Reviews for White Sheep
Stickginge chapter 92 . 1h
We share a lot of opinions when it comes to the show (though mine, I express in much harsher ways).
I am glad to see ozma did in fact not stay on the path he seemed he would go and am very surprised he basically took the advice of the one person I don’t think anyone would.
As I see that current chapter number get closer and closer to the end, I just want to say now I have enjoyed this fic a great deal. How you came up with the idea for this is kinda crazy but it works so well, especially with Jaune, my favourite character but also the one with the least set up in terms of backstory so an idea like this, while played off for humour, still works and makes for an enjoyable story. Thanks for providing me this joy.
Stickginge chapter 78 . 4/2
How Weiss is acting was what I hoped from the actual show. She did not do what her sister did but neither conformed to her fathers will like her brother. She was her own person with her own goal.
But nah, let’s just have her run away and not care about fixing the sdc or her name cus she wants to find her team in the most stupid and incredibly coincidental way possible. Honestly, who wrote how Weiss got back to the team. All of remnant and she happens to crash near a bandit camp which is the exact one Yangs mum is in who she was on the way to see...this is why I read fanfics, better writing.
Stickginge chapter 75 . 4/1
Never thought I would feel bad for someone getting laid but you pulled it off. Kudos
Stickginge chapter 69 . 3/31
And now I realise with how Qrow acted we are heading into volume 4-5 and that means Oscar...I don’t think I have yet read a fic where I like him. Professor arc is probably the closest but only because you clearly show it as Oz being the important one while Oscar is a victim but knows Ozma being around is far more important than Oscar is, he also is not a Gary Stu kinda character like in show who just gets all the skills super quick and at a young age.
Stickginge chapter 68 . 3/31
Ok I know they want to help their team but really? They did not stay with her for when she woke up and would have to deal with the reality of the situation
Stickginge chapter 56 . 3/29
Really thought with the anger training Jaune would bring up how the Grimm and white fang worked together on the breach (at least how it started) and how involved she was in order to get angry.
Stickginge chapter 54 . 3/28
Did someone seriously complain about ruby bring OOC by wondering about her eyes?
Do they realise this is why fics are so much more enjoyable than the actual show, cus good writers make better use of what happens singers of forgetting it until plot convince brings it up again.
Stickginge chapter 45 . 3/25
I really do enjoy this fic but I’m getting kinda tired of the ‘funny’ interruptions. God I hope her next attempt is not also interrupted in a similar way, it’s getting tiring.
Stickginge chapter 42 . 3/25
I know it was not prominent this chapter but I’m still holding out for Lancaster. Dragonslayer is just kinda nothing with a relationship that has nothing interesting involved in it besides awkward yang
Stickginge chapter 41 . 3/24
God so many misunderstandings, how hard is it for people to just be straight with one another and not have an entire talk based on a assumption that will never be rectified.
Stickginge chapter 36 . 3/23
I’m really hoping a relationship talk happens soon. This is getting crazy with how many are involved and how no one really knows how it is working
dwramsey99 chapter 30 . 3/22
This one’s always been one of my favorites have you ever considered doing a part two of this one following days of the kids to political drama or whatever else they manage to get themselves into
Stickginge chapter 33 . 3/21
I have expected Jaune to lash out at Neo for taking him from his sister, I guess he was kinda out of it.
Guest chapter 3 . 3/17
You know, Coeur stories are so very good at the first 10 or so chapters. This, nttf, the coffe shop, the new rabbit among wolves, null and arcanum. They are so very good at the beginning. But this story is the representation of how the story becomes a ramble of bad plot, constant retcon to follow the canon and just a lacklister ending. You follow it and his constant update are addicting, but when you read it again you realize how very good the first few chapters were and how jist all goes downhill like a train through a house.
Stickginge chapter 21 . 3/17
Hmmmm...honestly thought back when she said she would send Salem images would be when she finds out one has silver eyes and she loses it. Guess that is to be found out later.
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