Reviews for Black Box
Durotos chapter 3 . 2/24/2017
Ah, what a treat to wake up to this morning! I love this story so much it made my heart melt! :D

I love your inclusion of Daryl - he is, admittedly, one of my favorite Valley villagers and he made a great combo with Claire's whole "robot" thing. I also love how you brought May and Stu back for the third chapter.

It was quite cute that it took Cliff so long to realize that Claire was indeed human, and it took her getting injured to realize this. He was so eager to hold onto that idea because he had grown comfortable with it.

The ending, ah, the ending... You made me swoon. I love the way you wrote out the dialogue. Cliff strikes me as the type who would be adept with sweet words, but not because he is practiced with them. Rather, it's because they are pure, unadorned, and come straight from the heart. "My incomplete thoughts were just slipping out of me." This is how my husband and I speak to each other, and the words he gives me are the most precious thing in the world. Ah, you have me tearing up a bit, now... (The reason I'm so drawn to Cliff as a character is because I see a lot of myself and my husband in him - heck, he resembles my husband quite a bit physically!)

The interactions at the end feel very natural and I truly enjoyed this entire story. I've enjoyed getting to know you better through my own story and this one, and it feels a little bittersweet that this one has ended. However, I look forward to reading your future works!

I cannot thank you enough for this story.
Durotos chapter 2 . 1/14/2017
Ha, I see we updated our stories at the same time, so I came on here to find a treat! :)

Love, love, love!

Because Cliff's backstory is so vague in the games, I feel like a lot of writers struggle with portraying his emotions involving his past. I love how you were able to succeed in this. The guilt over his selfishness feels very human, and I love that he slowly learning more about himself as he helps Claire.

Claire's body language in this chapter is phenomenal. Like Cliff, I'm still half-wondering if she is a robot from time to time, but her brief lapses and very human facial expressions seem to suggest otherwise.

Loving the story so far! Thanks again! :)
Durotos chapter 1 . 12/31/2016
Ah, thank you, Secret Santa! Not shabby at all for never playing Mineral Town! You still managed to capture the small town feel.

I love how you included Stu and May in this story and had them act as the catalysts for the plot. I always had this headcannon that Cliff helped watch over them at the church and that they help keep him focused on the present as opposed to the past.

I love Claire's playful winks and banter to a dumbfounded Cliff. I like the idea of Claire making herself available to him, but letting him come to her when she is ready; Cliff strikes me as the kind of guy who would be scared off by someone who is too forward, whether it is someone interested in simply friendship or something more.

Also, a big kudos for including Gotz and Vesta, two of my favorite townies!

Have a Happy New Year and thank you again for the sweet story! :)