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Nevara5 chapter 31 . 2/17
That was a beautiful story. I, personally, tend to prefer Remus and Sirius pairings, but the way you introduced Hermione and wrote their romance so beautifully won me over. I very much like the Remus-Tonks-Charlie triad, and Luna/Harry is one of my favorite pairings. I love your take on the tri-wizard, your presentation of the characters and I love Neville being at Harry's side. This was a wonderful read, well written and just enough angst to spice up the story. Thank you for sharing this with us. I know it's unlikely you'll see my review, but do you perhaps know the origin of "Dan" and "Emma" as the name of Hermione's parents? I've noticed them used frequently, especially by Robst and Oldcrow. If those are their cannon names then I'm an idiot who forgot and feel free to ignore my question lol.
IrishIris chapter 16 . 2/9
Sounds brilliant! I love when fanfic writers come up with new bits of magic.
IrishIris chapter 15 . 2/9
IrishIris chapter 12 . 2/9
*wolf whistles* Get it, girl! You kiss that sexy bastard!
IrishIris chapter 11 . 2/9
I love how you can tell when it's Harry's POV because Sirius becomes Dadfoot :'D
IrishIris chapter 10 . 2/9
So we're going up in the air instead of down into the black lake? Can't wait! I was wondering how you were going to handle the 'thing you'd miss the most' bit in the lake.
Also, there are only three champions this time around. That means, if two people go to touch the cup at the same time... *shudders* there's a lot of ways this could go down...
IrishIris chapter 9 . 2/9
I have got to know more about what the death eaters are planning. Is it going to go down like before? In the maze? I'm sure Sirius would have something to say about that. I can't quite figure out Dumbledore, though... hmm.
IrishIris chapter 8 . 2/9
LOL. I love seeing people pull one over on a maurader. :)
IrishIris chapter 7 . 2/9
Fantastic entrance for Hermione. I can't wait to hear why she ended up at Beauxbottoms instead of Hogwarts.
IrishIris chapter 5 . 2/9
An unbreakable vow for a basilisk? Hmm. Can't wait to see how that bites them in the butt, lol.
IrishIris chapter 4 . 2/8
Iiiiinteresting. I suppose it makes sense that Harry would be friends with Neville in this AU, but I'm curious to know where Luna came from, as opposed to someone in his own house.
IrishIris chapter 3 . 2/8
Ah, that went over swimmingly. No more pettigrew to deal with makes things loads simpler.
IrishIris chapter 2 . 2/8
Oh good on you, mate. Kick Snape's arse. :P
IrishIris chapter 1 . 2/8
Aaaand just like that, I've fallen in love. I know it's piss-poor timing as I've got work in the morning, but c'est la vie. This is amazing.
NHPhoenix24 chapter 30 . 2/5
The grim and the otter obsidians may be called Commun-icon.
Excellent chapter, fretting that I’m coming to the end of the story. I like these characters.
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