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Tsunamijackson chapter 4 . 6/7
I don't use an account so.. but here you go. Also, I'm borrowing the delightful Glorie twins from Feste the Fool. I certainly don't own them.
The servant burst through the door of the great dining hall. Arthur stood, waiting for the servant to address him. 'Whenever something out of the ordinary occurred,' mused Arthur, 'it always manages to interrupt my dinner.'
The servant hastily bowed, "There's been a bit of a ..development in the courtyard, side."
"Is it pressing? Or may it wait until we have finished dining."
"I- I don't really know, sire. They just sort of -appeared," the poor servant waved his hands with a dazed bewildered manner.
Arthur heaved a sigh, 'it was always pressing.' "Very well then. Kai, nephew, with me please." Even though the only ones he requested were his brother and Gawain. Gawain's squire was a given and the rest of the court followed, voices speculating in a hushed clamor.
Arthur stepped into the courtyard and froze. This was what they called him from his supper for? A ring of gossiping spectators had formed around three arguing girls. Very young girls at that. The oldest could not have been older than thirteen. The younger two appeared to be ganging up on her, their flaming red hair appearing to shine ever brighter in proportion to their growing anger. Arthur shook his head and stepped forward once again. Since he was already dragged away from his dinner, he might as well try to sort out whatever mess had seen fit to situate itself in his courtyard. As his steps carried him closer, snippets of the argument began to reach his ears.
"You said you had done it before! That it would be perfectly safe and that no one would ever notice us! Well guess what? They've bloody well noticed us now!"
"I don't understand," the dark haired girl huffed frustratedly, her shoulders hunching up as she took a defensive step back from the furious redheads. "I've done this dozens of times. What could've possibly gone wrong?!"
"Well whatever happened, you better know how to fix it.. or learn fast!" The other redhead, or was it the first one, retorted. Arthur noted absently that that anger seemed oddly familiar.
"How am I supposed to do that when I didn't even know what went wrong!" One of the redhead's hair seemed to raise, the tense lines of her small body broadcasting her anger. Arthur considered that it was probably about time to intervene before anyone got her. The particularly furious redhead gave the impression that she could pack quite the punch and had no qualms about resorting to such drastic measures.
Before he could do much as open his mouth, he spied his nephew's squire moving calmly toward the quarrel. Arthur threw his nephew a look but Gawain seemed to be trying to make himself disappear.
"Ariel, what mishap have you fallen into this time?" Terence seemed distinctly amused. The three girls turned to him. "TERENCE!" she cried relief instantly smoothing her features. "Uncle Terence, take us home." One redhead(he really needed a better way to refer to them- preferably names) demanded. The other simply lifted her arms in a silent plea to be carried. Terence swung her on to his hip, "Are you okay, Brigid? Lorie told me you weren't feeling well. And, Lottie?" He waited until he was sure she was focused on him. "Language."
Lottie grinned unrepentantly up at him, apparently satisfied now that she was with someone familiar. She peered around her uncle (uncle- UNCLE?) curiously. "Where's dad?" Her eyes stopped their scanning and she smiled, "Dad!" Arthur followed her gaze straight to-his nephew. Somehow, he wasn't even surprised anymore. Gawain shifted and cast a sheepish glance at his king. Arthur raised an eyebrow. Gawain shifted again. Behind him, he could hear Terence begin to chuckle. Gawain flushed, "Stop laughing, Terence! I won't be the only one having some explaining to do!"
"Ah, you're not wrong," Arthur could hear the lingering grin in Terence's voice, "But then again, the king's not MY uncle, milord."
Guest chapter 3 . 1/25
Candle-lit Dreams chapter 2 . 7/22/2017
Oh, those two one-shots were delightful! I've always loved the Squire's Tales books. I only wish there were more stories here on fanfic . net. I have to agree with the other reviewers, I love stories where Terence's other identities/titles are revealed. I eagerly await your next post!
Nutmeg Loves Books chapter 2 . 4/17/2017
This... was... hilarious! I always love the ones where Terence gets ousted in front of the entire court. :) I'll be watching for you to post again sometime.
Keep writing! ~Meg
Searchingforangels chapter 1 . 3/14/2017
Funny to sad in not particularly long. This was really well-written, and encapsulates something about how the mortal world, to Gawain and Terence, is no longer quite home.
On a happier note, someone else is writing Squire's Tales stuff, and really good stuff to boot! You've got yourself a happy follower.
(Somehow I thought this review was already posted? And then it's not, but it's still saved on my computer? Anyways, posting now.)
Searchingforangels chapter 2 . 3/8/2017
Ah. Awkward gold. And you put in that hint of melancholy and nobility that you can sometimes see in Terence if you turn around quickly enough. I'm really loving the way you write these oneshots.
Guest chapter 2 . 1/3/2017
Please keep this up:)
marylou chapter 2 . 1/1/2017
Oh, this is great! I just love Robin!