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crossforces chapter 3 . 1h
This made me cry. It's beautiful, and perfect. I've always loved to see a strong family support system in stories, and Keiko's parents are gems. Thank God.
The Mysterious Mr. Anonymous chapter 75 . 4h
HOLY WOW for MANY things!
First off, thank you sooooo much for the long chapter! It must have taken awhile to write but I hope you feel it was worth it because its amazing!
NQKeiko can never catch a break though can she?
Especially loved how Shiori was brought it.
See you in August!
LadyEllesmere chapter 8 . 7/15
Rereading your story XD because I need a fix ahaha
AnimePleasegood chapter 73 . 7/15
Phenomenal! This is what I call a character development and I had a lot of fun reading it. I love how everyone was engaged and commenting during the battle. The narrative was going dynamically, and the descriptions were very animated. This really makes me hype for the Dark Tournament and I can't wait to see how you will handle it. For a moment, I was wondering if I was supposed to be siding with Kei or Minato. Nonetheless, I love both characters and I got their point of view across my mind. You're really writing these characters with justice and realistically. Everything I thought was stated by Kei and I feel like if I wrote it then I'm recapping the chapter. Although, Minato was not in wrong and I understand very well why he acted this way. I will hesitate as well not wanting to ruin my friendship over a fist fight. I guess Minato didn't know Kei very well and is still learning about her personality. Overall, this battle was a good distraction for Kei.

Darn girl, it really takes a lot of courage to stand almost half naked in front of men when they are all staring at you. You would feel self-conscious and if you are the type who isn't confident with her body, then that would be so embarrassing, gosh. Speaking of the devil, her fight reminds me so much of Kazuha Toyama from Detective Conan. She did learn aikido if I recall and I always thought her moves were badass. However, Ran Mori is more savage with her karate chops and kicks. You wouldn't want to mess around with these girls. I must agree with Kurama that aikido really reflects Kei's charming personality.

About Hideki, he isn't half bad and his conversation with Kei was one of my favourite parts. Taking a note, I was re-reading some chapters and remember that he had the same name as Atsuko ex-boyfriend so I was wondering if he was related to Yusuke as being his biological father. Or their names were only purely coincidence? This was the only thing that made me puzzled and questioning myself throughout the story. And the thought of Kuroko and Hideki colluding was brilliant! To think that they would insinuate scenarios about the fox or Hiei. Is like seeing my mother implying false accusations, only to detect what I have been up to. Even though, I been always a modest child and didn't rebel that often. It's like my mom was asking me to do something wrong so she could live a melodrama. As a child, I always thought that these tv show made my mother delude herself so much.

I truly think that Kurama and Minato would be great buddies if they spend more time together. These two would get along together, imagining them giving each other the "don't worry bro, I gotcha your back" look. They did be like the typical man of culture type, understanding each other struggles with a sagacious bond, announcing it with the slightest glance. (Extreme Bromance) Truly, when Minato said, " Kei is mysterious, herself", my mouth gaped. I don't want to change the meaning of his words, but this boy literally said you got your hands occupied, foxy boy. Minato best boy ever! What a way to escape from Kurama while teasing them. I swear if he had winked or smirked I would die from laughter. And this would have proven my point, alright! Also, clever girl ... I mean the fox know there is something up with Minato because of his behaviours. I won't be surprised if he mentions him during occasions or celebrations to encounter him again. Kurama knows that the majority that Kei befriend are not normal, knowing her made his life more enjoyable and interesting as he would say.

My inner mind couldn't stop fangirling over the ending scene. Kurama is clearly teasing Kei with his glances, smirks, statements, gleaming eyes and clever words. His actions really do gives me the goosebumps, just imagine if he was serious about them. The fact that he looked up and down more than once means he is interested in her, seeing her as a potential partner/mate. Or was he just reading her body language and analyze it as usual? I'm surprised that Kei didn't tell him that staring like that was rude. Yet again, this would ruin the moment and his amusement... I found it funny how Kurama shifts at being playful to serious. Thought, that line of acquainting his mother was a smooth comeback. Kei just knows how to handle the fox and keep up with him like a true soulmate. Shortly, Kurama is changing as well as much as Minato was in this chapter and I love it.
Fairy Cactus chapter 75 . 7/12
This story means so much to me.

