Reviews for The Return
Aenlu chapter 32 . 5/8/2020
This was a great adventure! You did a great job coming up with an original and plausible post-WotR tale.
Kris chapter 17 . 5/24/2017
Love this chapter
BeeHime chapter 32 . 6/17/2012

Lovely story! I enjoyed reading it. But you made me curious did Boromir marry Idril?


ann chapter 1 . 1/5/2011
Im surprised that there arent more people that have reviewed your story! There are a couple of hitches in the storyline that could be improved with a bit of rewriting but overall I thought it was an intelligent original fic
Celebwen Telcontar chapter 29 . 10/27/2008
Boromir... Hopefully he lives through this...

Celebwen Telcontar chapter 8 . 10/27/2008
This is incredible, I must say. Boromir is very in-character. Very good story.

Celebwen Telcontar chapter 32 . 3/14/2005
Oh, I agree with you on how Boromir was ment to be a part of the Quest, and that he was the only one who could have gone after Frodo. He's also the only *human* member of the Fellowship; Aragorn was part Elf, due to the fact that he was a decendant of Beren son of Barahir and Luthien daughter of Thingol. Boromir also was one of thier decendants, but he is of a less... inbred line than Aragorn.

Daughter of Olorin chapter 32 . 8/3/2004
I liked ch. 25 with Boromir and Arandil. I’m not a big Sam fan but seeing the feisty master defend the Shire brought a smile to my face. I wanted to cheer Diamond on in ch. 28 but I understand why she couldn’t go with Pippin after Boromir. Ch. 30 was great. I was so excited to see Boromir make through the battle but then I almost thought we had lost Pippin. I knew his friends would find enough for him to do after telling him all the places that he had to see. I loved the epilogue, it was definitely not things I had thought about. Well, did he and Idril get together? I loved this story! Absolutely fantastic! I can't believe it's over. Thanks for posting it!
Daughter of Olorin chapter 24 . 8/2/2004
That really is an interesting thought as to what Boromir would have been like had he not grown up in the shadow of Mordor. Nice touch with the Phial. The end of ch. 20 was very good. So, how Saruman creates Orcs in the movie is not true of the books? If so, how is it done in the books? You wrote the battle scenes very well. Nice touch with Boromir talking about Denethor. I wondered how long it would take Boromir to sneak away. Where did you find all the names you used that weren’t Tolkien characters? This is just a great story!
Heartsings chapter 1 . 8/2/2004
What a great start - great chapter! I'm looking forward to reading all the chapters you have written. Thanks for bringing Boromir back from the dead. :o)
Daughter of Olorin chapter 16 . 8/1/2004
I was hoping you would explain who the “the Lady at the castle
Daughter of Olorin chapter 8 . 7/31/2004
The first chapter was so enchanting and just begged for the next one to be read. “provided Merry could get him to stop singing long enough to answer questions
BenRG chapter 32 . 7/31/2004
Thanks for finishing the reposting of 'The Return'. This was the first of your LotR stories that I ever read. I have always been impressed by the smooth union of movie and book characters that you have managed, and your exploration of the depths of many of the characters (especially the little-seen supporting characters like Diamond and Estella) is a special treat.

I know that you are busy with your RotK rewrite, but I hope that you will continue this post-book timeline some time soon.

BenRG's Rating: 9/10
Redone chapter 31 . 7/30/2004
A fascinating glipmse into the post-ROTK world! And best of all, Boromir's there. Loved it. Battle scenes could have been more, don't know, deep or detailed or something; but that doesn't matter really. Will you write more about how they fare?
lindahoyland chapter 32 . 7/30/2004
A most enjoyable story, It was nice to see Boromir back and i just love stories about Aragorn and the Hobbits.I hope you'll write more deserve far more reviews.
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