Reviews for Pokémon Radiant Sun
SonicIKE chapter 113 . 10/10
Wow...not much to say about this chapter. Except that it was totally awesome!
I see you got jokes, Nick. You almost had me going with that fake ending. lol
Yeah, a lot of deaths. I’m glad Roran was one of them, but since we’re rewinding time hopefully all of them won’t die (other than Roran). We need to continue the SunxLillie fluff.
As always, can’t wait for more!
LOLXDDDDDD chapter 113 . 10/7
Moosicorn chapter 113 . 10/8
What a chapter! I never thought Vivian would play such a pivotal role in this arc, I really hope she’ll be the one to save the day.
I wonder what would happen if she decided to let things be and not alter reality?
Gs33022 chapter 113 . 10/7
"My name is Missingno"?! One, what a reference, and two, what a twist! Keep it up!
Baistro334 chapter 113 . 10/7
Holy shit that was a rollercoaster of emotions! You did a really good job with this chapter! I liked the little hidden messages in the glitched text at the end there. Quick question though: Dizz said that Dialga was his brother, does that mean that Missingno is a part of the creation trio, or is it just speaking in a general sense of being a high tier legendary?
SolanaLeonhart chapter 113 . 10/7
This story is amazing, I hope you can keep it going.
Anasazi Darkmoon chapter 113 . 10/6
Haha, I fucking KNEW that's what Dizz actually was!

Also, Shiva in a Chevy, Roran needs to be gone. Seriously. And what in the blueberry fuck was Tapu Bulu thinking, using something like that as a curse on a sociopath? How would that even BE a curse to a man like Roran? Though now that we've seen his and Tapu Lele's curses, it has me curious about what kind of curses Tapu Koko and Tapu Fini bestow.
BraviaryScout chapter 113 . 10/6
And now I'm starting to see why Vivian played such an important role in the story. She's the only person who managed to convince Dizz to pull a Vex and find an alternate where Sun maybe doesn't die?

You've nailed yet another part in paralleling this from father/son confronting the same man, except him being ten times worse in Sun's version. Plus that AN had me in the first half...not gonna lie.

SolanaLeonhart chapter 113 . 10/6
This story is amazing, I hope you can keep it going.
fatwhiteguy chapter 113 . 10/6
I very much enjoy this story! Please don't stop it!
Aquahaze675 chapter 113 . 10/6
DIZZ IS MISSINGNO!? Woah. That's pretty epic. Also, I honestly thought that the story was going to end and I was depressed until I kept reading. Also, I feel like the fossil man and Roran are connected and are maybe even the same because I remember earlier the fossil man had some gold berries that helped him and think that's what Roran was eating. I might be wrong but who knows. Cool chapter!
Defender31415 chapter 113 . 10/6
I literally have no proper expression of shock to describe the events of this chapter. Mass death, near protagonist death, and the wrath of a being which ought not to exist, but does. Roran is in fact dead, though, right?
Oragonking chapter 113 . 10/6
Sigh... the reason everyone is falling is because of lack of faith, which is why Ollie died. He must have faith in Sun, that way things would have gone much different. And the anger that they let consume them made them vulnerable and complete amataurs. It made them weak. Hugh is a good example as he made a move that it's so bad that only an amataur would do. I hope Sun will let go of his anger, because even if he does survive, he no longer has the power to make a difference, or change Alastor's mind.
Madame Rodoshe chapter 113 . 10/6
The last scene reminds me of the manga, where Ruby uses Celebi to change the timeline. Come to think of it, the entire chapter reminds me of the Ruby and Sapphire manga, also has elements of a horror movie.
Joey chapter 112 . 9/13
Man what a chapter. RIP to the man Ollie. I already know the aftermath arc is gonna be painful for both Sun and Laura. Sun's probably gonna blame himself for Ollie's death too, poor kid. It was also nice to see some backstory on Roran, knowing that he was apparently cursed by Tapu Bulu. Roran in my opinion is one of the more interesting characters, and this chapter stimulates my opinion. I can't wait to see more of the evil lunatic in the next chapter. Some questions:

1) This will probably be addressed in the next chapter but what specifically is Tapu Bulu's curse. Is Tapu Bulu's curse the reason Roran is a cannibal and can channel Ultra Z-Power so much, or is there more to it? Also what are Tapu Koko and Fini's curses like? Since we've already seen Tapu Lele's curse on Amber in action.

2) Was having Ashton/Borlath share similar backstory with Guzma intentional or just a coincidence? Both have abusive parents that they at some point in their lives distance themselves with (though Guzma returns to his parents house in the post-game), and both of them end up befriending Lusamine at some point in their lives. Though as seen in the games, Lusamine goes insane from the Nihilego venom and pretty much abandons Guzma in the Ultra Deep Sea, and the poor guy doesn't even mention Lusamine come the post-game.

3) Also, if Ashton wasn't able to leave Alola for Kanto, what would he be doing?
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