Reviews for White Sheep
Thanatos413 chapter 104 . 5/7
This is the fifth time I've read this! why is it still as awesome as the first!? I love the twist at the end by the way! You're the reason I started writing my own fanfiction thank you!
ue1 chapter 80 . 4/19
I am rereading this story for the third time and I only now understand the omake, or at least I think I do (Ghost Nappa?)
DoomMarine55 chapter 8 . 4/4
I feel like you're being a bit too charitable to Weiss here, yes she is correct in telling Ruby to study but the main problem is Weiss is too condescending and superior in canon initially where as here it seems like she has more of a confidence issue. So it's not really a negative flaw where she needs to be a better person.
benjamynkool chapter 104 . 4/2
I loved this story so much. It truly is a masterpiece. Thank you.
Fenrir44 chapter 104 . 4/2
Found this on the harem barrage archive here read to chapter 19 desided skip ahead to see the end the because 104 chapters and saw what i very much dislike

Why did you abandon the harem route i could not read further to the point of cinder beimg with ironwood what the heck and velvet with merc

If you wanted him paired then one of jaune sisters

But let cinder/velvet/yang/ruby/weis/blake/pyrrha/neo remain with as jaune's women with possible add-ons of glynda nora coco emerald and winter

I very enjoyd this story up chapter 19 but if this is the ending then i wont be reading further
Guest chapter 89 . 3/19
major Jinn-pop(ulation) centers
pedroponay chapter 56 . 3/16
smolhauz chapter 104 . 3/10
GLORIOUS! In all caps! The epilouge was somewhat odd, but you will find no criticism from me! Took me 3 days to finish this entire fic, but it was worth it. Loved the way you did the gods, loved the way the family acted. One thing that confuses me is how a relationship between Cinder and Ironwood is like. That sounds interesting but meh, not that stuck on it.

Liked how you did the relationships. It honestly didn't feel out of place for Ruby to have a kid with Jaune while her sister was married to him. It doesn't feel forced. I like it.

Also, you said this fic was your most crackish, but hot damn was it heavy.

This fic was a gem, it really was. It was long, but it felt organic, natural. Would have loved some more screentime on Jaunes family. But as is, its good- no Amazing. Absupolutely amazing.
TheRightPrice chapter 99 . 3/9
Nevermind, ignore my last post since I can't seem to delete it.
TheRightPrice chapter 99 . 3/9
Hypocritical Salem blaming the deaths of her daughters entirely in Ozma when she was the one who started the fight that killed them.
Guest chapter 39 . 3/7
Ren doesn't look much like a girl
darkdraco0021 chapter 104 . 3/6
Decided to skip ahead... WHERE DID THE HAREM GO ? They all dissapeared except yang and a hint of ruby at the very end ? Tell me I'm wrong. That between ch.42 and this ending that the harem lives on. I saw in this ch that velvet fails to enter the harem , settling for mercury. And neo is back with torchguy. What about blake ? Pyrrha ? Penny ? Cinder ? Emerald ? Lavender ? Did they all puss out after the tentacle fantasies they had ?
darkdraco0021 chapter 41 . 3/6
Reads end : NOOOO. Should remove lavender at this point. If she wasnt the incest member of the harem she shouldve just been the sister. Not another pairing on the side
darkdraco0021 chapter 37 . 3/6
A bit tired of the ren and blake joke. She obviously is interested in grim jaune. So she is in the harem. Unless this story takes a cowards way out and makes her gay and pairs her with one of his sister because all tentacles are the same.
darkdraco0021 chapter 35 . 3/6
Who was the him that jaune's sister mentioned. Hopefully not a love interest. While incest is weird with the whole overly divoted sister thing it made sense here. But if thats not happening hopefully the sister isnt paired with anyone
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