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Guest chapter 82 . 4h
God this is amazing, I BINGED this inbetween classes and definitely did not get work done BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. Keiko’s character intrigues me plus the lost of so many fairytales, Minato, Kagome, GOD. There is so much to comprehend but the pacing, the character development is AMAZING :D plus you make Hiruko such a joy to hate! I am happy to see Keiko able to get headway with her memories but UGH cliff hangers! You’re writing is brilliant, thank you so much for this story!
CitylightsinNYC chapter 82 . 10/15
Love the Hamlet reference. It really fits with the letter scenario. I love allusions!
Just 2 Dream of You chapter 82 . 10/6
Excellent job of course and once again you make me feel sorry for Naru. Like...I just wanna hold her. Gah. Also I can't wait to see what Yusuke does XD
indefinitexcess chapter 82 . 10/4
Definitely wanted to let you know that my boyfriend noticed I cheer the loudest when I see updates for your fic, as opposed to when I see manga updates or for anything else I keep up with. You're just that good!
Jus chapter 82 . 10/3
no update on the 29th?
RedPanda923 chapter 80 . 10/2
Wow this chapter was trippy. And yet again I’m amazed at your character interactions. Seriously it’s like your Sensui and they are your other personalities! I’m so hyped right now on where your going with everything and we’re getting to the dark tournament to my favorite wind master!
RedPanda923 chapter 79 . 10/2
Loved it! Seriously didn’t expect that ending! Left field fly ball straight to the face. As for NQK she is for sure getting stronger she could see anything before and now she’s picking up the ability to see tiny bits, that’s got to mean something. It’s times like this that I ponder what it would be like to sift through the thoughts that inhabit your brain. Probably get lost for weeks/months but boy would the Yu Yu section be fun as hell haha
RedPanda923 chapter 78 . 10/2
Omg I’m sooo far behind! Life can royally suck sometime. I’ve see life has been throwing you some curve balls as well, my condolences. The wounds are deepest when individuals who make a true impact on ones character leaves us. The piece lost never truly fills but the edges thicken with time making the pain easier to handle.

Enough sad... holy shirtfurballs - so much excitement and then right back into the the preamble of the dark tournament. My excitement is all over the place right now... I can’t contain it. I can feel the breeze of another red head on the horizon! Can’t wait to see what you have in store and gosh almighty I hope my pointy ear friends gets some time with NQK cause that will be epic. Fun sorts for sure _
Dark Rose Charm chapter 82 . 10/1
Yeah a lot is going on I wonder how yusuke will react he almost sound like he loves her but that could just be me anyway glad I catch up can’t wait for more
Dark Rose Charm chapter 81 . 10/1
Oh come on it was getting good too
Dark Rose Charm chapter 80 . 10/1
Wow we all learned something I mean wow even hiei is like amazed and that said something
Dark Rose Charm chapter 79 . 10/1
Omg! Hiei so cares I feel like he is crushing on her so is Kurama like I said I ship one of them or both of them and I miss the story been so busy with work haven’t gotten the time still love though
Guest chapter 82 . 10/1
Amazing ! ;)
Guest chapter 82 . 9/30
Called out and forced to spend hours playing dress up with naru. AND not being able to explain to yusuke stinks. But I think you handled that well. The letter gives him a way to read and process while putting in some final training l. Or you know, just not read it at all. But I like how you left it open. Poor kuwabara though. He really is going to be the only one left out. Though if she tells him it's going to get awkward with his crush on her. Kurama is now in the reversal, giving his support for kei. Great transition chapter! I hope things are faring better for you after your uncle's passing. Have fun with your friend and don't worry about updating, I rather you be less stressed and write when you want, not because you feel obligated. ~kitsunefire
TequilaMockinbur chapter 82 . 9/30
Ah! This is a late review. I saw your Tumblr post and wanted to let you know not too worry, your fans like me are still here! Maybe some are more like me, who lurk about and don't leave reviews as often as we should (*smacks myself*). I'll do better at this, 'cause you are appreciated. This is seriously such a well-written fic. You grasp at the little details and are sincere with the characters if that makes sense. Too many times there's too many bashing with certain characters or rushing into romance / friendships too soon. I don't get that feeling here. It's like biting into a rich dessert, created with flavors and texture in mind.

For this chapter, I was wondering who was the caller. Like some other readers, Naru came to mind at first, but I was also thinking it could be Kagome who got into some trouble somehow. When I found out it was Naru, I wasn't expecting a shopping trip! That was a fun read. That dynamic between the three of them is strange, tense and exciting. Like walking on a tightrope.

I'm also sad that she wasn't able to reconcile with Yusuke, but that just makes the build-up to the tournament where they meet again that more satisfying.

I'm also curious on NQK's meet-up with our elusive pink-haired character and how the dark tournament will be affected. Will it stray too far from canon?

Can't wait for your next chapter. But please take your time. Your life seems hectic. Your loyal readers will stay. :)
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