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Yume chapter 87 . 8/14
Great chapter as always! Found just a small typo:
"And it turns out Otoha wasn't the type to take help without reciprocating, because that night, she helped me out in a BAG way, too."
I think you might mean BIG?
CrazyWill71 chapter 94 . 7/10
I usually never really like SI Oc fanfics but this one is so compelling. I love the struggle that Keiko is facing on whether her actions r truly good or not. Also I’m rooting for Kuwabara and damn you for the Jin date lol. I do have one question did you have any other ideas for fandom that u possibly wanted to crossover. I understand that you had to find anime or manga that occurred around the same time period and the only one I can think off the top of my head is maybe JoJo. I would love your thoughts tho.
Shay Guy chapter 94 . 7/2
...Whoof. Finally caught up.

Almost a month ago now, I was catching up with additions to my Longest Stories community (congrats on hitting the 800K threshold!), and the first chapter of this one caught my eye - even though I've never seen more than the first episode of YYH, and that was ten years ago. So I decided to keep the tab open. In the time since then, by my calculations, I've read an average of around 31,200 words a day of Lucky Child.

Aside from a few crossovers piggybacking on more active fandoms, this story is easily the most popular YYH fic on this site in the last five years or more - arguably the most popular period, and DEFINITELY the most popular on AO3. And I gotta say, you earned it. So many self-insert fics with so little interesting about them beyond one superficial gimmick or another, and then comes a story with actual solid prose and dialogue and an actually appealing protagonist. I've been burned out on most fanfic for a while, but this one is absolutely a follow.

Hope you're dealing with a somewhat reduced quantity of IRL crap. And if and when you're ready to come back from hiatus, I'm looking forward to reading more.
Vixeona chapter 94 . 7/1
Omahgosh, I fell so far behind on reading. Pro of that is the good ol binge reading I did today! I just really really want to stress that your writing is amazing and I still love and adore this fict. It's great how distorted the plot is getting. Recognizable but like one of those wavy mirrors that distort the image. We've got all the players and their mostly all in their places yet a step to the side at any given moment.

I'm relieved that we had the make-up with Yusuke. Waiting for that was mild torture. Wasn't really seeing the Kuwabara's dad and Kurama's mum thing coming. Kuzuma's reaction is as adorable as Kurama's is worrying if understandable. I also am enjoying your characterization of Yukina. Girl needs a hug. Then again I feel that way about the whole crew so ... eh.

I actually totally forgot about the date with Jin. I don't know HOW I managed to forget even with the long reading break. I have a fondness for redheads, particularly with accents, and with the whole Kuwabara date-drama it should have stuck. As it is, that was still a face-palm moment for sure. I'm sure that'll work out though. I'm interested in how the date will go. The part I'm most worried about in the near future is the fight where Toguro "kills" Kuwabara to motivate Yusuke.

Hmmm... well happy writing!
Shay Guy chapter 81 . 7/1
Oof. This one was rough, but it was a long time coming. Kudos on not holding back with the fight - that's some good payoff there.
Shay Guy chapter 80 . 7/1
The plot thickens! I'd say "RIP Future-NQK", but clearly she didn't RIP, and isn't R-ing much in this chapter at all. :P

You know, I think I've only been even close to that far out west once, when I went to a Culberson town hall at El Jarrito. Good times. For me, that is - less, I think, for him. :D That would've been when this fic was only... 7 chapters in?
Shay Guy chapter 68 . 6/20
A lot of self-insert characters - or what we may more generally call "Intruders" (Minato and Kagome are hardly SIs in this story) - tend to be very concerned about unintended consequences of their presence and actions in the plot, at least when the writer is taking the story seriously. The conventional way for an Intruder to view such things is roughly as NQK describes it:

"It's a gigantic clock, the world. All these moving gears and parts, spinning in place and intersecting with only the barest of margins for error, a cosmic spiral of fate and destiny and intention as inscrutable as the whirling stars." These were the words I'd written in private, had told myself a hundred times over, and at their sound Kurama's eyes widened. I blazed forward, unable to slow or stop. "The slightest anomaly could shatter the gears, send them spiraling out of control, hands striking midnight at high noon, fate inverted and perverted until nothing but ash remains."

The thing is, I'm increasingly coming around to the view that this is the wrong way of looking at it.

You CAN imagine "the universe of Yu Yu Hakusho" as a giant Rube Goldberg machine in motion, made out of quarks and leptons and photons and other subatomic particles and whatever the hell the spiritual and magical equivalents of those are. Or as a chaotic mathematical system, something like the logistic map with r4. Something where the slightest misstep will lead to utter ruin, as the indifferent dice that people were lucky enough to see roll one way in canon roll the wrong way thanks to the butterfly's wings.

