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Ooze96 chapter 24 . 6h
Ok this is wired when I messaged you it went to Fanfiction PM yet when you messaged me it went to my Gmail so I think there are a bug and the main thing I want to talk about was do you have Discord the app that allows to chat with people that's all.
Ooze96 chapter 25 . 14h
Yo man amazing story so far can't wait for it to update also J have a question for you do you have discord if so can we chat about in fanfiction pm?
anon chapter 8 . 7/1
Think about what you're writing before you write it.
Saitama split the sky with just the shockwave of his punch.
He's never been seen to take any damage from any attack.
He's killed or otherwise defeated nearly everyone he's ever fought in one punch.
DBZ characters keep continually increasing their limits, but they still have a definable limit to their power, a point at which they can go no further. Saitama, having broken his limiter, has none of that. He can never be exhausted, never be overpowered, never be outmatched, because there's always more power just waiting for him to call it up.
Fuck this, I have better things to read.
anon chapter 5 . 7/1
Honestly very good. Although I'd probably say Saitama would show less mercy towards a couple of aliens playing with people just because they had the power to, it's not such a large change that it breaks immersion.
Also, I would recommend to note that the scouters couldn't measure Saitama's power level. Unless you have a set measurement for Saitama's strength in mind, but that somewhat defeats the point of writing a fanfiction about One Punch Man.
anon chapter 4 . 7/1
Saitama shit-talking Nappa that badly
anon chapter 3 . 7/1
the saiyan community
What happened to saiyans being cool guys?
It doesn't even have the decency to be OOC.
anon chapter 2 . 7/1
Frieza better prepare his anus. Saitama doesn't take that shit lying down.
DanteSparda12 chapter 20 . 6/29
Are you forgetting that Goku used the kaioken to have entire fights against Vegeta in a single heartbeat, then amplified the Kaioken? Are you forgetting the fight with the Saibamen where Piccolo trained Gohan to see opponents that were fighting so fast they disappeared? Not even blurs, but completely disappeared, implying they are faster than light? Are you also forgetting that if a DBZ characters destructive power is high, their speed is comparable (they make a point of saying the exception is if they gather too much power at once, thus causing there muscles to expand too much and hold them back, a la USSJ Trunks). This is because DBZ characters use their ki to amplify all aspects of their strength. They can put it into their legs and move extremely fast. True, when they try to put that kind of power into their body an not just a ki blast, you get what happened to Kaiokenx4 Goku and the body suffers, so their physical output is lower to their ki blast output, but it is comparable depending on how they use it.
You might try your hardest to lowball that, but kaioken Goku is undoubtedly faster than light, and Saitama's greatest speed feat is jumping from the moon to earth, which at best places him around a severely lowballed Goku.
That was a fan translation and is likely very bias, the translation can also be "shave the earth" which works perfectly in conjugation with the anime and manga. Along with the creator "ONE" stating he is only dragonlevel which is above city level
Wrong. Instead you have 2 non-canon references that are moot. If you are going to be using non-canon sources; then we get to use fillers for Dragonball. In which case; Vegeta casually busts planets with a small beam coming from his finger. Sorry; but his presentation of power, and statement in the webcomic makes his power closer to what the manga has it out to be.
I don't see him beating Nappa either way tbh, but if we allow guides and anime maybe Raditz, if not then yeah he isn't planet level
If we allow non-canon info for one side, then it would only be fair to include non-canon info for the other side. Including guides and fillers. In which case; even King Vegeta could casually wipe out a handful of planets with just a casual ki blast from his hand, Vegeta casually busted a planet and it's moon with a casual beam from his finger, etc.

It just gets even worse for Boros and Saitma really.
It was the webcomic that supports what is in the manga, which is the point. He is ranked as "Dragon" which isn't a planetary threat. Meaning that, by this rate you may as well assume he isn't even capable of wrecking the planets surface since that would require him being a God ranked monster which he isn't.

