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tburnsred88 chapter 25 . 6/11
And que evil villain music. The question is, who is it? I love this story so much!
tburnsred88 chapter 21 . 6/11
The ending to this chapter is the best! I love this storyline!
halfkender chapter 30 . 6/7
Ah! Some clear trauma on the horizon! It at least a little bit. Although a possible suspect for the picture stealing would be a worker at the con itself and that so does not sit right with me. I generally work anime cons, but I have worked things like Walker Stalker and while I know not everyone has as high a moral integrity as I hold myself to, I still am shocked to ever encounter it. And that would be a likely culprit sadly due to easy access (and the fact one of the workers has commented on the photos previously).

Then again I also just don't get claiming a picture is yours when it could be disproven fairly easily. Obviously I'm also assuming Belle will come through with the link, lol.

I'm finding it odd Belle isn't commenting on the connection she's already made with Emma and Killian's familiarity versus the fact that he does gave a girlfriend. I mean, sure. Could play off a lot of the goofing off stuff (even getting handcuffed), but the stealing of said handcuffs? Maybe Belle is just too star struck to have realized it is a little strange to pocket a sheriff's handcuffs when you have a girlfriend.

I mean, maybe she thinks "oh, maybe he's gonna play around with his girlfriend with them", but that will still leave out the "oh hi honey, a fan brought these, I stole them" fact lol.

As always I love these longer chapters and I'm looking forward to additional ones once they're posted. I really should start commenting on your other stories since I read them too, lol. Always delighted when I see an update from you.
Alexa chapter 30 . 6/7
Great chapter! Love that Killian revealed to his fans that he is with someone special. Glad Robin decided to stop being a jerk and made up with Killian. Wonder who is posting Emma's pictures?
Guest chapter 30 . 6/6
Killian better stand up for his woman! This was a great chapter. I really like that Emma didn’t stand her friend up, and she’s proving Robin wrong
Luna chapter 30 . 6/6
Glad Robin came around. I love how much Emma and Killian’s relationship is growing and strengthening! Can’t wait for them to spend more time together! I love that he wants to protect her identity but at the same time share his love for her with the world! This is my favorite story of yours!
Romana973 chapter 30 . 6/7
Thanks for the great update!
Taino Delsan13 chapter 30 . 6/7
I understand what Robin trying to do but goodness man he can trust his best mate know what he doing and not jump down his throat all the time.
Good chapter gracias for updating
princesseslikepirates chapter 30 . 6/7
I can't fault Robin for being cautious about Killian dating a fan, but I'm glad he's starting to realize how much Emma means to Killian.

The photo shoots were great! I wonder how Emma's first set of photos got leaked online.
tyraleanne chapter 30 . 6/7
I was wondering how well they’d work in their time together while at the convention. Hmmm...I wonder who got ahold of the photo op pic and shared it on tumblr? While I hate that Robin jumped to such conclusions without meeting Emma,I also totally understand where he’s coming from. Poor Killian having to hide his mood all day. Not to mention Emma must have felt so devastated about Robin already disliking her. It’s like the Liam situation all over again. Liam was built up for sooo long on the show and then ended up being such a sanctimonious twat to Emma. And there was nothing she could do because he was Killians beloved brother. At least Robin realized how much he was hurting his friend. So excited for the next bit!
Brokenblackrose89 chapter 30 . 6/6
I love that he stole them!
But who stole the photo!
JayNahNah chapter 30 . 6/6
They are adorable. Love how he claimed her without exposing her.
thelastauthor chapter 1 . 6/6
Love the new chapter and so in love with this story! Curious about who shared the photo though! He is just so sweet with her it just makes me melt into a puddle of goo and I love it!
ekr1989 chapter 30 . 6/6
I’ve been craving an update for this and it was worth the wait!
Zaxamali chapter 30 . 6/6
I really wonder who posted Emma's pictures online. The photographer?
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