Reviews for The Witch that Time Forgot
bleeb90 chapter 15 . 1/18
I absolutely love this fic and how you managed to incorporate Hermione into the film. Though I must say I dearly hope your story will continue where the film ends.
Just a Little Wish chapter 15 . 1/17
i cannot believe that this is your first story! It is super wonderful. had to read it all in one sitting. I think Hermione needs a proper hug though, not just a fall and hug, but a hug hug. It's all been quite intense for her. I'm glad her and Queenie are friends! Queenie is so sweet
Hannah Bowers chapter 15 . 1/16
I love this and can't wait to read what comes next
Wendy Noelle chapter 15 . 1/13
I thought you were going to end it once the movie part of this ends! You mean to say... this is just the beginning? There's more to NewtHermione after Grindelwald got captured? HOLY SHMOLY. I'M EXCITED TO SEE WHERE THIS WOULD GO. Good lord, they go so well together, it's amazing. Thank you.
Guest chapter 15 . 1/11
You are an AMAZING WRITER this is my gavorite story ever period. I cant wait for more!
ooc chapter 5 . 1/10
woe ol' Hermione is thirsty after her breakup
Devil Danielle Diaries chapter 15 . 1/8
love it, this is a brilliant story. for the last few days i kept looking a couple of times a day to see if there was an update, coz its that good. cant wait to see hermione duel graves that would be amazing and to see what newt does. please please update soon
Pumpkinpiiekat chapter 15 . 1/8
I have it in my head that towards the end of the big fight with Graves and the obscurus, Hermione tries to convince Newt that they need to help and take care of Credence. I just imagine them going to Olivander's together to get him his first wand and helping him learn how to control his magic and basically treating him like their son. Loved this chapter! Please update again soon!
feline17 chapter 15 . 1/8
Aah...even after re readind it so many times it stay as fun, cute and drooling worthy~ !
Niffler Nat chapter 15 . 1/7
Forgot to login, my post was the one about which house you were in and what I am in! Looking forward to next posting! (:
Guest chapter 15 . 1/7
Even though you may have felt stuck writing the chapter, it was still enjoyable to read! Eager to read what's next (: also, I'm not sure if someone asked yet, but what Hogwarts and Ilvermorny house are you? I'm Gryffindor and Pukwudgie! My patronus is a dapple grey stallion and my wand is a redwood, 11inch Phoenix feather core. I love that Rowling has allowed us to know where we could be in the wizarding world!
deriz chapter 15 . 1/7
up until now I can't seems to find a word that fit to comment your story. it was amazing... it is a new pairing that I really 't wait to see how it goes...
AliceCullen3 chapter 15 . 1/7
silverwolfigther00 chapter 15 . 1/7
Son of CAKE! You cant make the ending a little less chliffganger can you?! I am between pissed, elated and horrible impatient to read the next update. jeez... why did you have to stop there...

Anyway I am looking (very impatiently) forward to read the next update:)
twztdwildcat chapter 15 . 1/7
Excellent use of cut scenes to keep the suspense building! Loved the tension between Tina and Hermione coming to a head. Great chapter! And part of me is hoping you'll save Credence but I understand if it doesn't work that way. Love this story!
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