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Guest chapter 1 . 9/24
Great story! Hope u updates it
Not Signed In chapter 1 . 7/14
This is very well done. An excellently constructed story with great characters. I honestly don't usually like anything that uses flashbacks, but the way you've used them here actually adds to the story IMO rather than taking away from it.

I look forward to reading more as you have time to write.

Emily4567 chapter 1 . 5/27
Love the story. When’s the next update?
secretlyeden chapter 3 . 11/24/2017
This. I don't have words. I just sat here for a solid ten minutes trying to put into words how thoroughly amazing this is. It was a heavy chapter, it wrenched my heart more than once, but I also loved it.

The way you explain Laurel's anxiety and depression was so real, and raw. As someone who suffers from anxiety I felt like you totally nailed that side, "A constant and embarrassing display of fragility." It's weird to say I loved how you explained anxiety and depression, but I did, I loved it, because it was honesty and vulnerable and such an integral part of who Laurel is.

Also thank you, for actually taking the time to fully explain Laurel's substance abuse, I always found it highly frustrating how the show just threw her into alcoholism after Tommy's death and pretending like it was a brand new problem and coping mechanism. The way you explained Laurel's 'trigger' how she just saw her parents look at Sara and knew she didn't have that, I cried, so well done.

Grandma Drake, is the grandmother we all wish we had. I finished that flashback and I wanted to go find her, pour her some tea and make her give me her wisdom and advice on life.

Of course Dean knows what to do when someone has a seizure, of course he jumps to action even when his newly revived wife is seizing on the ground because that's who he is, doesn't freeze under pressure, always has the most tactical head in the room, but it was nice to see it in stark contrast to a room full of 'heroes' who froze up and couldn't wrap their heads around what was happening in front of them. Top that with Dean's annoyed narrative about how Sara runs, Oliver is a narrow sighted and condescending and Felicity cannot stop rambling to save her life and I feel like you completely nailed Dean Winchester's voice in this chapter. You always have such a good bead on Dean's voice but this chapter especially made me feel like you captured him with your words.

Also let me just say that I love Thea in this. There are times when watching Arrow that I have loved Thea but never as much as I love her here.

That ending though. Laurel has the canary cry. Did Grandma Drake know about this? I feel like she laid out some serious foreshadowing there. I can't wait to see what chaos and emotionally charged standoffs this bring us now.
secretlyeden chapter 2 . 11/11/2017
Holy moly this was great.

I’ll be totally honest, child birth freaks me out so I was really nervous when I started reading this chapter and realized it was the post birth aftermath. But. You did a marvelous job with it, it was so raw and honest, I felt like I was right there with them experiencing the confusing mix of joy and pain and exhaustion of new parenthood. And new daddy Dean was just a marvelous breath of fresh air, you conveyed him so well, his need to care for both Laurel and Mary while not being entirely sure what he’s doing. It was great. I loved that their birth story wasn’t perfect, it was so like Laurel to have a to the letter birth plan and need to control her environment so precisely but of course nothing ever goes exactly like she plans it, it was so very in character. But the love she had for Mary was so clear, so tangible right from the beginning.

The juxtaposition of Laurel waking after childbirth and then waking after clawing her way out of her grave did something to me. In the first she was fighting for Mary’s life and in the second she was fighting for her own and it just made my heart ache for her, why can’t something be easy for Laurel? Dean being there with her trying to care for her was heart wrenching, “Sweetheart I’m with you, are you still with me?” Break my heart why don’t you? But at least Laurel has Dean, the one person who can relate to being pulled from the grave. And him barking at Sam and Castiel to get out, so great and so true to character for all of them.

Also I feel like after the short version here I need a full fic about vengeful Dean tracking down Darhk and putting him down. Full on avenging angel. “I made him beg for his” Yeah, see I need that in my life.

“Where else would I have been.” Stahp. You are breaking my heart into a million tiny little pieces. But then you made up for it with that perfectly Dean and Laurel memory about the wedding dress and their wedding. I loved it because it just completely embodied how normal they can be despite how very un-normal their lives are.

I think the thing I loved most about this chapter were the small snapshots of their old normal lives that seeped through. Like how Laurel knew to scratch Dean’s stubble, and the way Castiel hugged her and then had no idea what else to do, and the fact that bacon and scrambled eggs were a regular occurrence in their home, that ‘Auntie Thea’ keeps pretty band aids in her purse. The small fleeting moments were just so well done.

I am not an Oliver Queen fan, I’m just not. But you somehow made me at least feel bad for him. Despite his complete inability to see the impact he has on others, he loved Laurel, and that is at least slightly redeeming. But the confrontation between Dean and Oliver, that is the stuff I live for, it was so great. I’ll be real I re-read it because it was just that good, it had me cheering Dean and his verbal take down on.