But fiction doesn't work like that. That's not what Yoshihiro Togashi was doing. Generally, it's not even what fanfic writers are doing, even on places like AlternateHistory dot com. Stories aren't simulations, even the improvised ones. Stories are made of sensations, emotions, concepts, themes. And while Not-Quite-Keiko doesn't exactly live in "the universe of Yu Yu Hakusho" - AFAICT, she seems to be in an artificial universe kitbashed together using at least three fictional universes as sources, with for some reason a deeply horrifying scarcity of internal fiction - but arguably the same principles apply. And her specific neighborhood of that universe, her network of people and organizations and conflicts? It stems from a Shonen Jump battle manga.

Yūjō, doryoku, shōri. What does that mean? Well, I'd say if you find yourself in a Shonen Jump manga that you have no foreknowledge of whatsoever (I, for example, have never read either of Togashi's big manga), you could probably do pretty well for yourself just by aligning yourself with the "grain" of the universe:

1. Connect with and cooperate with friends.
2. Work really, really hard at whatever your Thing is.
3. Profit!

Sleeping With The Girls did some interesting things with the "conventions" of different universes, like in the second trip to Love Hina, when the main character tries to talk to Motoko without Naru's interference and has to figure out a way for Naru messing up his plans to be the LESS funny outcome. But he himself was explicitly separate from those conventions, which opened some possibilities but limited others. I'd be interested to see someone in such a context specifically try to shape their own personal growth to align with the apparent themes of the setting they're in.

In this case? Well, NQK's Thing doesn't seem to be superpowered combat. But there are plenty of Jump manga where nobody does that at all, and the dominant Thing is sports, or cooking, or serial murder. Hers could easily be something relevant to the fighting other people are doing. And if her reality works anything like a Jump manga, opening up to more of her support network is almost certain to do more good than harm. Even if she's opening up about the secret she's kept since birth.

(Jeez, 650 words? That got long...)
Guest chapter 94 . 6/16
I vanished off into the sunset for career purposes, came back, and BAM, this story is as amazing as ever! This is one of the few I want to read and reread all the time - I go back to the beginning constantly (or I did, before I went on a fanfiction sabbatical to take care of "da real lyfee").

This Dark Tournament saga is so fascinating to me, because there are these moments where you change something and it properly freaks me out. I'm left wondering how big the butterfly effect will be, what ripples will be caused through the timeline. Whose life changes? Who might LOSE their life?

The way that NQK grapples with this reality, with how much she can change for the better vs. completely mucking the future, is an incredibly psychological angle that just...doesn't show up in a lot of fanfic. So good. Ugh, just too good. I could write a paper on NQK's struggle with the timeline and what her very presence means for the YYH cast.

I'll be looking forward to the next update!
Shay Guy chapter 64 . 6/16
So, Hiei, YOU want to get the two of you there under your own muscle power, and not some freakish internal-combustion thingamajig. And YOU, NQK, want to use a human vehicle if possible, or at least be upright and facing forward in a semi-dignified fashion.

I have one word for the two of you:


It's the perfect compromise.

Of course, Hiei would probably steal it, and the wheels would undoubtedly fall off at the end on account of going faster than any sane person would've designed it to, both of which would infuriate NQK. But you can't have everything, right?
general zargon chapter 94 . 6/1
Thank you very much for this update! I loved the emotional impact in this chapter, all those character nuances that appeared were amazing to read! Poor Yukina...she's so strong, but no one gets over that stuff overnight. The differing coloration of her tear-gems were a nice touch, along with all the awkwardness of Kei talking to Yukina in the bath. I smile at that ending, because LOL, so much tension just POPPED. :P OMG it's Jin! Jin's back! Ahhhhh! :D I wish you the best of luck on your writing!
Mmyk chapter 94 . 5/29
Guest chapter 1 . 5/28
As much as I love kuwabara and kei together, I totally get why she feels wierd about it. I mean he's basically a baby in comparison to her life experience. Kei and kurama are cute too. I love how they understand each other, but I have the feeling that you are going to go for an uncommon ship... I kinda hope I'm wrong but I'm kinda excited for whatever tricks you have up your sleeves, just... you do you!
LadyEllesmere chapter 94 . 5/28
Oof x10000
Kykygrly chapter 11 . 5/28
Can’t stand the pink haired dude just can’t (know his name just not interested in saying it), but guess that’s what makes him such a good “villain”. The quotations are there because we’re still trying to figure out if he is one or not even in later chapters. He’s an enigma, heck most of these main characters are! It’s a surprise NQK doesn’t have a daily headache from the shenanigans of these people. Though by this point she hasn’t gotten to the real tough stuff, even so she is handling it like a champ. Thank you for your time and hard work!
Irina Hunter chapter 30 . 5/27
If by "the island we used to call Honshu" you mean Hokaido, than it should be "the island we used to call Ezo." Honshu is where Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and many other major cities are located. It's Japan's "mainland", so to speak.
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