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Crazzytony chapter 12 . 8/14
This has been great so far hope to see more soon!
ChronoHyperion chapter 12 . 6/26
Aw bummer, but I guess everybody has their own taste I guess so that's fine.

Also just a heads up, I'm currently making OCs either for this fic (if your interested) or for my own amusement. Currently I have 3 OC Generals; 1 for the USA, 1 for China, and 1 for the GLA. This also includes their specialized arsenal but they are optional to add should you try to use my OCs. I'm currently working for the Arsenal of the US General. I am thinking if I should start next with either the Chinese General or the GLA Commander after I'm done with the US General.
Taco9000 chapter 12 . 6/21
Wow, a few months last updated on the last time I checked, oh well, still hyped.

Hope that Aleksandr makes an appearance someday, Remnant beware, for the gas mask war criminals are here!
EnriksD8 chapter 12 . 6/13
Damn, didn't expect Qahira to be the guy that killed Jaune's wife. No wonder the Kommandant hates that guy.

So the White Fang will encounter against the VNA soon. It won't be a massacre, but given how the GLA has been fighting through guerilla warfare, they will in over the White Fang. Yeah, the Faunus have higher senses over humans, but that's a double-edged sword right there.

Better vision? Especially at night? Well screw you, White Fang! The GLA's gonna screw up your vision through sheer volume of muzzle flashes and through (Presumably stolen) flashbangs.
Better hearing? Hear that? That's the sound of artillery from BM-21 Grads.
Better smelling? Here comes they come, Faunus, like a chemical spill, hehe!

Out of all the ROTR factions, I played the GLA the most. Just spam Quad Cannons and Marauder Tanks with all the upgrades and whatever enemy/enemies you face shall perish. Same with the Toxin-based vehicles, they are really great at clearing garrisoned buildings and infantry. Even the Recycler units, funniest voice lines in the entire mod BTW, can be deadly with proper planning and the right tech.

Either way, the White Fang will suffer tremendous losses, while the GLA/VNA will simply recover and go forth to 'liberate' other 'oppressed' locations.

As for Salem and her reactions to the factions from ROTR? Once the Russian Federation gets wind of your existence, nothing's gonna stop General Aleksandr from storming your territory with Shock Troopers and other heavy units. Hell, a few ICBM's oughta turn the Grimm lands into a nuclear wasteland at some point.

The ECA and the USA will probably become great allies with the Four Kingdoms but of course will clash at how awful their military doctrines really are. Especially some of their veteran officers, soldiers, and generals.

China, though... Oh, that's a though one. All I can guess is that they'll spread nationalistic propaganda and establish their own government after conquering/occupying somewhere.
Foxhound1998 chapter 12 . 6/13
This chapter was unsatisfying. I expected June ark to have made an appearance in this chapter
Mr.Green37 chapter 12 . 6/12
I feel like the GLA are about to get a wake-up call soon. They have had it easy.

Oh and one more thing: POST VOLUME 3 RWBY HURTS. It hurts very badly like post 7 Final Fantasy.
freddy.lane.1 chapter 12 . 6/12
man, its been a while since the last chapter, glad to see you back man.
Blazblade chapter 12 . 6/12
I guess to answer about the flying aircraft carriers is that it could be useful to quickly move large numbers of aircraft and launch large scale air strikes or quickly establish air superiority in whatever region they are sent to. I do see what you are talking about with the Arsenal Bird and it would make more sense with Atlas mainly using drones.

I suppose my personal take on a flying aircraft carrier would be something like the Aigaion from AC6, can carry aircraft and also launch powerful missile strikes to cripple enemy airpower and strike ground target. Though making it do the latter and carry several drone fighters like the Arsenal Bird could also work.
As for a flying battleship, maybe something like Space Battleship Yamato with many light and heavy energy cannons with a massive one fixed at the front of the ship to cause massive damage (there is a similar ship in the Paradox mod for Red Alert 3 called Aerial Battleship Musashi)

Speaking of AC, which of the x-planes could work as a fighter for the ECA alongside the Typhoon? Personally, I think the XFA-24 Apalis could work as it does look similar to the Typhoon.

As for suggesting EndWar units, I was thinking of adding certain ones in to expand the ECA's units and doctrine. For example, the AMZ-50 Marksman SPH (or the vehicle it is closely based on, the Archer Artillery System from Sweden) could act as an in between the Claymore Howitzer and the tracked mortar system (can't recall its name right now). It could be used as a fast moving system that could move from one area of the battlefield to another quickly and lay down supporting fire. A sizable group of them could be a huge help for halting or slowing enemy advances, acting as a "fireman" type force to head to where the fighting is heaviest or where the enemy was concentrated (like how German armored forces were to be used against Soviet forces on the Eastern Front).

