Reviews for Red Roses, Gray Skies (Selection SYOC)
leyton4everrr chapter 67 . 2/2/2019
I am so glad you are back! This chapter really intrigues me and I am curious to who died, is it one of the selected? I am also curious to who the hostage is and how Gilly plans to get back to Allens with a hostage and no one noticing. I am looking forward to the next chapter.
Smiley111 chapter 67 . 2/2/2019
OMG YESSSS YOU ARE BAAAAACK! And I have an account now! (confetti)
But wow! Gilly sounds like a scary person. Did she kill Scarlet? If she did, nooooooo!
Anyway, it is so nice to see you again, and I have pinterest stuff for both Scarlet and Elia that I will invite you to.
Azlea chapter 67 . 2/1/2019

So, I almost had a heart attack, I was so excited to see an update; and then I read it and almost had another heart attack! AHHHHHH WhaT happened?! Who died?!

(I'm really happy to see that you're back to writing!)
Guest chapter 66 . 11/27/2018
Please update soon I really like this story
rebelsroyalty chapter 66 . 5/30/2018
Hey long time no chapter. It's nice to see you're still updating I thought you had forgot about us for a second. I like that we're starting to get to know more of the girls and get a feel for their personalities 't sit for the next chapter
Azlea chapter 66 . 5/28/2018
Yay! A date! I don't think Luke is ever going to stop being so awkwardly cute, which is perfect because I enjoy reading from his pov so much! Also, I'm glad we're starting to get to know the girls better; I've been looking forward to seeing their personalities closer and learning about their lives!

I really enjoyed this chapter, and, as always, am looking forward to the next!
Smiley chapter 66 . 5/28/2018
Hooray! The date!
Thank you so much for portraying Scarlet perfectly. I love how you delved into her backstory! Her interaction with the waitress made me smile. I ship her and Luke!
Thank you for updating, and keep updating. You are an amazing writer.
leyton4everrr chapter 66 . 5/28/2018
So glad we finally got an update. I am excited about the possibility of you having more time to write. I enjoyed this chapter and getting to know more about Scarlet. While I do enjoy your story, I wish more of it focused on the individual girls because I know next to nothing about most of the selected. To help with this maybe you can do a chapter where one of the princes just observes the girls and we can hear the girls conversations with each other. This can help us get to know the girls and also see how they get along with each other and which girls have struck of friendships. Because I know for me, I valued America and Marlee's friendship as much as America and Mason's relationship in The Selection Series. I realized this review might sound harsh, but I do really love your story and getting to know more about each prince. No worries about the long time between updates, I understand how time consuming school can be. Excited for your next update.
Fryllabrille201 chapter 66 . 5/27/2018
I have to admit it's been a very long while since I reviewed this, and I'm so sorry about that. I just want to let you know that I've been reading and I'm very happy that you never cease to write this.
I love the marching band, they're such sweethearts (it's been so long ago but I need to say this :D) Marigold is one of my favorite. The small sections with Queen Kriss left me wondering what she's planning. On the lighter note, I enjoy the interaction the girls have with each other and with the princes. Sam is being a very good brother to Luke, while Fitz... not so much, but that's more room for character development, right? I also like the explanation on Illea's relation with other countries, I wonder if we'd see the representatives from the countries someday... it'll be interesting.
I'm looking forward for the next chapter, keep writing :)
DauntlessThreeRavens chapter 66 . 5/27/2018
Another amazing chapter if I may say so myself. I like how Luke’s train of thought jumps all over the place and he gets distracted easily
MoonChild913 chapter 66 . 5/27/2018
I’m still here! I don’t have time to write a long review right now, but I will say that I am loving this story so much. I do wish it would move along a little quicker seeing as it has been well over a year and none of the boys have actually shown any sign of being anywhere close to deciding or even being able to pick a top 10z. That is okay though, I still love this story
Azlea chapter 65 . 5/4/2018
Geez, this is a late review from me, haha. I thought this was a really good chapter - finally, Luke lets the others know what he actually thinks; and thank goodness for Sam trying to lift Luke up and give him some credit. Both of them deserve hugs :D
frostfeatherthewriter chapter 56 . 4/26/2018
For some reason I'm just so happy that even if my character Avearian might not win, she'll be a three, and have a happy life able to provide for her family
Leyton4everrr chapter 65 . 4/14/2018
So glad you updated today! I loved how Sam stuck up for Luke and told him that he could be something someday. I was really disappointed in Fitz and his I’m better than everyone attitude. I liked the story of them building things as kids and it is sad to see how far they have grown apart. I how on this trip Luke and Sam become closer. I also hope to see one of the princes go on a date soon. Excited for the next update!
Smiley chapter 65 . 4/14/2018
I just have to say that the part about “running around like baby bunnies” made me laugh. Jadie is so serious, but she can be really funny, too. Hopefully the princes can put their differences aside soon. Also, I’m so excited for Scarlet and Luke’s date and for Elia and Fitz to hang out more!
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