Reviews for Blazing Generations
thewookie1 chapter 64 . 7/8
Oh no, Mommy is here!
S10MC2015 chapter 64 . 7/8
Yuna song?
Ethan Kironus chapter 63 . 6/27
Crossing Field. That's a given. And it should be either just Lilly, or Lilly and whomever else from 'the gang' who would be singing.
Random Bystander chapter 63 . 6/26
If you could, I really like the song Uchiage Hanabi by DAOKO. It would amazing if someone could sing that!
thewookie1 chapter 63 . 6/26
The thing that cracks me up with the transition is how we went from terrorists with assault rifles to big mean bullies in one chapter lol.

Looking forward to this next musical escapade!

One thing I just thought of though is, they are in something around 2035 to 2040 so any music we think of will be oldies to them or from their parent's early childhood
bankerrtx01 chapter 62 . 6/26
Yea and with that done a huge gateway of character development good job can't wait
Ethan Kironus chapter 62 . 6/9
This was rather meta.
S10MC2015 chapter 62 . 6/9
Next arc alicization
thewookie1 chapter 62 . 6/9
A nice happy ending for the AIs and our main characters. Plus using the next SAO arc was rather clever.
Guest chapter 61 . 5/28
My only question is where the hell is AI Dagger!?
thewookie1 chapter 61 . 5/27
I guess Laughing Coffin isn't laughing anymore.
Ethan Kironus chapter 61 . 5/27
Whenever I try to think too much about the whole AI thing, I just get a headache.
Ethan Kironus chapter 60 . 5/12
The lady who tried to rob Silica?!
Yakosh chapter 60 . 5/12
Rosalia actually became a decent human being? Well that's a surprise.
thewookie1 chapter 60 . 5/12
Fascinating, with the absence of Heathcliff; Kirito ended up with Asuna likely earlier on thus starting up a guild of their own which effectively replaced the position KoBO held.

Ending Reveal... Well I guess she cleaned up her act
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