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Goddess-of-the-Moon-39 chapter 88 . 20h
This chapter was just beautiful. Nothing important happened but it wasn't boring. And Jack is always awesome to read.
Anon chapter 88 . 9/15
Congrats on hitting the half million mark. I was a little late on the get go (started reading at around the 400k mark) but have enjoy every step of it since then. So much fun. Thanks again!
leaf chapter 88 . 9/13
[Okay so I don’t know if you recognize me but I usually read & comment on ao3 but for some odd reason, ao3 thinks my comment is spam and won’t let me post! I guess I’m being accused of being a bot basically. Anyway, so I copied my comment over to here. It’s just a little sad as I won’t be able to see your reply as you usually reply to all comments over there. Maybe next time? XD]

First off, thanks for the update!

Most importantly, congrats on hitting half a million words on ff dot net! That’s amazing; I can’t believe you wrote that much. I also can’t believe I read so much... I didn’t even notice haha. I’m pretty sure I would notice if I picked up a book that was 500k words long but your writing style is addictive to read and it didn’t feel that long. You know, I looked online and it says 100k words is about the equivalent of 400 pages, so this story would be 2000 pages or 5 books or so :O Can you imagine?

This chapter felt a little like a filler to me but I still enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next update!
Flaming eyeball chapter 88 . 9/13
This fanfic is better than the latest book
RavenousOmega1 chapter 88 . 9/13
Has anyone else noticed the easter egg that Muchamore put into the epilogue of Class A?

In the epilogue it says that Junior Moore was sent to a boarding school which specialised in correcting delinquent boys. Since the book was published 3 years after Point Blanc and is set in 2004 (about 4-6 years before Stormbreaker) we can safely assume that this is a reference to Point Blanc.
It also hints to the fact that Alex Rider and CHERUB could exist in the same universe.

Just wanted to point that out.

I still love your story and writing style.
Angel of the Honey Bees chapter 88 . 9/12
88 chapters in and I love this story as much as, if not more than, when I first started reading it. In the half a million words, this story has never failed to be captivating, thoughtful, true to character and flawlessly balanced between the impossible and practical. I’m so happy I get to look forward to a new chapter every couple of weeks and I can’t wait for what is coming next!
Night Riders chapter 88 . 9/12
Oh wow, I just noticed how many words you’ve written. Congratulations on reaching the half million mark!

This chapter was great! It was really nice to see Alex finally able to unwind and stuff his face with junk food. Although I feel like Sagitta might tattle again and Yassen will disapprove of it.

It was great to see Jack and Sagitta and Alex together without the intimidating prescense of Yassen. Now they’re all able to relax and just casually talk to each other without thinking too much of work. I think they all needed that.

Although, I feel like Alex will regret wasting the day in the morning. Unless he plans to wake up extra early to plan and plot the attack, he’s gonna have a lot to do and little time to do it.

Overall, this chapter was really wonderful! I needed the break as much Alex and the others. I’m excited to see you’re next update!
Lullyanne chapter 87 . 9/12
Oh a Yassen / Alex bonding moment ! It's been a while since we had one. It was nice to see Yassen reminding Alex that he actually cares.
Btw, it wouldn't surprise me overmuch if the doctor is the one behind it all. And he just let Alex go with being defiant because he thinks of torturing him later.
So much to learn ! Next thing you know Alex will be enrolled in a MBA ;-)
And don't think I didn't notice that we still don't know about the real motive behind the attack I am almost dying of anticipation here !
Until next time, have a good week !
AikaMaeCarter chapter 86 . 9/7
Thank you so much for writing. Its so hard to find fan fictions that have good grammar, an awesome plot, and are long. When I found this story, I was so delighted by the unique-ness of it (because who doesn't want to see Alex as a hardcore assassin and apprentice to Yassen) and how much writing there was. So thank you again. I will continue waiting for updates and reading your amazing story.
Guest chapter 87 . 9/2
vcv chapter 87 . 8/31
loved this chapter. u r beyond amazing! love u too 3

i can totally see Alex skipping school, going to watch a movie and ordering extra large popcorn with tonnes of butter on them coz he knows sagitta will tattle.

absolutely adore these characters and the character developement is puuurfect
thank u so much
take care
Riderkitty chapter 87 . 8/30
This chapter was good. Yassen's concern for Alex was touching. Keep up the good work! I love the character development even for the small characters. You have a really good writing style and it makes me sooooooo excited when I see a new chapter has been posted!
guepard54 chapter 87 . 8/29
Hi, it's guepard54 !

