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James Mowery chapter 7 . 3/20
I thought you advanced all your plot elements very skillfully in this chapter. Plus, and God bless you sir, you used a Chuck voice over narration and really deftly at that! You very economically packed in a lot of information in an extremely diverting manner and you kept Chuck in character while doing it.

I really liked all the little details you put in to move the plot along. I found myself chuckling at Sarah swearing in Polish like a pissed off lancer whose horse stepped on her czapka as a means of attracting Malina's attention.

I'm wondering just what Jacob's dread secret is. He's a professional conserver so there are all sorts of unsavory possibilities involving smuggled art or historical documents. The Sovs and their eastern european puppets often went to great lengths to suppress history (and historical documents) if the memory of it served as a nationalistic rallying point. Perhaps Jacob was involved in a scheme like that and fled because he knew too much. Still something is fishy with his story as Malina told it.

Then there is Janek who is too smooth by half. Interesting how when he was blowing off Sarah's subtle signals he referenced the University of Warsaw, Jacobs old alma mater. You know it would be ironic indeed if he worked for Agencja Wywiadu (Polish foreign intelligence service). That would certainly explain why he was with Alexandra/Vladmilla. She wasn't running him, he was running her.

On the other hand maybe Valyrian isn't his target maybe Jacob is which I guess would mean he's with Centralne Biuro Antykorupcyjne (the anti-corruption bureau). Perhaps his "story" is an eerie parallel to Sarah's Burbank adventure as in Malina was just supposed to be an avenue to Jacob.

I beg your pardon in advance if this seems like nitpicking but I'm genuinely confused about a couple of things. In an earlier chapter didn't you state that Sarah's German accent marked her as not Swiss but her cover at Valyrian is as a Swiss citizen from Geneva? Is her Romansh that good, because I've read somewhere that the Romansh people speak standard German in addition to the Swiss variety. If she's undercover as a Swiss citizen why did she learn Polish from her Granny as a child if the woman's English was halting? Shouldn't that have been halting German, French, Italian or Romansh?

On the other hand I really like the details about Sarah's Polish accent. North Eastern Poland huh? Does this means she knows Lithuanian? I always imagined her family came from Krakow. I must say I like new and improved Hanseatic Sarah better! I can't wait to see how far off my wild guesses are!
True Love Lives Forever chapter 7 . 3/19
Looking forward to more. Thankso for the great story.
Guest chapter 7 . 3/18
Thanks for the Update. Cheers Tshadow
tshdow chapter 7 . 3/16
thanks! tshadow
xxx Rob M xxx chapter 7 . 3/14
Apologies for not reviewing the last couple of chapters...please know that I did read and enjoy them both...

I always find stories where Chuck has to keep secrets from people interesting. There are times both in the show as well as in fanfic stories where Sarah holds information back from Chuck, and I think this bothers us as fans as to why she dosnt trust him. So I think stories where Chuck has to hold back information he has, from innocent people, for their own good help give us some context to why Sarah sometimes acts like that.

I am a little curious as to what drove Chuck to start asking Sarah about her past, as after "Vs the Cougars" hes typically portrayed as being less pushy and more patient about her history...allowing her to open up in her own time.

That being said, I do like where the story went with the idea. Sarahs use of her true history on a mission reminded me of another story I enjoyed awhile back where Sarah had not only slept with an asset because of the mission, but had also given him her real birth date. I do like that here, it caused her to recognize that Chuck deserved to know these things about her if they were going to move forward as a couple.

Im also interested in where youre going with the spy aspect of the story, and just what Janek's deal is in this whole thing.

...looking forward to the next chapter
Guest chapter 7 . 3/14
Not a false note. As usual.
fezzywhigg chapter 7 . 3/14
I liked the "you shall not pass" joke. I also thought it was funny that you had Sarah like muesli and yogurt when Yvonne has made statements before that she does not (although, to be honest it was granola and yogurt but I figured that was close). Sarah is not perfect but she is often idealized in fanon. I'm glad that you are showing her difficult side and that she finally shared with Chuck. I'm wondering if with Janek we are seeing a reflection of Sarah's relationship with Chuck. A person with a sketchy background trying to do what is right for someone they don't feel they deserve? Thanks for writing.
Deathzbreath chapter 7 . 3/14
Excellent update looking forward to more!
sevenrez chapter 7 . 3/13
Love the speed and flow of the story. I liked the five minute sharing exercise and how Sarah finally shares. Can't wait until the next chapter. Thank you!
WvonB chapter 7 . 3/13
Well done as usual. You've done a very good job of helping us understand Sarah and her reticence about her past. But you've done even a better job of showing us how and why she finally overcame (at least to some degree) that and was able to open up to Chuck.
Thank you for this great story. I look forward to future chapters.
Oh, like the extended reminders at the beginning as well.
wilf21 chapter 7 . 3/13
A really good chapter thank you. I'm glad Sarah opened up a little to Chuck although it's a bit sad that she had to tell some of her story to Janek first to make her realise she also needed to talk to her boyfriend. I'm really interested to find out what Janek is up to.
baldcoder chapter 7 . 3/13
Excellent chapter! Looking forward to more!
Guest chapter 7 . 3/13
Glad to see Sarah becoming a real girl.
I really don't like huge amounts of angst.
Sarah working things out with Chuck is
great. I look forward to the continuation of
this story. Thank You for writing. JR69stang
Guest chapter 7 . 3/13
That was great insight into Sarah's reluctance to share her past. I do think she should have told Chuck that particular story was woven into her cover. Now, when he inevitably finds out, he's going to think the only reason (and it was A reason) that she shared it is because she shared it with someone else first. She's trying. But she really can't get out of her own way, can she?
Marc Vun Kannon chapter 7 . 3/13
Great chapter. It looks like Janek might be on the level and that makes me happy. Can't wait to find out what his angle really is. I was a little disappointed that Sarah told him what she'd already told Janek, but glad that she went above and beyond with more secret history for him alone. Great idea with the T-shirts, love the little details like that.
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