No official guide state that you need a PL of 10k to bust a planet. Again you reference non-canon material. Vegeta was only a planet buster during the Saiyan saga and not a casual one at that. In the filler he was a casual planet buster.

King Vegeta didn't blow up 2 moons and one planet. It were several planets, ranging in size. But they weren't simple moons. And once again you miss the point. The point was it was a casual blast from his hand that obliterated several planets on a wide scale. Which is something well above the canon Saiyan saga Vegeta.
Well, considering the webcomic isn't the manga, wouldn't the manga be the true cannon? It really is a matter of perspective, so all you have to do is highlight what you are using as sources. The webcomic could be seen as notes, but if you look, and I mean really LOOK at the manga, I know it is hard to see, but it says it is written by One, which means he either wrote it or approved of any changes put into it. In either case, his name is on it, so using the manga vs the DB manga is absolutely legit.
Another I forgot to say is teen goku is faster but fot highballing I'll put him in raditz range. Also Nappa leveled an entire continent with a finger wearing weights suppressed and withstood planet level attacks while suppressed while boros at max capacity can level a city or continent.

Saitama effort /full power raditz or less likely nappa lmao but sense I like him and don't want to hurt the fans feelings Saitama full effort Nappa .

Ok so now it goes like this

Saitama all out effort Nappa Saibamen Saitama verse.
Deadly Instinct chapter 25 . 6/15
Meh, I'm just going to imagine him as a 5th form variant. Frieza has no 5th form and there is no official art, so I don't know what you read about on the wikipedia page. Only cooler ever acquired the 5th form and I'm willing to assume he'd give Saitama a big run for his money considering the extent of Frieza's final form.

Why can't I imagine this as his final form? Imagine it, an alternate version of the 5th form with red armor and black skin. The only differences would be the elbow spikes as the 5th form already comes with the horns on the side of his head. Besides, what you described is fairly vague. It sounds like a black Frieza with various veins form red patterns across his skin with elbow and head spikes. It, frankly, sounds like a terrible rip off of Frieza that you'd find in Xenoverse.

So, as I said, I'm going to imagine him as a alternate version of the 5th form without the the patterns. If you could draw a version of this new form, I could easily sit it in but until then - no. Too many changes with too many details to apply and use.
Bochinator chapter 25 . 6/5
Ooh, love the cliffhanger! This is the first fanfiction I've read where Saitama actually gets a bit nervous! We all know, however, that he'll still win...or will he?
Rudra lord of destruction chapter 25 . 6/4
when are u planing to give us the next chapter because i loved this story please update fast
Guest chapter 25 . 6/2
Wow, very intense. Looking forward to the next chapter. I know that I was a bit critical at first regarding whether or not Saitama would get all hyped up about rank with the Hero Association, but it didn't mean that I didn't like your story. It was a pet peeve is all.
All there's left to say now is Moar please.
Guest chapter 10 . 5/31
This is an interesting read, though I must point out that Saitama didn't actually care about rank enough to get too hyped about it. The Heroes Association messing up with the rank labeling should be a clue in that it doesn't matter who they think is stronger if they're wrong. It's symbolic of One's pov towards how manga companies view artists, I think.
The Powder Keg chapter 25 . 5/27
Nice. Im thinking that black creature that invaded Saitama’s dreams has possessed Frieza
NeoNazo356 chapter 25 . 5/25
I'm guessing it's like Greymon's "Dark Digivolution" into Skullgreymon instead of Metalgreymon; Frieze was pushed by Hate, "corrupting" his Golden Freiza form into something darker.
Or some other metaphorical nonsense. I'm just rambling.
LOVE the fight choreography, looking forward to Saitama going all-out-100%. Hell, maybe Saitama will turn into a "Super Human", maybe grow back his HAIR! That'd be pretty cool, Saitama getting the fight he's always wanted, AND his hair back.
Just food for thought.
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