Reviews for Burning the Primrose Path
ncsupnatfan chapter 27 . 18h
Well he told Jess a little but not a lot. Maybe she'll be appeased for now. Is Sam going to start having visions and see Jess burning on the ceiling? NC
MicheleChadwick chapter 27 . 4/16
Sam’s life was full of waiting as a child, full of loneliness and not knowing where he belonged. I love that you capture here the affect it all had on him, how it stains him with sadness. He needs Jesses gentle love and understanding, and time so much time. It breaks my heart he never got enough time, he was shown something and then has it ripped away from him. To know those things and start to believe only to have it enevitably ripped away and burned. It’s evil!

shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod chapter 27 . 4/15
This is killlliiinnnggggg me in the best and worst of ways. The fact that Sam can finally open up to someone, but is struggling a bit in doing so, is so very true to his character and you have absolutely nailed it.
FluffyGlitterPantsDragon chapter 27 . 4/15
Oh No.
FluffyGlitterPantsDragon chapter 26 . 4/15
Yay, awesome conversations. also, FF decided to display an ad for fixing bunions at the bottom of the page.
Domino Darkwolf chapter 27 . 4/15
Holy shit. That was an amazing chapter. The angst and Demon Brady being Demon Brady (of course he’s thinking about bj’s). God I love how perfect Jess is. So patient and kind. And I love that Sam felt like he was allowed to open up a little bit to her. And those end lines about life never being kind to a Winchester. Killer.

Also, screw you for making me feel things about Jess and therefore making her death ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING. Jerk. ;)
MicheleChadwick chapter 26 . 4/4
I love the sweet normality of Sam and Jess hanging out in his dorm with him painting his nails. His snarky comment about painting Deans toes, almost as if he’s forgotten that Deans not there and is still trying to get a rise out of him.
I like the parallel between Dean and Jess, both of them being fun and slightly irresponsible. I think there would be undercurrents of that, since Dean was the closest thing to a mother Sam had.

“I’ve never been happy before” ugh clutches heart and whimpers a little ... owch, awwww ... perfect!

A girls family is important to her so of course he’s gotta go home and meet the parents ...
Domino Darkwolf chapter 26 . 4/4
Holy shit. I loved this chapter. The description of Sam being a stranger in Girl Land was killer. And how much he loves Jess. Your vision of them is perfect. They are such a beautiful couple it hurts because we all know what’s going to happen.
jmr27 chapter 26 . 4/4
Oh, meet the parents? Should be fun.
Guest chapter 25 . 4/4
You an Brady aren't people? Nice line! I feel the story is slowing down a bit now that Jess and Sam are together, though. Have you got any new road bumps in store?
ncsupnatfan chapter 26 . 4/4
Meeting the parents...Is something going to go wrong or just a nice family time? I'm sure Brady will have something up his sleeve. By chance will he bump into Dean who's on a hunt? NC
ncsupnatfan chapter 25 . 4/4
Sorry took so long to review. So Sam is under Jess's spell and just wondering what Brady has in mind. NC
tyrsibs chapter 26 . 4/3
Ah, cool, so it's meet the parents time? Can't wait!
shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod chapter 26 . 4/3
They. Are. So. Freaking. Cuteeeeeeeeee oh my gosh. Like he says, she makes him so happy and just aaaaahhhh sorry I don't have anything more coherent to say ;)
melken chapter 26 . 4/3
Love, love, love, love! Sam Winchester paints toenails-I love both of them even more for this. You really show all of his emotions-how he's blissed out with Jess, but also a little afraid to trust it, and maybe a little sad to realize he's never truly been happy before. His reluctance to let her in and tell her about his family; his fear of meeting hers and making a bad impression . . . Sam's always got so much going on inside, and you give a glimpse into that beautifully.
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