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A fan chapter 11 . 2/13
Please update soon! I've been on the edge of my seat, and I'm sure I'm not the only one! I want to see how Mr. and Mrs. Pines react to Dipper! Not to mention the townsfolk...
Theory of Weirdness chapter 11 . 11/1/2020
So I know I already left a review on this, but I feel it deserves another one, because if ever an unfinished story deserved a conclusion, it's this one. Your finale was just as epic as the one Alex Hirsch gave us, and it's too bad they're incompatible, because amazing though your writing may be, it really can't do this climax justice. I think this story would work pretty well as a movie screenplay, as that climax is deserving of an IMAX-sized screen. I don't usually go to the movies, but if this were released as one, I'd be there on opening night.
This is one of the best-written fanfictions I've ever read, to which only a few others can compare in terms of being true Masterpieces (yes, that capital letter is on purpose) that deserve to be far more than fanfiction. If you've read any of these, I'm sure you'd agree:
- All The World's A Toybox, by Straightjacketed (though I"m not sure I'd want to see a lot of the stuff in here; it was bad enough in my imagination and would be quite thoroughly R-rated as a movie, just because the author writes a full-power Bill Cipher VERY convincingly)
- Gravity Galaxy, by jawmax (Your story leaned hard into the fantasy aspects of Gravity Falls. This one leans even harder into the sci-fi, and is just as epically awesome.)
- Forest of Daggers, by CodyLabs (Also leans really hard into the sci-fi, with alien robots, Shapeshifters, and time-travel, oh my!)
- The Doppelganger Trilogy, by The Wolfess (A post-Twilight Princess Legend of Zelda sequel that reads like the best of high fantasy epics. Think Lord of the Rings, but also Zelda at the same time.)
- Gravity Falls: Once More, by Absolute Rift (A Gravity Falls Second Summer sequel that's so much like the show, it will make you think Alex Hirsch wrote it himself)
The only thing keeping your story from truly joining their ranks is that it's still not finished. I don't know if you're still writing fanfiction on this site or not, but I'm sure lots of people would greatly appreciate this story getting the conclusion it so thoroughly deserves after that breathtakingly cinematic climax.
Theory of Weirdness chapter 1 . 10/15/2020
By the way, that last (very long) review was mine from before I had an account on this site. Though your climax is amazing, it doesn't feel like this story is finished. I'd like to see another chapter where the parents get there and have to deal with their son now being a half-deer nature spirit demigod.
Guest chapter 11 . 9/1/2020
I really enjoyed this story. In my opinion, it's one of the most fleshed out and well written variants on the Monster Falls AU that I've ever seen. Only one other that I've read really compares (DeerperFalls, which I believe you mentioned as an inspiration for this), though personally I like yours better.
That's why I'd really like to see the conclusion of this story. Obviously, Weirdmaggedon isn't going to happen anytime soon, though I doubt Bill's actually gone for good; "banished to the Void" sounds to me like "banished back to the Nightmare Realm so he'd have to be summoned again", which makes sense as even as a crazy nature spirit demigod thing or whatever, I highly doubt Dipper is strong enough to destroy Bill permanently. You said anything after this would just be "falling action and denoument", and I'd like to see that.
How will Dipper and Mabel's parents react to everything? Not just their son being reborn as a mythological creature with incredible power, but all the other Gravity Falls stuff that had happened up to this point? What is Dipper going to do now? I can think of a few potential ideas for that. He could stay in Gravity Falls as a sort of guardian (maybe his parents and Mabel would move there?), or roam around the world in a similar role, gaining greater mastery over his magic, and of course there's potential for lots of adventures in either of those cases. Or maybe he learns some kind of magic to disguise himself (glamours are pretty common for elves and faeries and such in mythology and fantasy, so that seems like something he could probably do), and goes back to California for a while, perhaps with both Mabel and him returning to Gravity Falls after high school or something.
There are lots of ways this could go, and I'm sure you have even more (and better) ideas than I do, but a climax as epic as this cannot go unfinished!
green turtle chapter 11 . 5/6/2020
this is AWESOME! there's just no other way to describe it. i wish there was another chapter to sum it up a little better. (or i'm just being a nerd who likes to read and doesn't want this to end ;) thank you so much. this took me about 1-2 hours to read all the chapters but it was worth it! thank you so much!
Smile chapter 11 . 9/25/2019
Your writing is amazing, and unique in one word.

I was wondering if there is any possibility that you continue the wonderful story "snow Raven" ? The characters and everything us absolutely beautiful.

I hope you get better soon

I would be happy to see an answer

My Gmail: shinelilac3 at Gmail dot com

With best wishes for you
Jake Day-Rea chapter 11 . 9/6/2019
very nice can't wait for the next chapter
Stellunas chapter 11 . 5/11/2019
When this one day hopefully updates, I won’t be able to believe it. Because this has been inactive for so long, like your profile, all of your readers are stating to lose hope that you’ll ever update again. Please update your profile, give another chapter, a note, anything to prove you’re alive, assuming you are. We’d all love to see more. I especially want to see the reactions of Amy and Aaron to their now deer-taur son.

Please update soon.
Framework chapter 2 . 4/22/2019
Please come back to this.
Framework chapter 2 . 4/22/2019
Please come back to this.
Guest chapter 11 . 12/26/2018
Uuugggh been rereading this since the beginning of the year waiting for chapter 12 it’s just so good... blarrrgg it’s always the good ones that don’t get a proper ending either way thanks for writing this at’s hard finding good stories like these so thank you for that but can we have, if you see this, a Drabble of the parents at least?
Guest chapter 11 . 10/20/2018
It’s been a couple years please I need thissssssss if senpie notices me please do even a small Drabble of an ending or just parents reaction I’ve been wondering about that for a while hope you aren’t dead

(Joke(laugh now please)(help))
eeveemaster chapter 11 . 10/18/2018
that...was the best fanfic I read in a long time...just wow. love how you made dipper turn star-like and powerful. the L on my keyboard is sticking...
Caori chapter 11 . 9/16/2018
Hi! Um, I promised myself I’d never bother you with this but...
Are you ever gonna continue this story? It’s totally fine if you don’t want to work on it anymore, I just hope nothing bad happened!
CheetahHorn5 chapter 11 . 9/15/2018
Please continue this! It’s really good, and there are still some arcs to wrap up.
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