Reviews for White Sheep
tanithlipsky chapter 71 . 1h
crimson11116 chapter 71 . 5h
Great chapter
duskrider chapter 71 . 6/24
Rather interesting chapter and it is interesting to see how things are going here.
EmperorLuffy chapter 71 . 6/23
Yang's situation was the most hilarious. Blake's was a close second.

But damn the Eldest Daughter so soon? Figured we'd work our way up to her through the younger ones first. Guess not. Jaune's siblings are as interesting and crazy as the Charlotte Family. Looking forward to meeting all of them.

Especially excited for the Ren & Lavender meeting. Ren is super honorable and all that so I suppose he might want to apologize for so callously disregarding her feelings.
Overlord Urasai chapter 14 . 6/23
19-22 In the world of children, that's pretty much fifty years. Though, i guess Ruby would be the only one who would think like that. Mind and body of a warrior, age and attitude of a child.
ChrisCrimson chapter 71 . 6/22
now the question remains, who wants grandkids more, Salem or Kali?
The Sinful chapter 10 . 6/22
A TRUE RWBY crackship? That's easy: Glynda and a Nevermore.
Escoger chapter 71 . 6/22
‘Oh my God, I'm the second coming of Raven…’

This simple phrase has me laughing like a loon.

Congrats Coeur, you’ve managed to write an unwanted Harem story. A twofer, really. And it’s awesome beyond words!

Let the BlakexRen shine. I can’t wait for this to go absolutely nuts.
Medblare chapter 71 . 6/22
Summer Female Kratos, nice. You know, with the whole ‘girl’ / ‘daughter’ thing. Also Kali is great (troll)
Cat Poster chapter 71 . 6/22
Half of blake's lines are hissing
BlueCore chapter 71 . 6/22
And ren's harem is ever growing
Serfius chapter 71 . 6/21
Soooo... Is Sapphire gonna continue the Salem family tradition and fall for a Hunter, like Qrow perhaps?
linkjames24 chapter 71 . 6/21
Love the different party quests. Ren! Blake! Romance~ Tis what I live for. Nothing like your parents embarrassing you in front of your harem for relatability eh Blake? I really like the Ren/Blake romance though. Hope you pursue it. It'll be new and refreshing. Speaking of parents, Yang's bonding with her and Jaune's Grimm! Wtf that's a boy? WOW. Yin! How original! Blake and Ren again! Really love these two. Qrow suspicion time~ Sapphire! Oh yes! Eldest sister time! Bonding siblings next chapter.
Zathol chapter 71 . 6/21
Sibling fiiiiiiight! Least we know she is doing it out of love!
Fantasy OH YEA chapter 71 . 6/21
Ren X Blake please, anyway, why did Qrow group up, he knows about his semblance so he wouldn’t want endanger Ruby which is the reason he didn’t in cano but I love Blake’s story the best and it is ten out of ten
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