Reviews for The Doctor Is In
Quintain Apprentince of Alduin chapter 32 . 10/17
To be fair, I can see why Tevos is being a bit hesitant to help and take the word of a TimeLord at face value.

Since she is convinced the Timelords mean harm, and knowing their intelligence, she probably thinks the Timelords intend to weaken the Milky Milky Way species before invading.

One thing that annoys me is the whole "by all reports" "by YOUR reports" exchange. It really feels like it was put in the game to create false conflict. I mean, I counted four or five Sovereign-Class Reapers on Menae and around Palaven, yet in one city alone on Earth, there was ten to fifteen Sovereign Class Reapers.

I'm pretty sure that counts as "taking the brunt of the attack."
anon95 chapter 5 . 10/17
I've beaten Mass Effect 2 over eight times, the fact that you are rehashing the same story from the game chapter over chapter makes this story VERY boring to read. The only reason I've continued is because I like the doctor and his tid bits, were mildly interesting.

If you are wondering why people don't continue to read your story, it's because of this boring shit.
dekuton chapter 30 . 10/11
ashley makes far more sense then random child #2389 that me 3 used. the game should have hearkened back to that choice and used the dead squadmate. along with any other dead teammates from 1 and 2. like wrex and anybody who died in the suicide mission. would have been more heart wrenching. well done doing it here
Quintain Apprentince of Alduin chapter 30 . 10/11
Changing the Reapers Origins? Or just making them seem a bit less... Confusing?
Ormazd chapter 28 . 10/8
Finally someone with a story worth reading updated. I've been waiting for you and 38 other authors to update for more than a month.
Quintain Apprentince of Alduin chapter 27 . 7/19
Human, you've changed nothing. Your species has the attention of those infinately your greater. That which you know as Reapers are your salvation through destruction.
Guest chapter 27 . 7/19
Uh oh!
But he shouldn't go to the Collector base alone.
After all Shepard is going launch the suicide mission to the Omega 4 relay now right?
dekuton chapter 27 . 7/19
oh...oh wow. raging doctor can destroy whole star systems. collectors are boned. so very boned
Tsukikageshi chapter 26 . 7/17
Not bad. integrated well overall as a crossover. i like it. wish you'd continue.
Guest chapter 25 . 6/17
Aww man!
You skipped the Omega-4 Relay mission!
No fair! Not cool!
dekuton chapter 25 . 5/11
not a fan of the river revelation...kinda invalidates the ponds and theyre my absolute favorite companions of the doctor. its...disapointing even if i understand your reasoning. good chapter otherwise tho
Anonymous chapter 25 . 4/28
Well wibbly wobbly timey whimey. Very good.
lautaro94 chapter 24 . 4/24
well good chapter but a tardis is not affected by black holes the tenth doctor said that the time lords basically invented them.
dekuton chapter 23 . 4/20
nice full blown Stanley parable paraody. well done that.
Guest chapter 21 . 4/18
We may have never had a Doctor Who's granddaughter associated story, Since the new era does/has not ever mentioned her if at all saddening really.
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