So beautifully done, the way you wrapped all of the heartache, love, fear, bitterness, and hope together in one raw package. I loved it.
everythingwillbeperfect chapter 4 . 9/25/2017
Great going.. loved the update after waiting for so long! Waiting for next one already
secretlyeden chapter 1 . 9/21/2017
Way to break my heart into a hundred tiny pieces. That was beautiful, painful, so so honest to them and a pleasure to read.

I can practically feel how tired Dean is throughout this, and yet it's a different weight than the 'weight of the world' type that he normally carries. You've done a beautiful job of showing just how hard Dean is trying to make everyone good and right and normal for Mary while still slogging through grief, and single parenthood and just how heavy a normal life can be.

The moment Dean realizes Mary will forget Laurel's heartbeat actually made me cry. How perfectly tragic. And the off hand reference to how all of Laurel's essential oils just sat on their night stand a constant reminder of what was lost... heart wrenching.

Even though I knew Laurel was coming back, I was not prepared for it. So many shows have done it, coming back from the dead, waking up in your own grave, but you nailed it. The haziness, the confusion the physical pain. Excellent.

So. Good.
doraemax chapter 1 . 9/12/2017
you made me cry cupful of tears... darn you good writer. T_T
toLockAHeart chapter 4 . 9/12/2017
Oh my gosh, I loved this chapter! The angst, the fluff. The banter between the characters and their chemistry (and can I take a moment to melt into a puddle over how adorable the whole Dean-Laurel-Thea dynamic and I will now never be able to stop thinking of Dean and Laurel as Thea’s Mom and Dad). This was so beautiful, and yes, the length of the chapter more than makes up for any “length since the last update.” (Honestly, with work this good if you need a year, take it. You don’t have to bless us with this amazing work and yet you do. Writing and publishing is all we as readers could ever ask of you, but its not up to us when. The fact that you have consistently produced such good work is a treat for us.) And I hope your year is starting to look better now. Thank you so much for making my night with this chapter. Honestly, I did a little happy dance when I read the notification. I’ve been sick recently and this made me feel a lot better.
DullReign82 chapter 1 . 9/12/2017
I bawled like a baby whole way through this first chapter and I kind of hate you for that but I also love it as well.
toLockAHeart chapter 3 . 6/19/2017
Wow. I am just breathless. You craft this story so well, I just couldn't take my eyes off the screen. Your imagery, characterization, just, wow. There's not really a good way to describe this fic because it seems so effortless and beautiful. But the labor and the love so clearly show. It's clear that you understand these characters, not just from the way you write them but how you make them think, feel, the things they say. It just flows so well I honestly could imagine it weaving in effortlessly with canon. Absolutely incredible work, I will very patiently wait for the next installment. I still think a part of me is in shock from the first part of the chapter (so well written, thought out, etc.). I could probably keep babbling about how well you did, but I think the only word I really need to sum it up is: Wow
Guest chapter 3 . 6/4/2017
Lots of heavy stuff and then we get to the witches...

Lots of choice in that group, either from Supernatural or from DC itself.

As per usual, you deliver great, yet gut-punching stuff. I look forward to each new chapter, yet, at the same time, dread each new one, knowing you'll be putting the reader through the wringer just as much as your characters.
Ghostrider chapter 2 . 4/2/2017
This is an intense story. All these emotions running through everyone. All the heartbreak, from the merely mundane (Mary's illness) all the way to Laurel's return and everything in between. Even at the end there, the realisation of how even the people who love her, have hurt her so badly. Her father in his drunken ramblings. Oliver, in his self-righteous mood.

Who is this? Is this really this universe's Laurel? Or is this another universe's? One who has lived the same life but who, at the moment of her dying, was somehow transported over? If the former, what or whom 'reanimated' her? Too many questions, but all of them, have frightening connotations. Especially since we are in a world where Supernatural is actually a real thing.

I hope you'll continue this story.
Illyriarocks chapter 2 . 3/29/2017
-flails into the next seven dimensions-


I have so many Emotions(tm) about this chapter! I loved your more-in-depth portrayal of Laurel's disassociation and trauma that we glimpsed at the end of chapter one! Her being unable to sleep since the darkness of her bedroom reminds her of the grave! :'( NBD, just sobbing over here.

That Oliver POV scene/flashback! I did not expect YOU to give me intense af Lauriver emotions! -clutches chest-

Sara is Laurel's trigger! See now I'm having Canary Sister feels and it's all your fault lol. You have murdered me like three times now. You are my executioner and I adore you for it.

I am sooooo excited for chapter 3 and to be murdered again by DL EMOTIONS!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/11/2017
Holy crap! I just wanna say that was freakin amazing! You had me crying tears of sadness then crying tears of joy! good job!
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