Reviews for White Sheep
Guest chapter 47 . 2h
Good job jaune, your web of misunderstanding has grown even bigger, it even caught the author and beta... Maybe next time it grow bigger it will catch miles and kerry
JemDragons chapter 40 . 2h
Everyone immediately assumes sex. They're all rampant horn-dogs. They need to get laid.
Tarbtano chapter 47 . 4h
I am sorry for the misunderstanding, as another writer with associates I can understand these things happen by no real fault of anyone.

However I will support and say the last few chapters have been fine. I will also not romance and comedy CAN work together, even if it's not fluff or romance focused. Honestly it's why I'd like Ruby and Jaune together as in WAS or Canon, them being such dorks around each other even if they're "together" is ripe for comedy gold between themselves and others reacting to it.

How would Salem react to her potential daughter in law being a Silver eye? Rage at enemy or commending her boy at making one "turn-coat"?

How would the more traditional romance minded Weiss and company react to the "couple" not being too romantic?

How would the whole Hentacle thing play in?

It be very different from the other romances you wrote so I wouldn't write it off entirely.
RunDownLord chapter 47 . 4h
to be honest i didn't notice its still a favourite of mine. i guess in hindsight it has been a long arc. whether or not you plan on taking a more serious route or not is fine really, ill be great either way
zackstone13 chapter 47 . 4h
Check out jonthebomb story's

And looks like you guys need to find out how to make it work.. Add a little romance and a little joke then and there like jaune being dense when someone being romantic to him.. Kinda like luffy from one piece
icemaxprime chapter 47 . 5h
Live and learn my friends. Each story you have written youve learned somthing.
PaulXion chapter 47 . 7h
Oh come on! It was just getting good!
Guest chapter 47 . 8h
I love this pic but I hope the romance won't be completely thrown out the window. It does make for some nice moments in the story.
RainEStar3 chapter 1 . 8h
The characters are confused.
The author and beta are confused.
The readers are confused.
While the comedy had shifted into drama recently, it's good to know that miscommunication has persisted in all levels!
Cloy552 chapter 47 . 8h
Wait what? The chapters weren't funny?
Guest chapter 47 . 10h
Have to agree, this whole dance arc has been pretty awful and I was very confused by all of it.
Dawnless chapter 47 . 10h
College ma nibba, its all good. You are forgiven
TaskRabbit chapter 46 . 11h
I'm gonna be honest, for the last few chapters my first thought upon opening the update is 'oh boy more Velvet/Mercury fluff!'
Guest chapter 47 . 14h
I would love to know what Coeur and College Fools look like lol. I can only Dream _
GrimCrysis72 chapter 1 . 14h
I wouldn't say this arc was a total waste. Like some reviewers have said it's irony that even the authors got misinformed. Was laughing through the entire AN.
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