Reviews for Zootopia: Firewatch
Bear678 chapter 4 . 6/11/2023
i can honestly say that i feel like i constitute about 1/8th of the total read throughs of this story ... oh so good .. each and every time
Bear678 chapter 3 . 6/11/2023
yup .. its that time .. time for another read-through .. simply put .. this story is my all time favorite
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 28 . 5/30/2023
now i am curious! the name Snowball could be interpreted as the only other white canine we know in the history of Zootopia. and the answer is SKYE! :D
didnt thought she would also be in here instead of any ZBI/SecretAgent scenario.
cant wait to read when Mr Jack Savage will appear too! x,D

and in the end, Trisha managed to steal another firewatcher from Judy!
who would have guessed. '
at least its in good faith, so that Nick dont have to leave the forest. :)

great story so far! i enjoyed it to the fullest! xD
(could have been more angst/mistery about the 'secret mammal' who sabotaged Nick and Judy. but hey, it can still be continued with another crazy person in the sequels.)
cant wait to read the next pages since i started reading your story when you already finished Firefalls and Fireflies! x,D
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 27 . 5/24/2023
what a great ending! it had everything! Drama, Action, Angst and Fluff!
and even one of the pinecone's managed to hold onto Nick's tail and escaped the June-Fire! x,D
and the letter at the end is also funny! cant wait to start reading the sequel. :)
thanks for your great work, Blue! :D
HorizonSniper chapter 26 . 5/24/2023
Eyyep, they're about to get the same tratment of orange that Cascadians got the summer of 432 After Calamity, and just the same taste of orange as the original games folks got.
HorizonSniper chapter 21 . 5/24/2023
Radio love side arc when?
HorizonSniper chapter 10 . 5/24/2023
HorizonSniper chapter 1 . 5/22/2023
This is going to go just like Firewatch the game, isn't it..
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 26 . 5/16/2023
well... now the mystery is out of the bag and we got our perpetrator.
dont know why but hoped there would be a bigger 'Bang' than what we saw here now.
but maybe the dark grey rabbit (dont know his name yet) will come back again in the sequels and maybe then we will get our 'Bellwether-like-Showdown'. x,D

but for now, we have bigger problems on our hands. the June Fire is getting a boost!
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 25 . 5/15/2023
hohoHOOO! now we are getting into the "Mystery"-Part of this story again!
cant wait what Delta is going to show Nick.
maybe something about the stalker/saboteur?
cant wait to read the next chapter! :D
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 24 . 5/15/2023
i really LOVE Trisha!
the conversation with her and Nick is really well written and AMAZING!
would love to have someone like her for real in my live! :,(
now i have to read other storys of her after finishing the Firewatcher Saga! :D
does anyone have a road-map for this OC?
thanks again in advance!
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 23 . 5/15/2023
CHEEEEEEEEESY! best way to describe this chapter! :,)
but i really wished that Nick and Delta succeeded in dunking Trisha into the lake. x,D
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 22 . 5/3/2023
why does it get more and more fluff?
its toooooo much! need to dilute it with more humor and mistery but its not working! x,D
and the Boob moment probably turned me into a diabetic! '
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 21 . 5/3/2023
that was a really fluff chapter! too much love and hot stuff for my brain to handle! x,D
but best part was the water-bomb-fail! that must have really hurt the butt and pride! :,)
why didnt we got something like that in the Firewatch game? '
Malik-Elalaoui chapter 20 . 4/27/2023
LMAO! now Nick have to burn down the whole tower because Delta and Trisha tarnished everything there! poor Nick! x,D
but it was wort it!
now he and Judy can do the same thing to the Thorofare Tower!
cant wait to read all the naughty fluff! :-]
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