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pedrorocamora102 chapter 23 . 3h
Excellent chapter, I like the presentation of the future relationship of Qrow with jaune, I am also anxious to see more of jaune, cinder and emedald, I see in that trio a broad potential for comedy based on pseudo-mantic relations, thank you very much for Please keep updating
Teh-Heartless-1 chapter 23 . 6h
As always an enjoyable read. Thought there was one point of interest and that was hazel. I'm not sure if I missed something but was he always a Faunus?
At any rate, minor detail and looking forward to the next update. This fic is really making mercury grow on me, and I can't wait to see his next attempts at being sociable in beacon.
Dead922 chapter 23 . 8h
Hentacle , Hentai Tentacle ,why am I enjoying this !?
RunDownLord chapter 23 . 9h
SO funny
LL chapter 23 . 10h
Cinder has absolutely no idea that Mercury's contract is very thirsty for some Jaune and will be more than willing to give up some of her time to stal-oops I meant spy on Jaune if Cinder knew then how pissed off would she get at Mercury if she saw Velvet looking at Jaune with lust?

I wonder if Nicholas Arc is strong for real given that the whole about him being untouchable part from Grimm is a teeny bit suspicious.

I suspect that Cinder is more mad at Qrow is taking away her "Jaune time" than she is about why he is at Beacon but is being a tsundere about it.

Qrow has no idea that if he so much as harm one hair on Jaune, Salem will be out for his blood and order every Grimm that exist to bring him to her so she and her daughters can torture him.

Speaking of Jaune's sisters, I hope one get to Beacon as a spy for Salem as it would be darn funny to see the girls jealousy skyrocket including Cinder as she already don't like her adopted sisters for their crazy antics not to mention I suspected that she loath it even more when Jaune spent time with them than with her that I bet she often hide in corners spying on Jaune with his sisters.
Wizard Of chapter 23 . 11h
By god, that sounds like the best story.

Every time he goes to walk under a ladder, it snaps shut in front of him and the person falls. Sidewalks repair themselves below his feet. But his villain? Just some guy in armor made of Mirrors, since whenever he attacks him some random freak accident occurs so he can't break the mirror.

Also, nice chapter. Love the description of the uncles, and how so far every hunter/huntress has seemed at least slightly insane, or possibly just 'off' a bit.
Coyn1206 chapter 1 . 12h
Oh my god, is Qrow a tsundere? he is, isn't he. Which means Tai was wise enough not to go down that route.
Kratos1989 chapter 23 . 14h
HAHAHAH~ Oh my sides are hurting from all of this! What with Qrow's bad luck affecting him and all the misunderstandings, it is just pure gold.

The second mention of Taiyang doing 'THE ENTIRE TEAM' of your series. I pity Ruby and Yang for the mental image that Nora gave them, and that quip given by Ren about Nora being at the end of the tunnel was so aptly timed!

Roman's reputation has taken a huge hit with his association with Hentacle, it is my belief that by the end of all of this, every criminal is going to be associated with tentacle hentai, with the possible exception of Mercury XD

That bit of insanity equals strength does have some merit if you look at canon, because as a certain pirate captain would say: "They have to be insane for whatever plans to work on the spot."
Galer chapter 23 . 14h
Jaune you are the LEAST reliable person to say that Ruby has a cuestionable family

Qrow that later would bite you in the but

Good chapter
guest chapter 1 . 16h
Love your fanfic as always man. I am just wondering, is Jaune bad with weapons or just swords? Because it could be funny when Jaune decides to fight with a spear or unarmed and everyone would realize that is what Jaune is good at.
Horrible English, sorry
Just love your fanfic
Bloodline Purger chapter 23 . 17h
like the too much luck idea
Guest chapter 10 . 19h
OMG that was fucking hilarious. I love this fanfic series. I love this overpowered, naive Jaune
RamenofShadows chapter 23 . 20h
Great chapter as always. And fun fact: The next chapter falls on the release date of the new expansion and client launches for The Elder Scrolls Legends. The more you know. ;p
Guest chapter 23 . 21h
Amazing comedy :)
Raven kight chapter 22 . 22h
Look I laughed through half this chapter it's was a great chapter
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