Reviews for After a War
fanfiction7hp chapter 2 . 8/27
just realised T is higher than K plus. prehaps just add warnings?
fanfiction7hp chapter 1 . 8/27
thats supposed to say k plus
fanfiction7hp chapter 1 . 8/27
I think this should be rated higher like a K and like tragedy/supernatural horror
Suck my binky chapter 71 . 7/19
So like how kind I find this on wattpad? Or what's your SN?
Isobel Hatchett chapter 71 . 7/19
Hey it was really good! Cant wait till the next chapters come out
Isobel Hatchett chapter 33 . 7/18
I don't understand... why would she make everyone remember, then obliviate them again, then tell herself to remember... this is getting super confusing
Isobel Hatchett chapter 27 . 7/18
What ths fuck? Why? Why did she obliviate everyone again?
Isobel Hatchett chapter 26 . 7/18
This is so fucked up but I can't stop...
Fred chapter 3 . 4/10
holy sh*t is everyone out of character.
morganna12 chapter 68 . 4/6
I'm a little obsessed with this and a little obsessed with you! Update soon :D
NaomiG chapter 56 . 3/8
Here is the copy paste thing)

Draco's Codename White paws

Hermione's Codename Red paws

Pansy's Codename Claws

Solomon's Codename

My favorite CharacterMaya
NaomiG chapter 55 . 3/5
I love your story! I need to know what I happens! This is just a suggestion but could you add more stuf about the wanderers please? I love them. But definitely keep on with Hermione and Draco. Please post more stories!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/1
Ron lost his brother Harry had to kill someone ps Ron also had to kill.

Draco tried to kill Ron he should be jail even if you are force it still a crime. And he was. It force in the ROR so jail foR him
bigred20 chapter 47 . 2/20
Great chapter ,but I didn't think Draco and Hermione were able to touch without her feeling like she was stabbed again?
Guest chapter 46 . 2/14
I personally don't think it's too bad except for a few grammar mistakes in which everyone makes from time to time, but if you want to reboot it, go ahead. :)
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