Reviews for Red Right Hand
Gabby0515 chapter 45 . 10/1
Excellent story!
Gabby0515 chapter 41 . 10/1
Oh my! I really didn't think she would find out.
Gabby0515 chapter 21 . 9/30
Man, I really wish there was someway for her to get a divorce. I really can't stand Cygnus. Really, how dare he be upset when he's been adulterous since the very beginning. What an asshole.
Gabby0515 chapter 6 . 9/28
This chapter was so sad Poor girl. Thank goodness I was with someone considerate to my pleasure too for my first time.
1Deivle chapter 45 . 9/23
So I just binge read this it was hard to stop reading, i know you haven't uploaded in a long time but it would be great if you did even if it was a quick wrap up either way I really enjoyed this it was a great rendition of this genre
texiut chapter 45 . 9/18
To be honest, I didn't expect much but after the first chapter I was hooked.
This was perfect! I love how you portrayed Tom. Even though he wasn't Voldemort his search for power was still part of his character and I love how you Incorporated it!

Wonderfully written and a great plot! I'd love to hear more but the ending was nice nonetheless.

Thank you for all the work you have put into this! ~
Emily chapter 45 . 9/8
Ahhh! Loved this. Things didn’t go to complete shit. And tommy has a family! Ug. So good. Really enjoyed this.
Emily chapter 35 . 9/8
Loving this so much! I have so many chores to do but I can’t put this down. Ug. There goes cleaning my house today.
Emily chapter 33 . 9/8
Emily chapter 32 . 9/8
Noooooooo! Ahhhhh!
Emily chapter 30 . 9/8
No no no no no!
Emily chapter 28 . 9/8
The suspense is killing me! Love this!
Emily chapter 14 . 9/8
Marius is my favorite that poor sweet child.
Guest chapter 45 . 8/29
Brilliant work! I loved it!
Neko-Tenchi chapter 18 . 8/21
Hermionie is a brilliant mum, but I think she's too easy on Tom. She's blind to his faults and doesnt explain them to him. I wish shed explained to Tom after meeting his father how not all muggles are bad, or taken him into town to interact with so nice muggles so he could see the stark comtrast. Tom's smart, so maybe he would have put two and two together and figured out that just as there are horrible wizards like Abraxes and nice witches like Dorea and Pollux, there are nice muggles and horrible muggles like his father. I dont think Toms made that diffrentiation and hes still fostering all the hatred he has towards his father onto muggles as a whole

Don't be mistaken. I LOVE this story. This is my third time reading it. I adore how much Tom loves and respects Hermione.
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