Reviews for Fixing a Family
CGBelieveinnargles chapter 56 . 10/9
This was a wonderful story! I read the other stories as well! I am very glad that you mentioned writing a story about Bryon and Lia: I know that I am not the only one who will have withdrawal symptoms if we leave this family now!
Here is what I think should be touched on in the next addition to the story. Severus Snape is a genius potions master and the details of the potion cure were too few. I mean, would he really allow a 14 year old and Hermione to create a cure and then just take it without knowing what it really was and why it would work? or why it was so special that none of the qualified people in St. Mungo’s or otherwise were unable to come up with the idea?
I am a nurse and it just doesn’t seem realistic that Severus barely batted an eye at the potion cure. If it were me I would ask myself, “How long is this potion or cure going to last?”
Secondly, Severus is suffering over missing the earlier parts of life with his family. Making it hard or slower for him to bond and feel a part of their live’s. Why on earth would they not all go to the penseivespelling?) in the headmistress’s office to fill in some of the gaps? Severus and Hermione are both brilliant and would have thought of this.
I think covering these two points in your next story, somehow, would make the story more realistic.
And what about Eloise?
Besides these two loose threads, I love the story! Thanks!0
RuyahBel chapter 56 . 8/4
I had never completed your story! I belive that i may have begin it when it was been written. . I laughed, cried,felt real emotional connection to it. Thank you.
HermioneSnape1983 chapter 50 . 5/25
I thought apparition was not allowed during pregnancy?
HermioneSnape1983 chapter 49 . 5/25
Wait a minute I thought she had to clean her room of her stuff like she told Severus and what of her getting the stuff she did pack?stuff?
HermioneSnape1983 chapter 47 . 5/25
if she is pregnant now in bring in back in time then surely is with baby Bryan and not his baby sister ? Since he was born before his baby sister
HermioneSnape1983 chapter 39 . 5/25
No Silencio or locking spells since anyone could hear and walk in on the having sex in the classroom
HermioneSnape1983 chapter 38 . 5/25
Silencio?what happened to the original 19 year old hermione granger ?
HermioneSnape1983 chapter 35 . 5/24
Who is the 19 year old hermione was 43 when Severus died
HermioneSnape1983 chapter 33 . 5/24
So the first time this Severus and Hermione have sex is when she isn’t even as hermione ? Oh my god
HermioneSnape1983 chapter 32 . 5/24
Her 19;year old self is a virgin so her body won’t be used to rough sex
HermioneSnape1983 chapter 31 . 5/24
Doesn’t he wear trousers as well as robes?
HermioneSnape1983 chapter 30 . 5/24
What if they heal thus version of Severus and go to the future again and Severus will be still alive healed?
HermioneSnape1983 chapter 28 . 5/24
If hermione goes with Bryan then won’t Severus be upset because she was going with Bryan and not sure more so when hermione said she won’t go with anyone if she can go with Severus
HermioneSnape1983 chapter 28 . 5/24
How can roman mum not be fluent in German as roman mum is German according to Severus?
HermioneSnape1983 chapter 27 . 5/24
Isn’t Severus wonder who the baby ?where did Draco go and roman go? Out the door or Draco room?
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