Reviews for Headlines
1Thunderfire chapter 1 . 1/4/2017
I like this little slice of life stuff; it's really nice and I think it's cool how Bandana Dee's not really fussed about not being in the papers. This is good, clear and straightforward; great for when you just want a quick read. And I know I shouldn't really laugh but I did the find the notion of Whispy Woods being a dementia-addled tree amusing; that explains why he's forever attacking Kirby at any rate. :)

Attention? I suppose it does depends on the situation really. I can't really think of any good examples concerning myself to be honest.

And yes, Bandana Dee needs more love.
DAYLIGHT0401 chapter 1 . 1/4/2017
It's a good habit to do things cuz you enjoy doing them or like to be responsible. Like Bandana. People who watch will know they're taking things seriously (Dedede q)
I don't feel very sensitive to attention, as long as I still get to do what I like I guess. But when I notice people are looking at me a lot I'd really like to just hide in the bathroom or something. Probably the people in a very secluded area can't think of anything else besides their local hero to put their newspapers _ since they're putting him all over the news already lol, I can imagine how overwhelming that can be. People can be better at discovering what else they have, but once anything really catches attention they tend to make too much out of it sometimes. Yep I perfer staying quiet rather than that.
Agt Cosmic chapter 1 . 1/3/2017
Great King isn't going to be too happy about his newspaper being dirty now, Bandana. But I guess Kirby can step in and then that'll be another, hmm?
But yes, Bandana Dee needs love.

As for the attention situation, it kinda depends. I'm sorta mixed up on attention myself...but since you said 'recognised' for what they think they're good at, I think that's somewhat separate than what I was thinking. In my opinion, I think it's nice to be paid attention if you're really good at something...but you have to have some actual work and proof out there that you've truly worked hard and have perfected the skill. Expecting everyone in the world to know who you are because of that skill is obviously delusional, but among people in your field (or your family at home; that's where I get sidetracked), I think respecting each others' skills is good.

Particularly if you spent an enormous amount of time and money on your skills. Like, I would immediately recognise a brain surgeon for their skill without question. No explanation needed.

But as for everyday skills (say like, fanfiction writing), I'd say that some recognition is nice every once in a while, like if you wrote a really spectacular piece, or fixed an important computer program, or proved the Cauchy-Schwartz method in two minutes. It's realistic to want to be complimented for that, though as I said before, your colleagues and family are probably going to be the only ones to recognize it, much less understand it. But if people are looking to be complimented every hour of their lives, that's unrealistic. So basically, I think the recognition you receive should be in proportion to what you're doing.
...that was longer than I intended.
Meow chapter 1 . 1/1/2017
Hehe. Jumping themes from silly profoundness to sweet life-realizations (in the two different stories updated in the same day and next to each other).
I like this. It's just, I can see it happening amongst these two.
Attention...a tricky point to decide. Even with all the elaborately typed remarks, I'm not seeking attention beyond the initial laugh. In reality, I find it better to have the confidence and regard from just those you really want to acknowledge you. When you seek the world, it causes more experiences and views to scrap against your existence. It holds one to feel they have to achieve a sort of certain goal and in turn limits their creatively and mind-set if placing it on quantity and not quality. Now if you do something and get no love or appreciation at all, in the earnestness of someone else's appreciation (or at least acknowledgement period), then there is a fight on.
Of course, King Dedede is watching and listening on his own personal champion, Bandana!
While as the views toward DDD vary, a King would have to trust one to appoint as a retainer...Unless it was just Kirby's opinion covered under gust of royal chats.
You know, the more you type, the more I get the feeling Bandana is into Ornithology. Would add up to him accompanying the Great King's bird-watching and the relationship of possible friends/being friends in general.
Bandana Dee can be the King of Common Sense and Sensibility.
I figure this might not be the best time for this comment, but wouldn't the act of carving wood in front a living tree be similar to herbal-slaughter? Also, to pose the idea of rabies-infected fans nipping Kirby is interesting. Then there is the is not too farfetch to think Kirby cannot read the language in areas of Popstar or even in the country of Dreamland. He is an alien afterall (videogame and anime-verse). Then there is the newspaper and the image of Waddle-Paperboys delivering said stacks of information. Bean bags...and how many have been popped by Dedede plopping on each...and where does Bandana store his weapon...and if said pointy object punctured said bean bags?
Some of my comments are deja vu.
As for Kirby's fascination into botany, it's an edible product and Kirby is all about food. It's reasonable since he like strawberries and copying the essence of lifeforms.
Azuranaito chapter 1 . 1/1/2017
Eh, it's not all bad hiding from attention. It gets ridiculous for some, but others relish it. I personally don't care either way. It's nice once in a whole, but if it gets too much, it's ridiculous, don't you agree?