ultron has created and move to resurrect the Lord of Hunger himself, Darth Nihilus. So… very much in the “not good” category.

Still, a flicker of hope remains. The surviving clones are determined to avenge (ha!) their home and their fallen brother. Anakin may have discovered a weakness: Ultron, in trying to use the Force himself, has made himself susceptible to it. More irony if Ultron is done in by the very power he struggled to attain.

On another hopeful note, I think being cut off from their supply lines will at last convince the Republic and Separatists to stop their bickering and agree to terms on a ceasefire. Perhaps a big speech from Cap to rally the Senate is in order?

I do hope, though, that Ultron’s defeat isn’t too far off. We got the big reveal of his plans and motives, we got the big reunions with the other heroes this chapter, and he got one final major victory to make a permanent mark on the galaxy. Considering he’s only the starter villain and we’ve got many more factions who are supposed to be more dangerous than him now lurking in the shadows, I think it’s time to close the book on him – maybe at the end of this arc? Or maybe he’ll be possessed by Nihilus as his new host? Not gonna lie, that would be horrible in-universe but a pretty awesome development for the story.

Regardless, good luck on the rest of this season-ending arc. May the Force be with you!
DarkFusion chapter 105 . 9/6
Sorry for the late review, but schedule problems aside (and Baldur's Gate 3), I have honestly been unsure what to say since reading this chapter. This wham episode was more than a mere gut punch, this was the memetic donut punch of JoJo. You did a masterful job keeping us in suspense as Ultron brought some real devastation to Kamino, becoming close to his What If counterpart in terms of looks. Am curious if Anakin's brief moment of affecting Ultron is him showing aptitude for Mechu-deru as a result of his mechanical hand and Vader's memories as I remember Cronal/Blackhole could use it so Vader was probably at least aware of it. Sorry I don't have much more to say about this chapter because damn, that was powerfully dark with how things went for 99. About the only good thing that could come out of this is Crosshair's trauma might lead him to forming more positive connections with his brothers and others than in canon. I'm now simultaneously looking forward to and dreading the next chapter as you've pointed out there's worse to come for our heroes.
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