Reviews for Fairytales
aestheticedits5813 chapter 33 . 8/14
This is exciting!
WriterchickRuby chapter 33 . 8/14
Bad form too leave us hanging! This reeks of Neal...
Guest chapter 33 . 8/14
I don’t even know what i’m suppose to do with this cliffhanger. Things started off great, plans were being discussed, and then BAM...some super secret call to Emma. Where is next week?
princesseslikepirates chapter 33 . 8/14
Oh, no! I can't believe you stop there! :O

But, I'm glad they talked about their living arrangements. :D
WriterchickRuby chapter 15 . 8/14
The way you write Ruby and Emma reminds me of a (no longer) good friend of mine and me! I remember this time she walled into a store and asked a guy's number because I thought he was cute (little did we know he worked together with his G-friend) I dagged my friend out of the store by her hair :'D long story short, I love how you write them!
Taino Delsan13 chapter 33 . 8/13
Oh damn did Emma got shot or she shot someone?
Did the guys that call shot someone and blame her? And why would she go somewhere by herself even if storybook no body safe anywhere anymore.
Good chapter gracias for updating
Luna chapter 33 . 8/13
Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! Emmaaaaaa! I’m so worried for her! What will I do for a whole week as I wait? Who will find her? Oh poor Killian when he finds out! He always worries about her and her job but she usually shrugs it off since she’s a small town sheriff! Poor poor Killian when he finds out! Is he going to fly in? Will Robin come with him? I need that next update. Great job at the suspense! My heart was racing!
Alexa chapter 33 . 8/13
OMG! Everything was going so well for them something was bound to ruin it but I wasn't expecting that! Hope Emma is alright!
Zaxamali chapter 33 . 8/13
Oh you meanie! You can't leave it like that! Lol

I wonder how long it'll take for Emma to move to Vancouver!
ekr1989 chapter 33 . 8/13
Omg no! How are we to wait a week a week! Woman! Ahhhhhhhh
thelastauthor chapter 33 . 8/13
Oh my heart couldn't take that ending. I don't know if I can't wait a week.
DidiSummers chapter 33 . 8/13
I can't wait for next week chapter!
itsfridaysomewhere chapter 33 . 8/13
OMG NOOOO I can't wait one week! I knew it was coming because of your tumblr clues but I WASN'T READY!
thecaptainswan chapter 33 . 8/13
cliffhanger! has another week pass by? damn
Arwen4eva chapter 33 . 8/13
You can't make me wait a week! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo.
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