Also the Kommando armor used by EFEC soldiers looks like it could work for the ECA Commandos if they need to be armored (the helmet the EFEC infantry use looks to be based on the Q-Warrior helmet being developed by BAE Systems)

Now in terms of units, is it possible to change up their armaments? Like say for the Leopard Tanks, you could replace the 120mm cannon for a 130mm one (Germany is making one for the Next Gen tank to counter the Russian T-14 Armata tank that was revealed a couple years ago) or giving them a 20mm autocannon or other heavy weapons as a secondary weapon? Or for the Tiger gunship, add a 30mm autocannon to work alongside the Starstreak AA missiles and the ATGMs it already has (while Germany didn't want to use the French GIAT 30mm autocannon, Rheinmetall has been developing is own autocannon and plans to equip it onto its Tiger helos). Another is the Heavy Snipers as Accuracy International has developed the AX50 bolt action AMR which is more accurate and lighter the the AW50 (hell maybe use the AS50 semi automatic AMR for them or give it to the Commandos). Sure their maybe reasons for these not appearing or happening in ROTR's lore, but hey it does give more variety and the good guys will need any advantage they can can get in terms of firepower.

Maybe include some of the tracked or wheeled APCs or IFVs that are in Service with European countries like the German Puma (with Spike ATGMs) Lynx IFV, or Boxer APC (could be made into a light AA vehicle with the Rheinmetall Mantis 35mm revolver cannon or a light artillery vehicle with a 155mm howitzer in a turret), the French EBRC Jaguar IFV (planned to enter service in 2020 and armed with a 40mm autocannon), the Italian Centuro Tank Destroyer ( the Centuro II for its 120mm cannon, its SPH variant with a 155mm howitzer, and the AA variant with the 76mm autocannon), the Freccia APC (with its different variants), or the British Warrior IFV.

As for more aircraft to add in, maybe look into Britain's Tempest fighter that BAE systems is planning as their 6th Gen fighter or the Next Generation Fighter being developed by France and Germany (from its concept art it looks like it could be a strike fighter). Hell, maybe a helicopter based on the Eurocopter X3 could be useful for fast movement.

Maybe even make up new units like Machine Gunners for ECA (armed with either the MG3 or newer MG5) or say soldiers armed with semi auto rifles like the German G28 DMR to serve as Marksmen. Also, are you aware of the Fort Gustav structure that was cut out? I could see a similar railgun being put into a Manticore MBT to increase its striking power.

Maybe even find ways to improve some of Remnant's weapons in unique ways as well, like having a heavier version of the Bullhead as a gunship that's armed to the teeth.

Also, is there going to be an equivalent to Frank Jaeger in this story (not sure if Jaune will be) or is he going to show up out of nowhere?

Also, maybe come up with new variations of the Venom Power Armor alongside the Valkyrie and Viking (I'm also trying to think of different variants for my own future C&C crossover).

But yeah, maybe come up with new ideas for units and vehicles like you did here. And if you need help with coming up with ideas, I'd be willing to lend a hand if I could.

Either way, looking forward to seeing how the Operation Hidetide goes and how they deal with the upcoming airstrikes. Hopefully Jaune will have the chance of finally putting a bullet into Qahira's skull when they have their possible last battle (warmongers and bloodthirsty bastards like him deserve to be put down like animals).

Also looking forward to Salem trying to find ways to deal with the GLA, like say sending her strongest Grimm ever made at them or her Lieutenants trying to find ways to fight them effectively.

Also, curious as to how the first fight of the White Fang and the VNA won't be a slaughter as you say (certainly will be looking forward to Adam getting frustrated that there is another terrorist organization that is making the Fang's efforts look like a joke).
Janne Rolfe Jalandoni chapter 12 . 6/12
Dinosaur Imperial Soldier chapter 12 . 6/12
I guess the VNA were going to have a hard time attacking Valean Army. Command and Conquer Generals is one of my favourite EA Games. However, I am still working on Wolfenstein; A Multi-Crossover Tale which is a war between reforged Allies led by United Defence Force, Japan (Modern), People’s Republic of China (Generals Zero Hour), and USA (Generals Zero Hour), 3rd Saint Row (Saints Row); Neutrals for Saderan Empire, USSR (Red Alert 3), and Empire of the Rising Sun (Red Alert 3); and the new Axis led by Nazi Germany or Greater Nazi Reich (Wolfenstein), Tohokai, Reorganized Government of China, and Fire Nation (Avatar: The Last Airbender).
SilverTails555 chapter 11 . 5/13
This is really good and I enjoy the thought of Jaune working for Atlas. But I think if possible Jaune gets a Air-Frigate or Airship
Guest chapter 11 . 4/13
Content is great. The tension and different viewpoints are incredibly amazing to read. But a little problem I have is some of the ways your sentences are structured and how you do some of the dialogue.
For your sentence structure, try reading through to see if it flows smoothly.
For dialogue, try to not use too much exposition. I get it that Jaune probably learned it in military academy but there are ways he can summarize it to like 2-3 sentences.
Janne Rolfe Jalandoni chapter 11 . 3/28
Very very awesome story I hope you can update soon.
Dinosaur Imperial Soldier chapter 11 . 1/9
How many units in different factions they used in your story? How Salem and White Fang feel about C&C Generals/Zero Hour units? I do remember Dunkirk evacuation part and from the movie.
Dinosaur Imperial Soldier chapter 10 . 1/9
Salem and her Grimm will know what GLA is coming to them. Hunter/Huntress sniper were good at Grimm but not human snipers which is a slim chance. Professional Army vs huntsmen sounds pretty awkward but for the former, I like it.
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