Reviews for Back to Back
Ember Reverie chapter 104 . 9/23
Isabel got her first real lesson on the nobility. I suppose being younger and the heir, she didn't need to be involved in that stuff too soon.

I don't know how much fun I'd find a tea party. I'm not a talker and it seems like a big ol' gossip session type of thing.
Ember Reverie chapter 103 . 9/16
Poor Elena. She's feeling old. lol
I suppose having a grandchild already makes it all the worse.

Cute chapter. I love family fluff.
Ember Reverie chapter 102 . 9/7
How nice to see a Raul/Isabel chapter.
Gabelena4ever chapter 101 . 9/1
Awww lol so cuteeeeeeeee. Anther great chapter.
Ember Reverie chapter 101 . 9/1
Awww, that's too bad that half the family is allergic to dogs. They're so loving and loyal.
Guest chapter 101 . 8/31
Hola paige! I loved this! It was awesome and I could hear everyone! The part with Gabe and the Gecko made me laugh so hard! Especially when you took my suggestion about Esteban! I'm excited to read more!
DisPrincess chapter 98 . 8/30
Oh my goodness! The thought of Mateo reading a passionate novel and getting so into it is hysterical! I can't! Great idea! I can just picture his facial expressions during all of it and it's amazing!
DisPrincess chapter 99 . 8/30
Love it! If Gabe's going to be part of that family he needs to step it up with his music game!
DisPrincess chapter 100 . 8/30
I love everything about this! Stealing cookies at 3 a.m. is just too sweet and adorable. Totally them! Just the right amount of lovey dovey and innocence!
Ember Reverie chapter 100 . 8/25
Lovely Gabelena fluff. Love it!
Ember Reverie chapter 99 . 8/18
It's so nice of Francisco to want to teach Gabe to play an instrument. Good way for them to bond and get to know each other better too.
The guy who voices Gabe does sing decently, but could use a little training. I guess you could say that about all the voice actors though. Aimee is the best of the lot, but even then, sometimes I hear something that sounds really off.
Guest chapter 98 . 8/16
This chapter is one of the best yet. I really love it when fic explores the relationships and interactions of characters who don't get to share much on screen. There was a nice nuance to how Luisa has lost her own childhood friends, but is still able to begin a new one with Mateo despite their age difference. It's very sweet.
Speaking of, it's nice to see a story that focuses on Elena's Abuelos loss. They've lost both their children, a significant chunk of their surrogate child's life, the natural loss of friends and family one accumulates over a life time AND the further loss of those who marched on through time without them.
As heartwarming as it is to see the support they have for their familia, it is nice to read a story which acknowledges her own pain and touches on her life outside the grandchildren.
PizzaNSunshine chapter 98 . 8/10
I enjoyed this story with Mateo and Luisa bonding. Cute idea to have them in a book club together. And I loved the Jane the Virgin references!
Guest chapter 98 . 8/10
What a great chapter! I was wondering if you could write a fluff Gabelena chapter. Hope you have a great day!
Ember Reverie chapter 98 . 8/10
This was nice. I like seeing a combo of the other characters interacting.
I do find it harder to imagine Dona Paloma at the book club. I guess I just think of her as too much of a workaholic to ever take a break. lol

Rafa and Blanca must be in the same age range. And their sons are friends, so it seems entirely possible that they would be at least friendly with each other.
I wonder what Rafa does. I can't remember hearing about a profession for her.
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