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Guest chapter 51 . 8/10
Amigo que paso , estás bien? ... no haz actualizado y haz eliminado la otra historia ... te encuentras bien?
Guest chapter 1 . 7/28
What happened to your other story Angel x Devil: When the Geek get a Harem?
Guest chapter 51 . 7/11
Hermano que paso? Con la historia?
Guest chapter 51 . 5/24
I have two main issues with this story honestly. The first is that i didnt undestand which one of the stories you've told were the main ones. Like, i think the Naruko side of the story had so much more attention than what at the end would be the main story.

And the band was a really cool concept that shouldve got more attention and could get many more stories out of it. I really got so much into the characters, they actually were my favorite aspect of the story while i still enjoyed the other half.

Still what an amazing journey. Thanks for writting this. I hope your good in these times.
Rigel chapter 51 . 3/30
What an amazing story this is. Congrats in finishing it.

Will there be a sequel? :0
issei chapter 51 . 1/14
crot oppai
The Big Bad Wolf-9 chapter 51 . 12/31/2019
What a tremendous journey. Thank you very much for sharing it. A few thoughts, if you'll listen:

One: The story started off very difficultly. The concept of Naruto being constantly abused for the sake of humor is one that is old, but with the nature of the story from start to finish, there were many points where it felt ham-fisted; that is, where it was done too consistently.

Two: I feel for the amount of love Naruto received from the female characters there was very little redemption. This is what I call the foible of the harem protagonist: Outside of his vague niceness and small talents, there is no real reason why so many female characters love him the way they do. Each of your female characters are so well written that in comparison, it feels like a disservice to them.

Three: The love confessions felt very...shortly timed. I think all the love interests confessed within the last 5 chapters? Don't get me wrong, a conclusion must be timed well and characters must have their stories tied, but I think that staccato of revelations mute the importance of Weiss's troubles.

Four: I HIGHLY commend your knowledge of music. There was so much love and admiration to so many good songs and the understanding of the lyrics and even the composition that it leads to an incredible knowledgeable understanding. Thank you!

Five: Your writing technique is also outstanding. The use of imagery, of musical motifs, of incorporating elements of humor, of using music as a direct correlation to was entirely masterful. This is novel quality. Thank you.

Six: Thank you again for the time and effort writing this. I am an avid fan, so accept my appreciation.
samkwan127 chapter 4 . 10/29/2019
4 chapters and this has been a hell of a ride. I read this initially when before it even had kaori till the initial ending. I had always though the updates were just perfecting the story. Didn’t realize it had changed so much, but I’m glad I came to reread this as I enjoyed the first run through of this and it seems really refined so far
Guest chapter 2 . 10/23/2019
Thw first chapter while it did not get my attention, I still tried to finish your story but I can't Naruto is so much different than the goofy ninja I know. It feels like it's just an oc with the same name.
Guest chapter 55 . 9/17/2019
Me gustó la historia ... Porfavor has otra serie en donde Naruto es el hermano menor de 3 hermanas y obvio su tu quieres
... Harem
XenoLucifer chapter 55 . 8/22/2019
Wooo, the chapter was incredibly frustrating in the beginning but the ending was great
ballzyacnoch chapter 54 . 7/21/2019
While this story is enjoyable and funny,I'm afraid if I had read the original manga stories it would be incredibly boring.I'm sorry dude but the fact is even though I havn't watched the anime or read the manga of both stories I can tell that your work is way too derivative of the I can't help but feel disappointed by the characterizations.I mean if you're using a character like Naruto don't just use his name and appearance use his traits too cause it sucks when you're just using the characterisation of the the protagonists of Oriemo & I see the name Naruto I wanna read about that goofy ninja (though I really wouldn't mind if you added your own shit on his personality).Anyways dude all I'm saying is if you wanna make a crossover story about your favourite fiction and you wanna follow the original storylines then PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN FLAVOUR INTO THE no hard feelings dude I do enjoy this story and I can't wait to finish .
Autismguy593 chapter 56 . 6/23/2019
Interesting, this story was good.
FeelSpyre chapter 55 . 6/10/2019
I love this story omfgggg, I just canttt! I'm cryinggggg!
Wana1 chapter 4 . 4/25/2019
hi i really like this story you know. im reading it from beginning you make it. you already change it title, it make me hard to find it again you know. keep a good work alright. can i make a suggestion, can naruto have harem pls? if not just two or three girls okay to. i feel bad for another girls in this story, like kagurazaka sempai or chiaki or karin. pls think about it alright. its good to know you still writing. update soon bro or sis lol.
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