Reviews for 12 Days of Christmas
Knit Bug chapter 12 . 7/23
I liked how you managed to carry the theme of the song with each chapter. Thank you so much for this.

twifanficfreak chapter 12 . 6/18
Great stories but I just have to tell you about the hunt going on over at FB for those last 2 chapters. Someone mentioned it and there must have been about 20 people following and searching for that story. Don't be supposed if you get a rush of reviews!
nzjojo chapter 12 . 6/17
Wow! What a mix of stories and I loved them all. Thank you for writing all 12 :)
divyvicki chapter 12 . 5/11
Great ending! Loved these little stories. Thanks for sharing!
divyvicki chapter 11 . 5/11
She needs to be honest with him about Tanya!
divyvicki chapter 10 . 5/11
Short but sweet and hot!
divyvicki chapter 9 . 5/5
Hmmm, well, glad he got rid of the mysterious her?
divyvicki chapter 8 . 5/5
Very inventive way to use the 5 gold rings!
divyvicki chapter 7 . 5/5
Haven't read (un)required yet, but it's on my list! May have to move it up a bit!
divyvicki chapter 4 . 4/26
That was pretty hot!
divyvicki chapter 3 . 4/17
I really lIke the concept of this collection!
divyvicki chapter 2 . 4/17
Short and sweet!
divyvicki chapter 1 . 4/17
That was a fun little chapter!
Pyejammies chapter 6 . 1/15
Worth the cold run to the hot tub.
Midnight Cougar chapter 12 . 1/3
I read all these little Christmas treats over the holiday, and really enjoyed them all. Loved the diversity of the stories and how you incorporated the theme.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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