I've wanted to write a fic for as long as I've been involved in fandom stuff, but I just kept thinking about it instead of actually doing it. Then I found Lucky Child. I bing-read all of the chapters up at the time and was left with such a strong impression of how much you enjoyed writing, that I became super hyped to write my own story.

Even more than that, it can't be easy to update every week and yet, you do it anyway. Also, you have a distinct voice, compelling characterization, and wonderful chapter titles. I like how you brought out NQK's flaws within her personality and made the world of YYH your own, instead of following canon to the letter. Speaking of canon, it's still technically the beginning of it and this story has made it to almost six hundred thousand words without dropping the pace. That's a testament to your skills as a writer.

More specific things I enjoyed: NQK's business sense, Kuwabara's interest in science, NQK and Kurama's confrontation in the greenhouse, NQK offering to leave Yusuke alone while he's recovering, when NQK almost gave Kurama anemones, comparisons to albatrosses, Amagi, New Year's Eve shenanigans, and the silly puns.
Dark Rose Charm chapter 75 . 7/10
Omg! What happen! I need to know!
Dark Rose Charm chapter 74 . 7/10
Wow that was awesome and hilarious and well I love this chapter
Moma Nina chapter 75 . 7/8
This story has been a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end, but that last cliffhanger is the biggest drop yet!
Viviene001 chapter 75 . 7/8
Ou god noooo! I’m screaming! UGHHHH!
No way. Damn it keiiiii!

Update soon please! ;_;
Viviene001 chapter 71 . 7/7
Omg. XD
crossyourteez chapter 75 . 7/7
I'm a sucker for drama and found the negative review. Yikes. Honeychild should brush up on their writing skills before even thinking about sitting in the critic seat. Anyway, I digress.

I've greatly enjoyed this series and haven't reviewed as often as I should. NQK is one of the BEST OC'S I've EVER read (you're up there with Dani from Future Talk and that is high f'n praise, my friend.) Sure, she's a little bossy, and a little b*tchy, but, um. Last time I checked, those are considered flaws in character and well-written characters are just that. Flawed.

I think I know what ate Kei. I think I do. And if I'm right, I'm super excited to see what happens next. More excited than I would normally be when I see that there's an update to "Lucky Child" sitting in my inbox, and that is saying quite a bit.

I love how you've fleshed out Yusuke and Keiko's relationship. Much like OG Keiko, their relationship was bland, boring, and easily predictable (sorry; I'm a born-n-bred Keiko hater. I initially clicked on this story because I can only like her if she is literally anyone else. She had great potential but her character wasn't fleshed out properly by Togashi&Co. There. I said it.)

Keep doing what you do. You have thousands of reviews. 99.9% of them are rightfully praising this masterful re-interpretation of Keiko's character. Listen to them. And I hope you have a fruitful and productive time at Camp NaNoWriMo!

general zargon chapter 75 . 7/7
Thank you for this update. I loved Keiko's prank to try to win the competition and how she had to eat the pepper anyway. The 'you are dead to me' think right before it was hilarious. :D I really enjoyed this chapter and that cliffhanger that had me mentally screaming, LOL. I wish you the best of luck on your writing!
Uzu the talented Uzumaki chapter 75 . 7/7
that was the most worrying cliffhanger I've seen inna while. like damn.
Meno Melissa chapter 75 . 7/7
Nooooooo such a cliffhang why can't August be here sooner !
kittendeer chapter 75 . 7/6
I really like your OC! She's funny and upbeat and I absolutely love her friendship (or maybe something more? while I typically hate romances, I wouldn't mind this particular pairing) with Kurama, they're adorable and match each other so well. I also like Kagome and Sailor V, it's great that there are others as well. I also wonder at how YYH will cross over with IY and SM once their plots starts, it'd be great if they could help each other. I mean, Keiko already went with Kagome after all, and Kurama definitely met future!Kagome back in the day. Maybe he even tried to steal the Shikon jewel at one point, who knows, or messed with Kikyo who looks quite a bit like Kagome.
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