Reviews for Burning the Primrose Path
redlite chapter 37 . 8/25
It was really good! Thanks for writing. You know, with Jack and everything going on in the 13th season, I keep wondering what ever happened to the antichrist, the kid who could make anything he imagined happen. Maybe there's a plot bunny there...?
Domino Darkwolf chapter 37 . 8/24
A perfect finale to a fan-fucking-tastic story! I love how you started and ended with YED POV. All of your characters were spot on, and you filled Jess’s character out for us so beautifully and perfectly. This reads like Kripke approved/canon chronology. Half the time I was reading this I forgot it’s “just” fan fiction. (Which proves that sometimes “just fan fiction” can sometimes be better than the rectconned real thing.)

Looking forward to your next work(s)! MORE PAIN PLEASE!
Linnie McCary chapter 37 . 8/23
"The picture of heroes, really."

Oh, yes! That line actually gave me a delightful shiver!

So, brava, and thanks very much for sharing!
Linnie McCary chapter 34 . 8/23
Such a lovely chilling end to this chapter!
Linnie McCary chapter 32 . 8/23
Well done, having Sam check the wiring and throwing away the candle, sufficiently bothered by his nightmare to try to keep Jess as safe as possible. I've read a ton of SPN fanfic through the years, and don't believe I've ever read one that even touched on Sam's care for her like this, with the detail of him looking for safety issues in the apartment. (That doesn't sound very romantic, but it is, and it actually is very much within Sam's character-he's acting on his worry, and he's practical.) Maybe there are hundreds of similar fics out there, amongst the many that focus on Sam's life at Stanford (which is not Ivy League, btw), but I'll still give you kudos for the creativity!
waitingforAslan chapter 37 . 8/23
Loved your story and enjoyed seeing this scene through Azazel's eyes with his evil perspective, seeing humans as weak and love as annoying. I like how you compared Sam with John in processing this horrific loss. "If only he'd known what he was running toward" - great line, chilling as Azazel thinks of demon armies, Lucifer, and the brothers crumbling under the pressure that was headed their way. That line also applies to the story as we got to see so many details of Sam and Jess's life together, they naively enjoying their happiness while we readers painfully knew what was coming. Cool image of Dean breaking first like a thoroughbred snapping a leg. It's an image of strength and power and beauty, effectiveness and artistry and athleticism, yet with one weak point: Dean of course debilitated with grief at Sam's untimely death and choosing to sell his soul for his brother.

Thanks for sharing this story with us!
tyrsibs chapter 37 . 8/23
I haven't posted each chapter, but I have really enjoyed this story, heartbreaking as it is! Thank you for writing it.
Linnie McCary chapter 10 . 8/23
Excellent work with the potential texts!
Linnie McCary chapter 9 . 8/23
Loved the comparison and relationship of Dean as dandelion and Sam's psyche as concrete...well done!
MicheleChadwick chapter 37 . 8/22
Wow! Long journey and now it’s over I feel bereft.
I love that you made the end the beginning. The descriptions of Sam being manipulated down the track wearing blinders is really powerful.
My vote is for a fic about Dean taking Sam to a certain motel in Tonopah.
ncsupnatfan chapter 37 . 8/22
Good chapter and sad to see it end. Will there be another? NC
FluffyGlitterPantsDragon chapter 37 . 8/22
damn, that was good. I adore that ended it with 'the beginning'. I've got chills.
shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod chapter 37 . 8/21
First off, I can't believe this is done now, it's been going on so long it'll be strange to not see alerts for updates! On a more serious note, I love what you did with it. You built up so much and made Sam and Jess's relationship mean so much, even though we all knew where it was headed. Brady was downright freaky, as he should be, and same with Azazel. This definitely deserves a reread when I can find the time, I loved reading it *even though it broke my heart quite a bit thanks to Sam and Jess's added cuteness and perfection and how I wanted them to avoid this fiery ending all together*. Amazing job :)
Astronema2345 chapter 37 . 8/21
Could you do a story where Sam is kidnapped by Asmodeus to be used as bait for Jack?
redlite chapter 36 . 8/21
Oh wow, really good! I mean, horrible emotions, but you wrote it really well.
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