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Lensma chapter 2 . 12/23/2020
I thought the ending was cute, I don't know why
jimmy.oz chapter 128 . 12/23/2020
Great story glad to have read it. I will definitely look at some of your other stories as well.
Chris Nothin Here chapter 122 . 12/21/2020
Ugh, Ultron.
Chris Nothin Here chapter 67 . 12/20/2020
Saw the signs, but it caught me off guard at the same time, kinda sorta was hopin for harry x hermione, tho the fact that I didnt watch agents of shield didnt help.
Kachlicka chapter 11 . 12/20/2020
Obliviate! Obliviate! Obliviate! Obliviate! Obliviate! There is gonna be a lot of it.
Kachlicka chapter 10 . 12/20/2020
That fight was embarassing. He is just randomly firing spells. Why the hell not the most efficient one and spam it. He is also still using spells from his subpar education in Hogwards. Did he learn nothing
more after that? The traveling did not seem to have an effect. And why...the...hell is he shouting? Even if he still needs to use incantation after years of practice at least do not freaking shout them. It warns your enemies, gives a warning what you are casting and its really embarassing. Not to mention it makes it more obvious that he uses magic. Seriously. By including incantations at all you are severely limiting possibilites of magic in the story. Because who the hell wants to come up with new incantation for every random spell usage they can come up with. He is basically just a guy with a fancy gun. And fancy robe. Hope no one suprise shoots him in the face geez. Or surprise shoot him with a gun (or bow) in some random alley (or in his freaking home, unbelievable) Magic should not be limited like that at all. Its freaking magic.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 117 . 12/7/2020
First I'm pretty sure this Melissa character is much more evil than Ultron ever was I mean doing scientific like type of surgery on animals only so you can be able to control them with your mind pretty damn evil. And with the resurrection stone being an infinity stone I guess I can see how Harry can touch it when it had the casing on it cuz mortals aren't supposed to be able to touch it with bare hands even if he has magic he's still mortal unless he's a master of death which hasn't really come up in the story, but now that the casing is cracked off which by the way how did anyone even be able to put a casing on something like that, how are they going to transport it? Like really?
Steve-Arkarian chapter 103 . 12/7/2020
okay, so this story is really good and I like it and I've read it before at some point. I still have another at least 20 chapters I think I'm not exactly sure I'm going to try and read it all and get to the end. The issue I have most recently with this story and I know you're not going to change anything about it especially with something this big this long and having it complete already. I understand you're going for this mega huge ginormous story, and that's great! The thing is I know you had a review forever ago cuz you mentioned it about wondering if you'd be able to keep all the events and characters and everything straight in your story and you were like no worry I have it all planned out and that's great again, for you. The thing is you have a crap ton of minor characters that show up once or twice and a crap ton of those characters that when they show up once or twice it's 50 or 60 chapters apart so readers are left reading 5 or 6 paragraphs to go oh yeah I kind of vaguely remember who that is. As a hint me personally and probably a whole lot of other readers do not like that kind of crap. we do not want to be stuck wondering who this random ass character is. I'm not saying stick to all the main characters but at least have a better lead in or don't make when they show up 50 million chapters apart so we're left wondering who it is just that does not work!
Steve-Arkarian chapter 70 . 12/5/2020
Okay, I have an issue with this chapter for sure. With her pendant earlier like a chapter or so go I guess when he gave it to her it was hey this will show me her vitals and let me portkey directly to her at least I think the vitals was also part of it. But in this when he's trying to find her his ring let's him go in the direction of where she is but he never checks her vitals and even when he's like I don't know where she is and how do I get to her and when the door is closed he's like she's closed off do I just destroy the door why did he never create a portkey? It would have been quick even if it used magic and took like 2 seconds to both make it and transport him to her. So he used a new feature of the pendant the directional part but he didn't use either of the initial ones you said were features of it it makes no sense.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 65 . 12/4/2020
Okay so I'm nearly bouncing around super excited that he totally used Imperio. Just like I would have suggested he do in my previous review, because yes I know it's unforgivable but you're really unlimited time saving hundreds of thousands maybe millions of lives however many because Tony is smart Peter is also smart and so is Bruce but only Tony was really there and if him and Jarvis can't get things fixed it was kind of needed.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 64 . 12/4/2020
I'm still loving this story and I don't remember what happens next because it's been awhile since I've read it but if I was writing this and of course I'm not cuz the story is amazing and my writing skills kind of suck this is the part where I would have Harry forget some of his morals and use the Imperius curse on the dude unless he had the truth serum on him and force him to recall his last order on the computer or get the missiles that were launched to either change trajectory to somewhere safe or whatever you have because it is an unforgivable but sometimes it's something you need to use.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 62 . 12/4/2020
I know they're not fighting bad guys right this second, but I have two questions which would make things so much better and easier for the Avengers gang. First why has Harry never ever used the dissolusion spell on his allies, I know it would make it harder to not accidentally hit each other but it makes such a large amount of sense that he would use it so the bad guys wouldn't see them all those times that they were sneaking in or sneaking about and at this new place they're going to need to there's a lot of people, and I don't know how long that particular spell has been around but it's probably been around long enough that there should be a way to make it so you can key certain people into the spell so they can all see each other. One of the problems with that I know is Tony's suit and arc reactor might have trouble with the magic. The other suggestion especially for something as big as this and having the younger members in as well is making portkeys. Again there might be a Tony issue but for everyone else as long as they're not unconscious hey I'm in a bad situation I'm gunned down I'm surrounded I'm going to be killed I'm almost fatally injured etc etc then they'd be able to easily get out not hey I have to have a team member save me and take me back to the jet and then hope we reach medical help soon enough no just send them back with magic I really really don't understand why this is not been a part of the story I mean I know you can write your story however you want it just makes absolutely no sense that no one has well the non magic people wouldn't really think of it but Harry or the other two magic people living with him were whatever that it is never come up and he is himself has used portkeys Don't buy himself in with other members so it's not like it's never come up.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 13 . 12/3/2020
I'm enjoying rereading this story, it's been a while I think. I have to point out because I can almost never hold back from pointing out a mistake that in this chapter you had Gwen and Hermione meet with the hellos and the nice to meet you and all of that jazz, however, when Hermione visited Harry for the week or however long that was the first time they had already met. they may have met other times but the time that was specifically written was Gwen was running the shop for Harry and called Harry boss as she was serving him in Hermione drinks and they had a whole conversation with everyone altogether right there. I realize the story is complete it has well over 100 chapters you will probably never come back and change little things especially since this was several paragraphs long of a supposed initial meeting that had already happened. I just could not not point out that they had already met so it was a mistake. Sorry.
Ashes Ascending chapter 128 . 12/1/2020
Great job with this story!
DarkBlue27 chapter 128 . 11/30/2020
Wow amazing, your way of writing, to create the story's erence at no time there are incoquences and I love Harry and Daisy's partner.
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