Reviews for Heroes Assemble!
Nullan chapter 13 . 2h
Wait, I thought Hermione and Gwen met back in chapter 7?
Ysoltea chapter 69 . 9/17
I am Vin and I approve this family
M.lingard chapter 82 . 9/16 long has Harry and Skye known each other? Because that proposal seemed super fast
J McAllister chapter 128 . 9/7
That Resurrection stone is the Soul stone is perhaps one of the most brilliant arcs that you could've given to a crossover HP and MCU fanfiction.
MasterSearcher chapter 128 . 9/3
about that vol.2...
any predictions?
Guest chapter 128 . 8/30
Dont realy do reviews but after reading all of this monster it is the least I can do. So thanks for the hours of enjoyment!
happyraincloud1 chapter 12 . 8/28
This is a brilliant piece of writing. I was actually nervous about whether or not Harry would get off. And I love how you did Murdock. That was fantastic
sammy1230 chapter 4 . 8/28
I don’t think the word cum means what you think it does
J McAllister chapter 5 . 8/27
The "grim determination" is his mask piece or helmet, whatever it is.
Fgougeon chapter 11 . 8/26
why did you make him short
DeathforPedos chapter 99 . 8/22
There is absolutely no way somebody who participated in WWII would have flinched or had thoughts disagreeing with the death penalty. Certainly not when applied to murderers who bombed a diplomatic gathering, and doubly so for murderers who had their sentence delivered after a trial!

Otherwise, I imagine the trials of Nazi war criminals wouldn't have ended with many of them being hung.
Revliledpembroke chapter 112 . 8/23
"Once upon a time, yes, they would have," She-Hulk replied. "The benefits of being friends with a magical."

Why on Earth did you not call Harry a wizard here? Or Daphne or Lavender as a witch?

What's the point of a series giving you a term for magic-users if you ain't going to use it?
Revliledpembroke chapter 76 . 8/21
Also, Dumb Lizard Lady... Guess what? Not only can they revert you to your human form - so you can do normal things like have a non-lizard family - they can also GIVE YOU NEW LEGS! Such a dumb reason...
Revliledpembroke chapter 72 . 8/21
You've never mentioned Dr. Cho before, but she shows up a bunch of times in this chapter without explanation. She also jumps from Harry's private island and back to Avengers Tower with seemingly no issue. One minute, she first appears to ask about House Elves, then she's back in Avenger's Tower to give Sky a check up, then Harry teleports Sky to the island and Doc Cho is there too!

Has she been cloned? Can she teleport?
Revliledpembroke chapter 67 . 8/20
1) Harry had little to no qualms using the Imperious Curse on a Goblin and little to no qualms about Crucio-ing the Death Eater who spat on McGonagall. I don't imagine using Imperious on Sterns would be much of a problem for him.

2) Up until this chapter, I had seen absolutely 0 indication that Skye and Harry would end up together. There was some light flirting between them, and that's it. This is the first time they have spent more than like, 5 or so minutes together, and it's a week long vacation. One where he kidnapped her. They couldn't have like, spent a weekend away together first? Or how about more than 5 minutes on-screen at the same time?
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