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Turtlewarrioroflegend chapter 60 . 10/16
Feel kind of bad for Elena honestly. Hopefully someone changes that later on lol. What I want to know is why Isabel didn't get along with the last nanny, that sounds like a story.
LoveLikeElena chapter 61 . 10/15
Hi Paige! I loved this chapter! I'm guessing you got inspired by Jewel of Maru! I love, loved that episode! I Love Elena's Mami! I cried when they came to help her! I think I've watched it ten times now!
ArtemisBAMF1218 chapter 61 . 10/15
Aww this is the perfect addition to the Jewelmof Mary episode after seeing that flashback with litttle Elena.
And it includes little Isabel!
I don't understand how Elena and Isabel can be such good children. No tantrums or anything.
Wow even at that age, Elena cared about her people. She is intense.
Omg that is the best advice ever!
Loved it
Lilac Shimmer chapter 61 . 10/14
You just have to feel sad for Lucia knowing that she'll never get to see Elena with a family of her own. At least in the corporeal sense.
Lilac Shimmer chapter 60 . 10/10
Very cute; and kinda accurate? I think I read somewhere that most babies will say dada first. Heh at Elena getting all riled up over it because of the pregnancy hormones.

I can co-sign on the babies being strong thing. My nephew is a little over a year and he's freakishly strong. lol
ArtemisBAMF1218 chapter 60 . 10/10
Awww Mom Elena, I love mom Elena.
Wow, she is defiantly getting stressed out I don't blame her I mean pregnancy plus no sleep. Ugh!
But the babies already adore their daddy. That is so sweet.
Oh Oh I remember when you told me bout this. Ah yes, even when tired and annoyed she still can get passionate about something.
Something as miscellaneous as Gabe being their first word. Lol.
Whoop. There are the royals. At least they are much more accepting of these movements.
This is just adorable the feels! Squeeee!
Lilac Shimmer chapter 59 . 10/6
Cute little stories.

My fave so far is chapter 25. It's quirky without being too much.
Turtlewarrioroflegend chapter 58 . 10/6
Cute. Isabel has always been talented on some level no surprise there. If only Elena knew what was in store for her fifteen years later, plus over four decades.
ArtemisBAMF1218 chapter 59 . 10/6
Such a wonderful chapter. I remember reading this as a story before so I'll keep it short.
It just shows how despite how easily Elena has adapted to new Avalor after 41 years, she totally missed out on her family. It takes a long time to grieve and those happy people around her just seem to remind what she is missing.
Awww just Awww Elena is practically apart of Gabe's family if I say so myself. Blanca is already giving her motherly advice. And such wise advice too.
Honestly Daniel and Elena could run a corny joke comedy club. At least THEY'LL think it's a riot.
Wow, so nice that Elena is able to find two new parents. Even from her different friends. It just shows they are all one big family.
Love it!
ArtemisBAMF1218 chapter 58 . 10/3
Awww it's a flashback. Or past chapter? Whatever it's called. Little!Elena.
Honestly little!Elena is so pleased by things such as a bag. She is not at all materialistic like she could be. Ahem Alonso would be a prime example.
I bet Isabel's hiding her big gift. After all it's not every day your older sister turns thirteen.
Awww royal fireworks. Life was so great before Shuriki honestly.
Omg how did Isabel manage to do that! At such a young age no less. Amazing.
LoveLikeElena chapter 58 . 10/2
Hola Paige! I loved this story! It was awesome! I could hear Aimee and Jenna as though this was a flashback in the show! One thing. If Elena is 13, Isa would be seven. They're six years apart. Also, Elena mostly calls Isabel Isa.
ArtemisBAMF1218 chapter 57 . 9/29
Aww it's so like Elena to impulsively decide to go help people no matter what it is. She is truely working for her subjects. Even in "trivial" matters.
Haha well I guess Julio and Marlena are going to act on it now. Not if Caremn, Elena and Mateo have any to say about it.
Haha classic meet cute, it's adorable!
Awwwww! Happy ending for all!
Can't wait to see more of those two in that big quadruple date you have planned. Great work!
Turtlewarrioroflegend chapter 57 . 9/29
I could almost see this happening in a episode even though I have a hard time seeing Marlena and Julio together. It would be like Elena to try to make the set up happen though.
Turtlewarrioroflegend chapter 56 . 9/29
They're only seven they don't have to take fencing seriously. Mira I think will eventually want to really learn like Elena did, not sure on Iliana. Maybe a sequel of sorts with a dad and son day?
Turtlewarrioroflegend chapter 55 . 9/25
It's a good story but to me it almost seems like just a start. We should see some kind of training methods that would be different than Elena got and the reveal to Elena that Isabel has learned how to fence. Maybe something with James and Sofia being there lol.
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