Really really loved this new chapter! It was, sad emotionally intense and funny all in once.

Concerning the three chapters before this one, i find you had relly well respected Alex'character in this new trial.

It was logical that, after his own assassination attempt, Yassen and DrThree ask him to find and interrogate the assassin. It was a test too. And Yassen and the doctor had both a role to play: -

-Yassen in advising Alex to the best solution to pass the test while staying himself: in that, Yassen is the mentor and the fatherish friend (he knows Alex need this lesson but he hasn't to show him the loopholes in Dr Three'order.)
-Dr Three in trying to coerce Alex to show in abilities and moral endurance in torture.

And your Alex ? He was perfect. He resists DrThree'orders (His resilience is wonderful to read!) because I think he wants to stay himself and in his opinion torture is one of the big No-nos to not trepass. He accept to watching Crux'work and in that, he already is tougher that at 14, but he holds up.

Concerning this new chapter, some sections make me laugh...
- "Alex felt like a grade-A jerk, leaving them in the hallway to just wait while he spent however long with Yassen"
- ""That looks like bribery," Alex said. "Or a reward." "I believe it's normally referred to as breakfast."
(I totally agree with Alex in that one)
- "It sounded like someone from Sagitta had tattled"
(Lol, love it, after all, it seems to Sagitta Alex is a mix between a boss, a trainee, a friend and a litlle brother and tattling is continuous in families!)

...And others make me almost tearfull:
-" Yassen watched him for long seconds and when he spoke, his voice was little more than a murmur, the voice of someone talking to a skittish colt. "Are you sure you want to know?"
I don’t know why but this one make me incredibly sad.
-‘’ "I don't think 'Because I said so' is supposed to be good parenting," he said, just a little snarkily. Maybe it wasn't the best idea but he would blame teenage hormones. Teenage hormones and Rider genes. Something flickered through Yassen's eyes, so brief that Alex had no chance to identify it. "I think," Yassen murmured, "that I have committed significantly worse parenting sins than that, should anyone keep count."
Always the same not real/but maybe fatherly interaction between these two, but I never can’t get bored with that. Never, ever !

And this one is definitely my favorite:
"That sounded just delightful. Alex could vividly imagine Marcus and the rest of Sagitta's reaction if anything had happened to Alex, or to Ivey or Shale in the car with him. He could just as vividly imagine Yassen's response as well. Yassen would have been patient. He would have made sure he had all the information. He would have made sure he did not overlook anything. But he would have gotten even, one target after the other until every last person somehow involved with the assassination was dead. Something in Alex felt oddly warm at the thought that someone cared enough to do that for him. MI6 never seemed to care much if he got injured or almost killed. Just … patch him up and send him right back in. Yassen cared enough to get even. Something about that made Alex feel kind of warm and fuzzy for all that it was a completely inappropriate reaction to mass murder."
Intense, sad but the last sentence makes it even more funny !

At the end of the day, we cheers Alex for his stuborness but understand Yassen too because I begin to see why Dr Three is definitely more dangerous that Kurst. It’s maybe dumb, but I even have the feeling that ‘the good doctor’ could be the author of this fake attempt (to test Alex even more). It’s Yassen’reaction who makes me think that it could be true (amongst other causes).
I know that this fic is still trouble, but I think that their ‘collegue’ could become a real problem, maybe the principal one !

To conclude on a happy note, I hope our dear Alex will live it up in the next chappie. After all, he is maybe the next Head of Scorpia, but at this moment and with his mentor’ express permission he is a teenager!

Thank you so much and read you soon,


DoctorMerlinReid chapter 87 . 8/29
Beautiful as always! Thanks for the chapter and I eagerly await the next one!
Song of Shadow chapter 87 . 8/28
"Something about that made Alex feel kind of warm and fuzzy for all that it was a completely inappropriate reaction to mass murder."
This is my new motto for the story. I just really love Alex and Yassen's relationship. I totally agree that warm and fuzzy feelings are inappropriate for an assassin teaching a kid to murder people, but they're still there.
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