Reviews for Harry Potter and the Classification Potion
Kezerwan chapter 71 . 11/12
Thank you soooooo soooo much for another chspter but i need to talk to you my email is
anonymous.rapbird chapter 7 . 11/12
You tell em girl/boy I don't see dem trying to write something n I love your story
irishvictoria.2005 chapter 1 . 11/7
Om good writer! I wish I was as good.
fmab2424 chapter 5 . 11/1
So far it's amazing! I've been searching for a story like this! Can't wait to keep reading!
hakumaichi chapter 3 . 10/31
...I don't get it can someone explain what is a little or all these names the story's talking about?!
Guest chapter 71 . 10/26
I really hope you update soon. This story is really good!
Saggyherman chapter 71 . 10/26
Fab ;)
Stacey's Universe chapter 71 . 10/22
Just wanted to say how much I loved the chapter... How normal harry is still in there's somewhere and he's not gonna be stuck in 'little land' 24/7...
Also wanted to say I'm glad you managed to settle into your new school and if there was also a road block in there, I'm glad you got over that too :-)
dgtrekie chapter 24 . 10/18
I Find this story very enjoyable. In fact I am in the process of rereading it. While reading chapter 24 I started asking myself a question. Why would Professor Snape a potion master listen to someone else about the use of a potion especially one that he would be using on his little.
SailorAkameLestrange87 chapter 71 . 10/16
You should do one where Harry gets lost somewhere crowded.
darkpheonix31 chapter 71 . 10/16
So this is both an interesting concept and an incredibly sad one. On the one hand i can see the comfort that must come from knowing that someone will always love and take care of you, especially when they never had the opportunity to have had a childhood the first time. On the other, it is sad that there is never any growth or development. Harry is an adult, worse he is an adult that remembers what is like to be able to take care of himself and now is completely dependent on others. Worse of all is the is the fact that all of his decisions are overridden because he is a 'little' with anyone that disagrees with his behavior apparently free to spank him. Any time he doesn't want to something he is seen as throwing a tantrum. Has he lost all free though? Or do people just have no regard for his opinions, because it seemed more the latter.
He seems to have the ability to be potty trained as he knew to get the diaper off but Snape refuses and then makes him soil himself, making to possible for literally anyone else to take off the diaper but Harry. And his reasoning? Because he knew Harry would be uncomfortable with it so he would force him to ask for help.
I admit i don't quite understand the "headspace" concept, can Harry control it or does he needs Snape's permission and the man never allowed it- even though Harry has brought up a desire to be a 'big boy' numerous times. You mentioned in an earlier chapter that Harry would remain at an age of about 2.5 years but then later mentioned him being especially 'little' or other times not as much so i wasn't quite sure how it all worked.
I think i would have liled to see Harry on days when he wasn't little. Is is allowed to do magic? Is he free to anything a normal teenager would? Hoe does he feel about being a little and needing a nappy and bottle when fully mature?
You mentioned that littles could have jobs and have adult responsibilities so i think i could see this as more of a positive if Harry regressed for comfort needs or of his own violition instead it kind of reads like a disease that he's afflicted with that everyone else either finds cute or as a means to manipulate him. You are a good writer and you built a solid story but overall its so hard to see a boy that was so proud and independent become someone so regressed
mizzrazz72 chapter 71 . 10/16
Something must be done about Ron.
krosi chapter 71 . 10/16
How sweet! It’s good to see some growth in Harry and a bit of his old self. Hopefully he can make up with Ron on one of those big days. But now he has a new problem - what will Daddy let him call him on those big days!? Oh, Harry, he is sweet!
Stacey's Universe chapter 70 . 10/3
Just wondering if there were gonna be anymore updates for this or if it's been abandoned?
I have a suggestion or two for ideas you could add in if you're stuck
Petting zoo... Learning to swim... Baking cookies... Or in general... I used to love baking with my granny when I was little :-)
Guest chapter 58 . 10/1
Oh poor Harry! I feel you baby boy! I've been sick with nasty virus for a week now and if I could I'd take a potion to cure myself! It's itchy business!
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