Reviews for White Sheep
Jack54311 chapter 83 . 9/17
Poor Watts. He really doesn't get a break. He totally seems to deserve it, though. Great chapter, I'm looking forward to more Weiss and Kevin. I'm pretty sure he's unofficially her pet now. He is to her like Manny is to Pyrrha, except I'm pretty sure he likes her more.
MalasLaBro chapter 83 . 9/17
"Would you like to rule Atlas like a Queen, Miss Schnee?"

"An Ice Queen?"


"I would love to."
EdgyBro chapter 10 . 9/17
I did not expect that lol, good job author
LONE RANGER 97 chapter 32 . 9/17
I hope Raven dies a very slow and AGONIZING death
thoughter chapter 83 . 9/17
i believe, and let me press that


that this is the first story to have Ozpin as the antagonist.
tanithlipsky chapter 83 . 9/16
very good
Kurarin-san chapter 81 . 9/16
This is too fucking hilarious. Seriously. I couldn’t hold my laughter, and it’s kinda late so I should. Still, keep it up! I’m gonna die from laughter at this rate.
jch529 chapter 83 . 9/16
Went back and binged read this again. Just read In The Kingdom's Service. Didn't realized you did a little crossover there.
ReavesTheReader chapter 83 . 9/16
Waiting on Ozpin's meltdown scene along with Oscar's knocking him out and taking charge. XD
Blinded in a bolthole chapter 83 . 9/15
And just like that, quite unexpectedly Ozpin was the bad guy, a well intended experiment.
Guest chapter 83 . 9/14

poor pyrrha. Don't worry, jaune is coming!
Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros chapter 82 . 9/14
So I'm just a little curious as to what Salem's role is in this story? I mean I know what her goal is. Her goal is to destroy humankind. But does she destroy all of them? Is she like a Counter Guardian or how the True Apostal Ancestors were supposed to be in Fate/Stay Night? In other words, is Salem a steward of the world/Remnant in this story? If that's the case, it would make sense why she hasn't attacked humans in years ( like she mentions in story) ...because they been too busy destroying one another to threaten the environment. Humans generally tend to be more of a danger to themselves and the planet than anything else. Let's be honest, if humans were left to destroy the world there be nothing left of it at all!
DarkFireCat5241999 chapter 83 . 9/14
Damnit ozpin why can't their be a nice old man who actually cares about the children
AMinorGlitch chapter 83 . 9/14
The entire situation with Qrow is suddenly making me legitimately ill for some reason. I think it's mostly her assumption that fucking someone automatically gives you rights to be upset if that someone decides they don't want it to be more then a fling. That is a rather terrifying mindset to have and is not the sign of anything even approaching a healthy mind.

She's literally setting off every single one of my "violently abusive girlfriend" alarms.
WildflowerDar chapter 83 . 9/14
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